Catholic Alternatives to Pride Month

Just about every aspect of society has jumped onto the “Pride Month” bandwagon.  It’s not just celebrities, entertainment, and sports, but now schools, the military, public libraries, and even grocery stores.

A town near me on Long Island, Pt. Washington, has two large “pride” flags adorning every light post up and down the main street, probably 75 flags in all.  These are not from the individual shops and restaurants; they’re placed there by the town in front of the shops, whether they like it or not.

I opened a flier for a grocery store, Stop and Shop, and again, like last year, the movement is inexplicably linked with food shopping. Three store associates beam from the page, declaring, “it’s a way to celebrate awareness around the LGBTQ+ community.” How could there possibly be any more, “awareness?”  It’s everywhere from retail stores to restaurants to Sesame Street to the U.S. Weather service.

The U.S. Military, now fully on board, provides similar endorsements, even with many pointing to “woke” DEI efforts as a major contributor to the falling recruitment numbers.

One way to respond is very simple and local. Last June, a few friends and I took the suggestion of CatholicVote and checked out what was in our local library’s children, tween (ages 10-14), and young adult sections. We found dozens of books with the LGBT themes, yet not a single one expressing the biblical, conservative, or biological perspectives on the subject matter. 

That includes books for parents, which encouraged parents to affirm their child’s “gender,” preferred pronoun, or sexual identity. These books referred parents where to get hormones and surgeries; advocacy groups; supportive websites, etc.  None of the resources listed included references to Catholic apostolates for the same-sex attraction, such as Courage. None of the books or websites included research or testimonies of those who regretted their lifestyle or health decisions, such as www.SexChangeRegret or Restless Heart: My Struggle with Life and Sexuality by Kim Z. We searched for and could not find authentic help for parents trying to guide their child away from the cultural bombardment of “you can be anyone you want to be!” messaging.

Thanks to the guidance from CatholicVote, we’re now requesting and donating books that can provide an alternative to one-sided narrative. Many Catholic citizens were successful last June in bringing the one sidedness of this issue—even in children’s books—to the attention of their town and library board.

June has long been dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Another way Catholics can express their own “pride” is by promoting devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. June has been dedicated to the Sacred Heart since long before the rainbow flags started appearing, and our prayers can include those misguided by the “I’ll create my own identity rather than the one God gave me” mantra. We need also to pray for those profiting from the hormone prescriptions and gender-changing surgeries, especially with the current administration insisting that employers cover transgender ‘treatments’ in their insurance coverages. Pray for the families who struggle with these crises, that they are able to lovingly guide their family member toward genuine healing and conversion through Jesus Christ. Consider praying a novena to the Sacred Heart this month, wearing a Sacred Heart medal, placing a Sacred Heart bumper sticker on your car, or posting it to your social media pages.

Last year, Dr. Robert George came up with the another alternative to pride month: Fidelity Month. It took off, with thousands posting to social media, prioritizing dedication to God, family, and country. This year, the focus has grown to seminars, webinars, and a National Day of Prayer on June 24th.  Endorsed by Archbishop Cordileone, the Heritage Foundation, and Speaker Michael Johnson, Fidelity Month calls for Americans of all faiths to unite behind the crucial human elements of faith, family, nation.

The second annual Fidelity Month is a positive alternative to “pride” month.

God is inviting you to stand up for His Truth—that He created man and woman as He intended. God does not make mistakes. Our identity is as sons and daughters of the Most High. Let us share this Good News, while praying for health and healing for all those affected negatively by this movement.

The Fidelity Month Prayer

Almighty and merciful Lord, we praise You and thank You for all You have given us in Your great and unmerited generosity. Please help us to remember who we are, and Whose we are. Grant us the grace to unite as one people in turning back to You with all of our hearts, with all of our souls, and with all of our minds. Cleanse us of all that separates us from You, and help us to cultivate the virtues we need this day and always, so that we may grow in fidelity to You – Who are always faithful – and to our spouses and families, and to our communities and country, and thereby live in accordance with Your holy will. In Your boundless mercy and loving kindness, Lord, please heal and restore our land.

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Patty Knap is a freelance writer on Long Island.

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