More Help for Flood Victims in Pakistan

Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need is sending $50,800 in emergency aid to flood victims in Pakistan.

Crisis-stricken people in Multan, in southern Punjab province, are to receive $31,700 from ACN, and a grant of $19,100 has been sent to Quetta, in remote Baluchistan province, where vast numbers of displaced people have been assembling, desperate for help.

The aid package for Multan comes after the grant for Quetta, which went out on Friday, August 27th.

In the earliest days of the emergency, the charity gave $19,900 for distribution by Sisters helping homeless people in Nowshera, a region west of the capital, Islamabad.

In all three cases, the grants provided by the charity for persecuted and suffering Catholics goes towards food, clothing, tents and other forms of shelter.

Medical aid was also listed as a top priority amid growing concerns of a cholera outbreak.

Bishop Andrew Francis of Multan, who is overseeing key ACN emergency aid in the region, wrote: “On behalf of the Diocese of Multan and especially the flood victims, I am deeply grateful to you at ACN for your kind concern and compassion.”

“Certainly, this tragedy is very huge and requires extraordinary assistance in order to save life and human dignity.”

ACN stands ready to make a further emergency grant to Sindh, the south-east province where the River Indus burst its banks with devastating consequences.

Regina Lynch, ACN’s director of projects, said, “We have been overwhelmed with donations and messages of support from ACN benefactors anxious to help the suffering people of Pakistan.”

Stressing the need for ongoing support long after the media spot light has shifted elsewhere, she said, “On behalf of the flood victims and those trying to assist them, especially the bishops, I urge the friends of ACN not to forget our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.”

“We ask that they continue to offer help in whatever way they can, especially through prayer and action.”

Reports from Multan stress the need for high energy biscuits, dry milk biscuits, washing soap and powder, medicine kits, mineral water and tents.

In Quetta, ACN’s aid will support emergency work carried out by Salesian priests and brothers who have identified 800 families most in need including large numbers of children and elderly.

Again, they have highlighted the need for medicine and clean water.

The Salesians want to provide a month’s supply of food including flour, cooking oil, lentils, sugar, tea as well as basic medical aid to combat fever, constipation and diarrhea.

The government organized a massive relief operation to bring flood victims to Quetta, a region left largely unscathed by the disaster.

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