Major Matching Gift Given to Catholic Exchange!

Dear CE Community:

We have exciting news!  A major matching gift of $10,000 has been given to Catholic Exchange’s fund drive .

That means every dollar you give to Catholic Exchange will turn into two dollars from now until the beginning of 2010 — as long as the matching fund lasts.  A donation of $50 will become $100.  $150 will become $300.  $500 will become $1,000-and so on.

Click here to send a gift that will immediately be doubled!

The Catholic Exchange community has a member of our Board of Directors to thank for this generous donation.

Our outstanding Board is certainly one of the reasons Catholic Exchange has been a leader in new media devoted to Catholic evangelization.  Our Directors are not just highly-skilled business professionals but people with a deep Catholic spirituality and giving hearts.  For more information see

If you have not given as yet, please click here and become part of Catholic Exchange’s dynamic future.

Some amazing advances for Catholic Exchange are within reach.  Previously, we mentioned the upcoming user-friendly redesign of our site.  With your help it can be launched.

The increasing sophistication of the internet will also make possible new ways of communicating.  Catholic Exchange is hoping to deliver many more resources as well as the excellent commentary you’ve come to expect.  We are planning on offering new aids to spiritual formation, tools for parents and home schoolers, helps for catechists and CCD teachers, a section for college-age young people, and much more.

The major gift we have been able to announce today can make a significant difference if you’ll do your part by clicking here .

There may be others in the Catholic Exchange community who are capable of making significant donations.  We have been blessed by such gifts in the past.  If you are among those whom God has given abundant resources, please consider providing a gift that will multiply the giving of others.

Those considering a major gift are invited to contact Catholic Exchange at [email protected] for more information.  Or you can call 888-477-1982.

Everyone is invited to give what you can, as every dollar counts-twice!

Thank you and God bless you.

In Christ’s charity,

Tom Allen

Editor & President

P.S.   Christmas will soon be here and we are offering a very special premium gift to our supporters this year- a collection of the best products Catholic Exchange has ever produced all in one package to help strengthen family members and friends who may be in need of a spiritual boost. All $100 donors to Catholic Exchange will receive a “Spiritual Care Package” consisting of our Champions of Faith: Baseball and Champions of Faith: The Bases of Life DVDs, along with our bestselling books, A Guide to the Passion, the Five Issues that Matter Most , and The Davinci Deception .

[youtube:]  These products have entertained and inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the country, strengthening them in the Faith and bringing souls back to the sacraments!  Click here or call toll-free 888-477-1982 to support Catholic Exchange and receive some of the best products that have ever been produced for Catholic evangelization.  Give your children, siblings, spouses, Godchildren, friends, or neighbors a truly meaningful gift this Christmas. And let these fun and insightful products demonstrate our appreciation for your donation to Catholic Exchange of $100.00 or more. Thanks again and God bless!

P.P.S.  In order to keep our Homepage redesign project on track and meet the project’s graphical and technical deadlines, we need your contribution by year’s end. Please join me TODAY in responding to Catholic Exchange’s critical need. Please click here and do whatever you can today to help.  Thank you again … and may God bless you.

NOTE: If you prefer to send a check, please make it to: Catholic Exchange at PO Box 231820 Encinitas, CA  92023. If you have any questions, call us toll-free at 888-477-1982.

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