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Detachment and Minimalism in a Throwaway Culture | feat. Haley Stewart

Detachment and Minimalism in a Throwaway Culture | Haley Stewart

Minimalism might be a subject making it to your social media feed via videos of tiny homes or Marie Kondo showing you how to organize. But in the Catholic faith, we have our own tradition of detaching ourselves from our material possessions. Such detachment lets us instead focus on spiritual goods.

Today on the CE Podcast, Michael welcomes long-time contributor and guest Haley Stewart. Haley and her husband Daniel took on an adventure to move across the country into a 700 square-feet home. Of course, through that process, they found they needed to get rid of stuff. In going through this process, Haley learned about the spirituality of detachment and how we can be less affected by our stuff.

In this new year, this podcast and her latest book, The Grace of Enough: Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture, provide some helpful things to consider.


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