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The Woman Who Was Chesterton: An Interview with Nancy C. Brown

Today on the Catholic Exchange Podcast, Michael talks to Nancy C. Brown about Frances Chesterton, the wife and muse of the great Catholic author GK Chesterton. We discuss how their endearing love for one another enabled them to pursue their vocations and endure the difficulties of married life, even when they bore the weight of being unable to have children. Nancy paints a powerful picture of a loving, Christ-centered family who took their struggles and turned them into a love that is still inspiring and has much to teach us in our own time.


You can read a beautiful introduction to Frances Chesterton here on Catholic Exchange.

Nancy C. Brown’s latest book, The Woman Who Was Chestertoncan be pre-ordered through the American Chesterton Society, as well you can order the kindle edition on Amazon.

Nancy has also edited Frances’ plays and poetry and they can be found in How Far Is It To Bethlehem: The Plays and Poetry of Frances Chesterton.

Nancy’s other books can be found online or in your bookstore.

Find Nancy’s musings at her blog.