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Combating Loneliness with Dr. Kevin Vost

Loneliness affects millions of people throughout the world. As well as the spiritual and emotional pain, loneliness can actually lead to physical health complications. In today’s episode, Dr. Kevin Vost brings together the saints and psychology to discuss the problems and solutions to loneliness.

Dr. Vost has spent decades teaching and researching about psychology, as well as the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas, and his insights are invaluable as we begin to understand the great problem of loneliness. More than a discussion of the facts and data, Dr. Vost brinsg the full teachings of the Angelic Doctor, philosophy, and psychology to talk about how you can tackle loneliness in your own life as well as how we can help one another.


Dr. Kevin Vost is the author of The Catholic Guide to Lonelinessas well as many other books. Learn more about him and his work on his website (drvost.com) and on Facebook or Twitter. You can also view his previous articles here on Catholic Exchange.

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