What Temperament Are You?

Sanguine – “The Life of the Party”

Hello, Sunshine! You are friendly, fun-loving, and optimistic – always up for something new and exciting. Living in the present moment, you love a spur-of-the-moment adventure, a get-together, and making new friends. You are lively, inquisitive, and energized by being with people. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and you excel in marketing, sales, communications, and teaching. You are funny and relish the limelight. Eager to please, you make friends easily and entertain through storytelling and your lively personality. To the ancient Greeks, sanguines were were air: moving, changing, blowing on way and then another, wearing their emotions on their sleeves.

Choleric – “The Commander in Chief”

You are a natural leader, a go-getter, the classic “type A” personality. You are a “can-do” person –energetic, determined, and confident. You prefer taking charge; with intensity and leadership, you formulate a plan, rally the troops, and commit to follow through. You value productivity, action, and a positive attitude. People are often amazed by how much you get done in a day! You thrive with big goals and being in control, and you relish a good argument. The ancient Greeks categorized choleric as fire: you are zealous, magnanimous, and quick to respond to any situation with a strong opinion or plan.

Phlegmatic – “The Peacemaker”

Yours is one of the most likeable personalities. “What a great guy/gal!” is often heard about the phlegmatic. You are calm, easygoing, and good-natured. You prefer cooperation, diplomacy, and leading by example. You are respectful, reserved, harmonious, and steady. You can work with even the most difficult personalities with good humor. With your methodical approach to solving problems and your ability to remain calm under pressure, you take well to careers in the military, in engineering, and as a first responder. To the ancient Greeks, phlegmatics were the water: calm, cool, flowing easily into all spaces.

Melancholic – “The Idealist”

You are thoughtful, deeply sensitive, and attentive to details. You value doing things the right way and taking your time to make everything perfect. Slow to take action, you prefer analyzing all the options before moving forward. Introspective, you value truth, beauty, and noble ideals. You are shy—except with close friends and those you trust. Time alone to recharge your batteries is vital—whether by reading a book, writing or painting, or taking a stroll in nature. You are cautious when meeting new people, yet, once committed, you are unwaveringly loyal and self-sacrificing. To the ancient Greeks, melancholics were the earth: heavy, deep, difficult to penetrate.

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Laraine Bennett has a master's degree in Philosophy and is the Communications Manager for the National Council of Catholic Women. She has co-authored 6 books with her husband, Art, and one solo book, A Year of Grace: 365 Reflections for Caregivers. She helped create the popular TemperamentQuiz.com. The Bennetts reside in Northern Virginia, have been married for 40 years and have 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren.

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