Righteous Mom Anger

Here we go again: adults who are too busy to be bothered teaching and modeling respect and integrity to their students decide it is better to just offer them “the morning after pill” at school, without the consent of parents! Be realistic, we are told, they are ALL going to “do it anyway”! 

“It’s a campaign believed to be unprecedented in its size and aggressiveness: New York City is dispensing the morning-after pill to girls as young as 14 at more than 50 public high schools, sometimes even before they have had sex. ” (from the WALL STREET JOURNAL, Tuesday, Sept 25, 2012.)

What message are we sending our girls? Who is going to speak truth in love to this generation of young women? Where are they going hear that they are valuable? From MTV? Facebook? The boy sitting behind them in Math? The school clinic handing them a chemical hormonal drug cocktail?

It is time for a little righteous mom anger. We need to remind the school systems that mothers matter, and that going behind our backs is not, nor will ever be in the best interest of our girls.

I have launched a new “night out” (or “afternoon out” or “morning out” if you promise coffee!) for teen girls and their moms. We are calling it Girlz Gone Right. It is a simple 1.5 to 2 hour event that brings moms and daughters together to begin conversations that will help teen girls be transformed by God’s Word and not conformed to the world. We are offering some great deals if you book your event by October 31st–this is NOT outside your reach!

I don’t want to be the one that says “It’s hopeless, they are all doing it anyway.” I want to be the one that says: “You are valued, your are loved, you are worth respecting and you have the strength and grace you need to make the right choice!” Will you join me?

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Pam Stenzel, M.A. is the Director of Enlighten Communications and the author of Nobody Told Me and Who's In Your Social Network? For more information please visit pamstenzel.com.

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