Thank Your Priest This Father’s Day

He made them, the vicars of his love. – St. Ambrose

How often do most of us express gratitude towards our devoted priests for their prayers, the Sacraments, and ultimately their self-sacrifice? Not often enough. It is imperative that we take the time to genuinely convey our appreciation to our priests and let them know that we care about them. We must recognize and value all that they do for us. Our gratitude should manifest through both our actions and our words, demonstrating how much we value their care for our spiritual well-being.

It is the priest, empowered by the Holy Spirit during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, who effectuates the change of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. Without access to the Flesh and Blood of Christ, we would be spiritually adrift, deprived of this invaluable gift of eternal life—the true Bread from Heaven, Jesus Christ. The Eucharist is the “source and summit” of the Christian life, providing us with the spiritual sustenance necessary to navigate our existence in this world each and everyday of our lives. Without the priest, there is no Eucharist, and without the Eucharist, there is no Church.

The following is a poem that I wrote entitled “Beloved Priest” from my self-published book Belonging to Christ – A Book of Catholic Poetry that captivates the beauty of the priesthood:

As the dawn slowly rises

until the heavy dark descends,

he marks the hours

with the prayer that sanctifies the day.

With a zealous heart

on fire with the word,

he breaks open the truth

to those who thirst.

He acts as the Bridegroom

at the Supper of the Lamb.

Before the altar he stands

in the person of Christ the Head.


the sweet taste of heaven on earth,

the Kingdom is before us,

a precious gift of priceless worth.

With the outpouring of the Spirit

his hands absolve us from our sin.

We receive pardon, and

the Body is made whole again.

As Christ the Physician,

the power of grace manifests.

By the sacred anointing

the sick are given peace, courage,

healing, and strength.

God’s beloved priest

is of immeasurable value.

For without his vocation

we have nothing.

We should express gratitude and appreciation for the gift of spiritual fatherhood bestowed upon us by our priests. Especially on occasions like Father’s Day, it’s essential to remember to thank our priests for their unwavering dedication to serving God and His Church.

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Christina M. Sorrentino resides in Staten Island, New York, and is a freelance writer, theology teacher, and author of the books Belonging to Christ and Called to Love - A Listening Heart. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Ignitum Today and has contributed to various publications including Word on Fire, Radiant Magazine, and Homiletic & Pastoral Review. She has also appeared on Sacred Heart Radio, and has been featured in the National Catholic Register's "Best in Catholic Blogging". Christina blogs at Called to Love - A Listening Heart and can be followed on Twitter @cmsorrps4610.

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