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Dear Friend of Catholic Exchange,

The difficult times affecting every sector of the economy have dealt a particularly hard blow to Catholic Exchange.

I must let you know that continuing our vital work absolutely depends at this time upon our generous sponsors and private donors.

In the past Catholic Exchange has been the grateful recipient of courageous and far-sighted giving.  We are asking you to consider giving once more in this way.

Unhappily, we have struggled these past months to meet payroll.  So we tightened our belts to the last notch.  Our viewers remained the priority and if continuing to serve their needs in a time of widespread hardship meant making sacrifices, then we made them.

The decisions involved were difficult since Catholic Exchange has always operated in a fiscally conservative manner.  We’ve all been taught that in times of plenty we should set aside a portion of our abundance in preparation for leaner days ahead—which we did.  Unfortunately, no amount of foresight could have prepared us for times as lean as these.

It’s always difficult for me to ask for help.  It’s especially difficult when I know times are tough for everyone.  But now more than ever, your help is vital to our efforts .

If you will let us know that our efforts are recognized and valued you can make a lasting difference in this critical hour.

Please take a moment during this season of thanks and reflection to learn more about our programs and services.  We provide content that helps an influential audience of more than 30,000 weekly viewers to resist the destructive influences of our culture.  Content that centers us ever more deeply in Christ; content that gathers the lost into the Kingdom of God.

I invite you to continue visiting our website and see your donation in action.  With your gift this Christmas season, God can bring about miracles.

Continued Blessings,

Tom Allen
Editor & President

P.S. We are offering a very special premium to our supporters this Advent. December is nearly upon us and the days for making Christmas gift purchases for friends and family are fast slipping away.  Why not capture a number of ideal stocking stuffers – the best products Catholic Exchange has ever produced, all in one package – to help strengthen family members and friends who may be in need of a spiritual boost.

All $100 donors to Catholic Exchange will receive a "Spiritual Care Package" consisting of our Champions of Faith: Baseball and Champions of Faith: The Bases of Life DVDs, along with our bestselling books, A Guide to the Passion, The Five Issues that Matter Most , and The Davinci Deception .

These products have entertained and inspired countless people across the country, strengthening them in the Faith and bringing souls back to the sacraments!  Click here or call toll-free 888-477-1982 to support Catholic Exchange and receive some of the best products that have ever been produced for Catholic evangelization.  Give your children, siblings, spouses, Godchildren, friends, or neighbors a truly meaningful gift this Christmas. And let these fun and insightful products demonstrate our appreciation for your donation to Catholic Exchange of $100.00 or more. Thanks again and God bless!

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