Killing the Genuises

Cafeteria Catholics currently believe a myriad of items. Many believe differently from what the Catechism, the Pope, the Bible, or any known Catholic authoritative source tells them. They believe in items that are convenient to believe in and yet are perfectly comfortable to call themselves Catholic.  From skipping Mass on Sunday and ignoring the Lenten fast, to being one of the 80% of Catholics who don’t believe in the Real Presence or who vote for political candidates who espouse abortion. How a Catholic can support the culling of the population at the hands of the existing administration boggles the mind.

There are many Christians that consider themselves ‘pro-life’ but believe there can be justifications for abortion in cases of rape, incest, retardation, etc.  Missing in so much of this discussion is the incalculable loss to humanity’s betterment.

While the total number of abortions throughout history is impossible to calculate, it is sobering to think about what we can fairly estimate.

The termination of a fertilized embryo can be done early in the pregnancy and science has figured ways to kill new life before a surgical abortion is necessary.

Contragestion (the natural prevention of the implantation) is a normal occurrence in humans. Estimates of contragestion vary, but reliable testing showing a 36% rate. But artificially caused, contragestion can expel a living embryo. The Pill, Norplant, and Depo-Provera are common “contragestive” agents and most women are unaware they may be having breakthrough ovulation and that they’ve conceived children that are then killed (Norplant breakthrough 50-65%; Depo-Provera 40-60%; IUD 100%). How often and easily life is snuffed out using those three.

It is believed presently in the U.S. 7-12 million newly conceived children are killed by all chemical abortions each year. So, according to those figures, in twenty-four years, 168-288 million deaths in the U.S. have resulted from chemical abortions.  Add the 1.2 million surgical abortions, and one begins to see the enormity of lost lives.

Conservatively, even reducing yearly world numbers by 50%, about 2.5 billion lives have been eliminated from earthly existence by chemical abortion.

When the dust settles, and we add at least another 50 million surgically-aborted souls each year worldwide, one gets 1.2 trillion total deaths over the last twenty-four years. That’s over 1 TRILLION souls that had their mortal lives extinguished.

Credit God in His unlimited mercifulness after billions of abortions. When will God decide enough is enough?

Alan Sears of the Alliance Defense Fund makes the case that human prodigies are born maybe once or twice in a generation. Consider just a few names: Galileo, Bacon, Copernicus, Pascal, Avogadro, Coulomb, Michelangelo, Mozart, Pasteur, Einstein, John Paul II. A drop in the ocean compared to the others who lived, but were eliminated early by purposeful abortion.

Sears asks: “What heroic explorations and athletic accomplishments have never transpired because the unique imaginations and wills and endurances that would have achieved them were vacuumed from a woman’s womb?’”

What advances have been delayed or lost forever? “Free” energy (fusion) seems just beyond our grasp. Are we any closer to finding a cure for AIDS/HIV, brokering world peace, or the ability to approach the speed of light? What about discovering the multidimensions posited by String Theory? Will we find the Spirit World in one of them? Will we find heaven itself? Was the future discoverer aborted already?

Maybe an abortion done in an early pregnancy through the use of an abortifacient is God-forgiven because there might be lack of knowledge about what is really happening. But many don’t believe a human actually exists “yet” in an early fertilized embryo or are “undecided” about the possibility. The oath most hunters in the woods always follow: never shoot until you know it’s a deer would be wise to follow.  But wisdom is not something most of the human population seeks.  What a loss for us all.

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  • Stutmann9

    I think a movie should be made about actual gives me an idea for a storyline about all the millions of lives lost, a comparison of life that could have been, would have been, compared to what is now, in reality.  People need to SEE the effects that abortion has had on society and the world..I recommend “A Demographic Winter”. No one really THINKS about this because they see life as expendable, rather than precious and unrepeatable.

  • Stutmann9

    Here’s a link to information about “Demographic Winter”

    Any Catholic filmmakers out there interested in the idea that I have for a movie?

  • chrism

    As far as I can tell, Depo and Norplant aren’t used these days, are they?  Does anyone know the breakthrough rate for the Pill, the Patch, or the NuvaRing?

  • Lrjr29

    NOrplant is off the market.  Depo is routinely given to mothers who have just given birth before the leave the hospital.  I have worked as a pharmacist at many hospitals (5) and fought this.  I was told the Amer Assos of OB-GYNs recommends this as standard practice.  I am the only pharmacist who has an ethical objection on file and I do not dispense.  So far, they haven’t fired me. The last Catholic hospital I worked at would have though….  I was only a technician for that job.