How Much Time Does the U.S. Have?

A friend recently asked: “How long do we have left as a society?”  In answer to that question I informed her about an interesting and comprehensive study that a renowned British anthropologist, Joseph Unwin, PhD., presented to the British Psychological Society in 1935.  Unwin sought to prove that the traditional monogamous model for marriage was not essential to the maintenance of a healthy society.  After studying 86 different cultures, across time and continents –and much to his surprise — he came to the inescapable conclusion that the traditional male-female monogamous model for marriage was indeed the best foundation for a healthy and productive society.

Unwin found that societies that adopted this model typically took about three generations to reach their peak of productivity and progress.  After that, frequently, a gradual development of complacency and licentiousness would take place and what he described as an “outburst of homosexuality” would sometimes occur.  When that happened, and the society started to move away from the traditional model of male-female monogamous marriage as its foundation, it would begin to unravel.  It would then take another three generations of deterioration from that point for the society to collapse.

It is my opinion that between the end of the American Civil War and the Reconstruction of the South, proceeding through the Industrial Revolution, and continuing up until about the end of World War II in 1945, the U.S. reached its zenith.  Then came the U.S. Supreme Court’s Everson decision in 1947 which imposed an unconstitutional “Wall of Separation” between Church and State.  This directly contradicted the vision of the founding fathers.  Upon his farewell address to the nation, George Washington tried to impress upon his fellow countrymen that it was “Religion and Morality” that served as the foundation for our young nation.

Our thinking about human sexuality was transformed in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s by Alfred Kinsey, using false and  fraudulent statistics — including the 10% myth concerning the number of homosexuals in the population.  His work was based largely on the deviant sexual practices  reported by those in prison.  His flawed conclusions were not surprising since 86% of  convicted child molesters against males describe themselves as being either homosexual or bisexual.  A young college student at the time, Hugh Hefner, was influenced by Kinsey’s work and started what was to become the Playboy empire which in turn helped launch the sexual revolution of the 1960’s.

The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Griswold  in 1965 (which found a new constituitional “right to privacy” for contraception) was the next big judicial construct.  This in turn helped fuel the feminist revolution of the 1970’s since women were no longer “chained to their homes” by babies to raise.  But, since contraception does not always work, the U.S. Supreme Court had to find a new application for the constitutional right to privacy, which it did in Roe v. Wade in 1973.  This travesty of a judicial decision allowed for abortion on-demand.  With the new influx of contracepting and “liberated” women in the workplace, having more extramarital affairs than ever, it was of course necessary to adopt liberal No-Fault Divorce laws.  In this way, the cheating spouses could easily get out of their lifelong marital commitments with little or no legal penalty or social stigma.

This in turn created the situation where there were far more little boys growing up with no strong male role models at home and far more little girls being raised with no father or by step-fathers more likely to sexually abuse them (e.g. Ellen DeGeneres).  In either event, we increased the number of male and female homosexuals by enhancing the risk factors for developmental gender confusion and the psycho-social deficits which eventually lead to the same-sex attraction.  Hence, the need for yet another constitutional right to privacy to be announced by the U.S. Supreme Court in the horrific Lawrence decision in 2003 — this time for homosexual sodomy.  Thus, what started with the uncoupling of sexuality and procreation in the Griswold  (contraception) case has now reached its unnatural conclusion with the legalization and normalization of  homosexual sodomy in the Lawrence case.  After all, if sex is only about adult emotional attachments, and not procreation, then why not homosexuality?

Of course, the downward slide of our society has been greatly accelerated by the explosion of pornography on the Internet which has weakened the natural romantic attraction between young people and replaced it with unbridled selfish sexual gratification.  This has further lessened the natural resistance and even revulsion to various sexual perversions.  Indeed, just this past week we have witnessed the sitting Chief Appellate Justice of the largest federal judicial district in the nation, posting disgusting sexual images on his website (involving people and animals) while presiding over a pornography trial involving beastiality and extreme fetishes.  Where does all of this lead us — to same-sex “marriage,” of course.  And how much time do we have left by Unwin’s standards — I would say that we are at least at the end of the second generation of deterioration, if not already well into the final third generation before the collapse.

Can we stop this societal suicide — possibly, but not if we can’t stop same-sex “marriage” in California in November 2008, and not without supernatural help.  Without the foundation of Religion and Morality that George Washingoton and the other founding fathers provided for us, there is simply no real hope for the future of this country.

Finally, since it is only in our maleness and femaleness that we are made in the image and likeness of God, the destruction of the concept of gender is perhaps Satan’s greatest accomplishment.  Moreover, since the sacramental marriage of a husband and wife is used to image the relationship of Christ and His Church, even the idea of same-sex “marriage” is a sacrilege. Therefore, separate and apart from the seemingly accurate prognastications of Professor Unwin, I just don’t see how a God of Justice can tolerate such a diabolical mockery of His divinely ordained instituion of marriage for very long.  Indeed, the same man to whom our Lord entrusted the Keys to the Kingdom warned us that:  “…in the last days there shall come deceitful scoffers, walking after their own lusts… ” (2 Peter 3:3).  In conclusion, I informed my friend that although we have had the privilege of living in the greatest nation in the history of the world, based on the foregoing, we may very well be seeing it in its waning years.  May the God of our fathers have mercy on us and our beloved country.

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  • slbute


  • yblegen

    Thanks for laying out the truth so clearly.

  • siobhan32

    And drawing nigh, he said: Wilt thou destroy the just with the wicked?
    Genesis 18:24

    If there be fifty just men in the city, shall they perish withal? and wilt thou not spare that place for the sake of the fifty just, if they be therein?
    Genesis 18:25

    Far be it from thee to do this thing, and to slay the just with the wicked, and for the just to be in like case as the wicked; this is not beseeming thee: thou who judgest all the earth, wilt not make this judgment.
    Genesis 18:26

    And the Lord said to him: If I find in Sodom fifty just within the city, I will spare the whole place for their sake.
    Genesis 18:27

    And Abraham answered, and said: Seeing I have once begun, I will speak to my Lord, whereas I am dust and ashes.
    Genesis 18:28

    What if there be five less than fifty just persons? wilt thou for five and forty destroy the whole city: And he said: I will not destroy it, if I find five and forty.
    Genesis 18:29

    And again he said to him: But if forty be found there, what wilt thou do? He said: I will not destroy it for the sake of forty.
    Genesis 18:30

    Lord, saith he, be not angry, I beseech thee, if I speak: What if thirty shall be found there? He answered: I will not do it, if I find thirty there.
    Genesis 18:31

    Seeing, saith he, I have once begun, I will speak to my Lord: What if twenty be found there? He said: I will not destroy it for the sake of twenty.
    Genesis 18:32

    I beseech thee, saith he, be not angry, Lord, if I speak yet once more: What if ten shall be found there? And he said: I will not destroy it for the sake of ten.

    Pray for ten just men and the conversion of sinners.

  • qhrpfu

    Thank you, well done! In the book of Genesis, as all throughout the Bible, God’s judgment is always invoked when we cross the line of messing with, contradicting His original covenant with Man, that of marriage, which is solely His Province. Even His judgment on Israel could not be changed, not even for King Josiah, because of these blasphemous and sacrilegious abominations, including child sacrifice, which is the true character of abortion. I believe Ted Flynn has a book on private revelation and the last days, in which he mentions a warning from one approved apparition of our Lady, where, in talking about America’s role in these historic struggles, she says, Tell America she must not go too far in her politics. God have mercy on us all, and strengthen us.

  • Cooky642

    Long ago and far away, as a young Evangelical/Fundamental Christian, I read the “end time” Scriptures and thought, “Well, obviously, this isn’t going to happen in my lifetime. The necessary ‘signs’ are not there, yet.” That was about 1965.

    How far (and, how fast!) the mighty have fallen.

    God have mercy on us.

  • restorer


    Just wanted to point out the anachronism: the Industrial Revolution occurred long before the Civil War and Reconstruction.

  • Hirotomi Takemitsu

    I love history, and have spent a few years studying ancient and contemporary civilizations (Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome, China, Japan, and Western Europe).
    What is surprising about each civilization is how quickly each became a world power (or the major power or empire in their region of the world), and equally, how quickly they collapsed.
    Though the Ancient Egyptian civilization laster 3,000 years, it was a “superpower” in the region for only about 250 years. It had about 900 years of peaceful isolation within the Nile Valley, 100+ years building as a regional power, and perhaps 250 years as “the superpower” of the region, another 400 years of slow corruption and decline, and about 250 years of being overrun and subjugated by foreigners.
    Though their period of civilization and greatness was much shorter, Imperial Rome was at the height of its powers for only about 200 years, after which it underwent a period of slow corruption and decline until it was overrun. But it only lasted about 200 years as a “superpower”.
    All the ancient and more recent Western European civilizations and great Empires had a very brief period of power and domination. The USSR was to shortest (barely 70 years).
    The British Empire lasted about 150 years, the great Empires during periods of Chinese History anywhere between 100-300 years.
    The USA is in the process (like it or not), of a slow decline. Morally, economically, and militarily. The policies of the present USA president and the administration have done much to accelerate the decline. But if you take as a model that all great world powers or civilizations had anywhere between 150-250 years of greatness, followed by a slow decline….the USA has just about used up it’s period of greatnness. We’vre over-extended ourselves militarilly and globally, and our society is becoming corrupted by immorality and decadence.
    The collapse of society, morals, values etc. was the beginning of the decline of Imperial Rome, the Byzantine Empire, and other powers. And it is exactly the same with the USA.
    I’d give the USA another 100 years of existance. It’s all downhill form now. But 200-250+ years from now if we came back to see what was the USA, it’s pretty well certain that instead of 1 nation united under the President and Constitution, we’d see anywhere from 50-150 new independant countries in the land area which used to be the USA….some democracies built on the old USA model, some monarchies, some dictatorships, etc. But the USA as we know it will be only a memory.

  • Hirotomi Takemitsu

    I wouldn’t take fundamentalist Biblical prophecy too literally anybody! I’ve lieved with these bible fundamentalists for a year when my family and I first came to the USA from Japan, and the USA “Bible based” Christians are fanatics.
    To claim, or support the idea that the USA is/was/ or should be a nation under God (and only the “born-again” version of a Christian God), is sick. The Constitution is an entirely secularist document. Some of the writers of the Declaration of Independance were masons (very much secularists against any established religion).
    It’s very dangerous to espouse a God-centered country or government. That’s like Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Muqtad’a al Sader, and Osama bin Laden in reverse.

  • rememberCenturion

    “Then came the U.S. Supreme Court’s Everson decision in 1947 which imposed an unconstitutional “Wall of Separation” between Church and State. This directly contradicted the vision of the founding fathers.”

    No kidding. A plumber’s “check-valve” is the correct metaphor. It keeps “samsRELIGION” from polluting/ tyrannizing the populace yet allows free-flow of the Decalogue into the public sector to “bless” and “cleanse” the heathens.

    “Upon his farewell address to the nation, George Washington tried to impress upon his fellow countrymen that it was ‘Religion and Morality’ that served as the foundation for our young nation.”

    George and his ilk were mostly “papist-haters”! (Please don’t quote Freemasons on a Catholic website!) George couldn’t keep his Decalogue straight from his “cherry trees”. If he were alive today he’d be a card-carrying ACLU member and paying his dues regularly too! If “Benjie” hadn’t been partying and raising Mason-money for mercenary-aid from France: George would have run out of gunpowder, platitudes, rations, and would have left his diary from a British stockade.

  • We’re Catholics here, so we take the seriously, but not literalisticly. Revelation is particularly meant to be taken allegorically.

    As for the Constitution, it is meant to protect religions as well as liberty. The Founding Fathers of this nation said clearly on many occasions that the Constitution could only govern a moral society, and that it was not sufficient for any other.

  • qhrpfu

    It would appear our friend Hirotomi is looking to pick a bone with someone.

    Why would it be strange to expect a nation to live under God? Any student of history would have noticed that every nation has been exactly that, especially the successful ones. Our nation was founded on a continuation of the Western Tradition of Christian Law, basically English, which recognized, in our case specifically, and overtly, that God’s Law and Nature’s Law formed the foundation of our own. All of our rights are specifically identified as having come from God, not the State, and only thus could our freedom(s) be guaranteed and secured. The First Amendment granting Religious Freedom is not a dissociation from Religion, but its guarantee. They took the position that the Truth was strong enough to compete and to assert itself among all the false doctrines and misconceptions, and best expressed when free to answer any challenges. They also expected that the government had no say over the Church, and it being God’s province, they left it untaxed, and its definitions untampered with (think marriage). Their design in leaving the most power closer to the people, following a principle known as subsidarity(sp?), actually followed one of the best of legal traditions in the Christian West since the fall of the Roman Empire. In not choosing a particular church, but in supporting and extending freedom to all true religion, and encouraging its practice in support of civic peace and tranquility, they recognized that the role of the state is the protection of God’s Laws, not their abrogation, and the setting of laws not as barriers, but as channels to freedom, the model of which is Religion and the dignity of the human person. Freedom can only be kept anywhere to the extent that Religion and morality are practiced there.

    As for our poor unfortunate current President, his efforts at saving civilization and protecting our country have been heroic, constant and clear. The fallen state of our morals is not attributable to him, or any president, unless you want to fault our last one, Mr. Clinton. We are quite capable of choosing and fighting for the good, and we have had many enemies, truth be told, who have wanted us to be destroyed from within. Mr. Bush, it could be argued, has risked much of his political capital in taking public stands that are specifically moral, and in giving good example. (The shambles of the party that he is leaving behind is partly his fault, but that has nothing to do with our slide into moral degradation.) We may be demoralized politically at the moment, but it is more due to the lack of outspoken defenders of morality and leaders of political strength who want to lead us in God’s direction, not away from it to some anchorless, benighted secularist society where the obvious right is belabored and besmirched so that, tired by predictions of failure and impotency, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Do not underestimate the strength which freedom has given our country even yet. For the foreseeable future, we will still be the bulwark of civilization, giving freely of our blood and money to uphold the right. Like Samson, we need to recover our strength by serving the Lord, not running away from Him.

  • qhrpfu

    I guess I’m in the disputing mood. Arkanabar is wrong on the Catholic interpretation of scripture, and Revelation is not meant as an “allegory”. I invite you to read the book on the valid interpretation of Scripture by Dr Scott Hahn, called “Scripture Matters”. In it, in talking about the levels of meaning in scripture, he quotes St Thomas Aquinas thus, “All other senses of Sacred Scripture are based on the literal.”
    God bless.

  • Hirotomi Takemitsu

    “As for our poor unfortunate current President, his efforts at saving civilization and protecting our country have been heroic, constant and clear”

    My family lived under a system before WW II when the Emperor was viewed as god. Everything he did was right, every action he took was unquestionable. Even though it was the military who dictated to the late Emperor Hirohito, the average people took it as the Emperor actions, and He was god.

    qfrpu’s comments remind me me exalting the leader of the country to heroic status, even when not deserved. Also, the notion of the USA as beackon of civilization, hero of the free world is also a cultish notion. The exaltation of a nation as hero for others, or glorying in the supposed values of the nation as superior to others is walking down the same path that Hitler traveled, and Hirohito and his advisors traveled.
    The USA need not be the hero of civilization. Nations rise or fall on their own. They don’t need the USA to step in as hero or protector. Not only does this stir resentment (as in Iraq…the people didn’t appreciate the invasion..they want us out), but broadens a conflict from one localized site….to many. As Bush has done.
    Some of these comments don’t sound Catholic at all. I’m Catholic, and I’m distrubed at some comments sounding more from the undereducated, narrow-minded right wing, militaristic Bible pounding, flag waving, gun toting red necked “good ol’ boys” from the USA South , the kind who spit on my brother Shoshiru last year when we when they found out he was Catholic.
    Catholics have a respect for the Bible, but we believe as Arkanabar stated. We are not fanatics. We support the USA, but we’re not fanatics about that either.
    One of the biggest reasons why civilizations collapsed, is that elements within them pushed an agenda which was wrong but they continued to push it fanatically regardless. The notion of the USA as hero and defender of the freeworld, beacon of civilization, etc. is a notion whose time has past. It in in error. To continue to push it (as Bush and McCain are doing), will only hasten the fall of the entire system…which is already showing signs of it already.

  • shankari25

    I’m going to have to agree with Hirotomi here. Our government is secular, and that’s the way the founding fathers and mothers wanted it.

    I really get sick of evangelicals talking about how all Hell broke loose when women got more power in society. What are you saying about Christianity then? Women are a second class citizens in Christianity? Also, if the writer is so opposed to homosexuality, then why on Earth would priests be celibate? What percentage of them are gay? It seems like homosexuality is almost institutionalized in the all male priesthood of the church. What about the godhead itself in Christianity? Jesus who was male was born from a male god, and the Holy Spirit is also male. Where’s the goddess? How did a male god have a child? Let’s don’t be so quick to bash homosexuality when Rome’s institutions are basically homosexual to begin with.

  • qhrpfu

    Well, “had we world enough and time”…, as the poet says to his Coy Mistress. I thought this was a website for Catholics and those who at least understood the rudiments of their faith to discuss issues and things Catholic.

    Shankari freely admits to no understanding of the rudiments of the Faith, and I don’t suppose I’m going to be able to do that work here. God is Spirit and has no gender. I could explain the Trinity, but it doesn’t seem that it would make a difference to your understanding, or complaints. However, there is secular, and then there is secular.

    The kind of secularism that many militant atheist humanists are trying hard to re-define into the USA contradicts our own history and sense of self. Perhaps you should refer to Pope Benedict’s comments on this “good” aspect of our secularism from his talks during his recent visit. Our forefathers came to these shores to experience religious freedom, first and foremost, and were led by steps to accept the openness to the truth of other voices, all within the framework of equal protection of the law. This framework and openness are consonant with both the biblical understanding of Man and the Christian Tradition of Law, since true law and freedom are conformed to man, whose image and dignity coincides with that of God. They wanted a country whose life would flourish with and from religious devotion, and whose laws and politics would be directed by and to the Godly.

    As for Hirotomi, your comments make me ask the question is anything worth fighting for? Do you think that it was good, or made any difference that the Allies won WWII? You can disagree with the Irag War or its conduct, but to think that there is no need for heroes or defending what is good and right, is to misunderstand Jesus Himself.

    The root of war is sin. If people devoted their lives to conquering themselves and submitting humbly to God, wars might never come. That is our commission from Christ until He comes, to submit the world and our living in it to Him, so that when He comes, He will bring the perfection that transforms it back into the fishbowl of grace, so to speak, that it was meant to be. I am sorry for the persecution that your brother experienced, but there is, as the Bible says, only one enmity in the world, and it causes all the others, and mixes in with them and confuses good and bad people alike. But if we think that avoiding death and the struggle for the good and holiness is the object of this world, to live comfortably pursuing personal accomplishment, then we’ve missed the point of the Gospel. There is a progress to history, one caused and directed by Christ, not the one that the world watches, but meant for our salvation, and He expects us to give our lives, as He did, in the struggle to accomplish it. What we can’t do, or won’t do, to our detriment, He will, because the work is His.

    Sorry to enlighten you to the fact that Catholics take the Bible more literally than anyone, but that is the case. One easy case in point would be our interpretation of the 6th Chapter of St. John’s Gospel. How literal can you be? Isn’t it embarrassing? Yet we have an understanding of Grace that others don’t, and which allows us to see its Truth, and further, to see in it the revelation of the fulfillment of God’s Plan.

    While some of your comments on the past and current history of nations may have their relevance and a certain truth, I can only say that God judges nations in history. The Emperor, nice man and average joe that he was, lived in a pagan system that had become an affront to God in some ways, and God has rendered His judgment on it. The Bible is replete with examples of this, but it is as true today as then. Like pharaoh, our doom usually comes from our own hand.

    Our time indeed comes whenever we face a war. You may form a template of truths and place them over our current events and struggles to arrive at a view of them that may or may not turn out to be true, but certain things cannot be ignored, and are not inconsequential. We are in a war with an enemy that is implacable, and who will risk more than we may know, and it’s not just because they don’t like our place in the world or how we live. You may be correct in thinking that God will humble us through these struggles, for the reasons that you have cited, or others, or it may turn out that ten years from now we will see a providential aspect to our aggressive prosecution of an effort to remove the sources of these threats and dangers. God may use us up, along with others, in creating the basis for the world He wants for the next stage of history. But none of that is a reason to ignore choosing what we must do, or our call to be heroes. We may say, Why aren’t others being heroes, and we can invite them, or they, pray God, may arise, but ignoring evil never works. Our best strength is our godliness, and our only route to survival is our moral living.

    Many are being tempted to an excuse and a jibberish to forgo their moral template in voting, and in supporting a hard road. They want to take a holiday from our realities, and pretend they can substitute a different construct. When those times come, the best advice is to stay humble, be patient, and look before you leap.

  • qhrpfu

    Believe it or not, I left out two things.

    My last line should have read, “the best advice is to stay humble, be patient, stop being ashamed of your struggle, and look before you leap.”

    I also meant to invite my friends to read, for an introduction to Catholic thought in approaching the modern world, a great and very readable book by George Weigel. called “The Truth of Catholicism: Inside the Essential Teachings and Controversies of the Church Today.”
    God bless.

  • There is a good article about God’s Law on the Custody of Children and the Marriage Relationship here:-

  • Hirotomi Takemitsu

    “As for Hirotomi, your comments make me ask the question is anything worth fighting for? Do you think that it was good, or made any difference that the Allies won WWII? You can disagree with the Irag War or its conduct, but to think that there is no need for heroes or defending what is good and right, is to misunderstand Jesus Himself.”

    My answer, not if it ruins our own nation. Maybe I speak from some experience. Of course, I was not born in Japan before WW II. I am only 26. I came here to the USA with my parents, maternal grandparents, and 8 brothers and sisters in 1997. But I know alot about Japanese history, and how the nation was ruined even way before the end of the war by a militaristic clique of generals who even threatened to execute the Emperor, Hirohito, if he did not bow to their agenda (taking over the whole of Asia, and then the USA) Of course we know how everything ended in disaster for Japan…the result of following fanatics. But the economy of the country was already collapsing before the end of the war, because we over-extended outselves…and nearly everything was going into the military. We were the empire that was supposed to last 10,000 years. It was taught that it was our destiny to rule Asia. So we poured everything into that aim, and ruined our country, and other countries (China, Korea, etc.) in the process.
    I respect what qhrpfu writes, (and I am not saying that what you personally are a fanatic in holding these views), but it fanatical to hold such a view of the USA. I am sure you are a Catholic, and it is inconsistant with Catholic tradition and teachings to hold these views about the idea of nationhood. This view is more what we hear from the lunatic Bible-pounding “born-again” Christians on TV, and in the political circle. It is more the view that Hitler and his clique held about “the Fatherland”. It was what we Japanese held about our race and country for 50 years ending in the disaster if Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We were a “divine race” destined to rule the world. It was/is sick.
    UNfortunatly, this president and Vice president, and many advisors hold some or all of these warped views. It is obvious as to how Bush thinks of “America”. It is what the fundamental Bible Christians believe….and it is a tyranical mindset which will lead to the ruin of our own country.
    Qhrphu’s qoute:

    “We are in a war with an enemy that is implacable, and who will risk more than we may know, and it’s not just because they don’t like our place in the world or how we live. You may be correct in thinking that God will humble us through these struggles, for the reasons that you have cited, or others, or it may turn out that ten years from now we will see a providential aspect to our aggressive prosecution of an effort to remove the sources of these threats and dangers. God may use us up, along with others, in creating the basis for the world He wants for the next stage of history. But none of that is a reason to ignore choosing what we must do, or our call to be heroes. We may say, Why aren’t others being heroes, and we can invite them, or they, pray God, may arise, but ignoring evil never works. Our best strength is our godliness, and our only route to survival is our moral living. ”

    is the most disturbing. I respect you for believing this. It is noble. But it is also a violation of valid judgement. Because If anything, it’s the duty of all nations to stand up against injustice. That’s Catholic teaching. But it’s not Catholic teachings that we as a nation must take on the whole of the evil single handedly, and hold ourselves up as God’s annointed, or God’s champion against evil. That’s sick. It reminds me of the TV clip I saw last year of “born-Again” Christians in S. Carolina weeping over the flag and pictures of President Bush and raising their arms up to God screaming “Strengthen Him Jesus , strengthen America against the enemy, against al-Qaida, against Iran…” If you saw it, you’d change your mind. These people are fanatics, and their views unfortunatly shape alot of USA foreign policy. Perhaps that will change when another party is in office.
    Although respect your views alot, it isn’t worth ruining our own economy, or our nations future. Maybe I am an isolationist, but I know from history what this mindset will lead to…and it’s the collapse of the country, not any kind of ultimate victory with God etc.
    To fight injustice and speak for moral truth is the Catholic teaching. But not thru war.

  • Hirotomi Takemitsu

    Sorry if maybe I sound like a bigot against “born-again Christians”, but we as a family had alot bad experiences when we first came to the USA and had the misfortune to choose to settle for a year in the South (Knoxville TN), before moving to Philadelphia (greta place, beautiful growing city….enlightened and open mided people!!)
    My parents had alot of harassment from these “born again Christians”, first because we were not white, Anglo-Saxon Americans, second, because we were Catholics. I never had fights before coming to the USA, but only there in Knoxville.
    So if I sound off too much, I appologize. I found this site because I love the Catholic Church, especially traditionalist Catholic. But when I read comments that reminded me of these undereducated lunatics I lived with for a year, I had to contradixt what is really a wrong mindset. Unfortunatly, this kind of belief is too common in our country today, expecially since 9/11 and the Iraq war.

  • ShadowDancer

    George Washington said Religion & Morality served as the foundation of a Nation. Is that Freemason George Washington who called his King a Tyrant & yet kept slaves? Is that Freemason George Washington who started the process of murdering off the Native Tribes including those that helped him & those that helped the British as his Govt & the Europeans began stealing the Native Tribes land?

    Doesn’t sound too moral to me at all. Freemason Georges’s Monument is called an Obelisk of Freemason of Idolatry. Even Jesus known Idoltary is an obomination to his Father. Jesus actually did not teach “Religion.” Jesus taught is Father’s Spiritual Kingdom that is not of the world of man, nor worldly things. The people that hated Jesus the most were the Religious Political factions of Israel. It was most of the Religious Leaders of the Temple that sought to kill him. Jesus told the Religious Political Factions of Israel their father was the devil who was a liar & murderer from the beginning.

    Jesus did not give any indication he came to start a “New Religion.” All men did was turn Jesus back into Religion & through the Religious Political State they controlled they began to murder, torture, & steal from people just as Jesus said they would do as they would be False Teachers, False Prophets, and Wolves in Sheeps Clothing. They just learned how to used Jesus’s and God’s name in order to manipulate, enslave, and seduce people to what is nothing more than their own evil worldly agenda’s upon the earth which is what taking God’s name in vain really means.

    The founders of America said they patterend their Nation after Rome & Rome was as big of a murdering Empire as an Empire could be in those days even conquering Israel before Jesus was born of human flesh.

    Jesus said the Kingdom is here on earth but you must seek the Kingdom & find the Kingdom. Just as Jesus wasn’t shy about telling the largest part of the Israelites their father was the devil he won’t be any less shy with any other people.

  • qhrpfu

    Look, guys and gals, I’m not here to comment on the current political situation, no matter what you feel it might be. I was only interested in commenting on an interesting article.

    Hirotomi, you haven’t seemed to listened to anything I’ve said, and have mis-characterized the few things you’ve focused on. You can ruin your nation through surrender as well as overzealousness. My only political point to you is that many people, and you seem to be one of them, are looking for an excuse to vote for a candidate and party of rabid anti-Catholicism by abandoning their moral grid, and calling that improvement. It would be nice to blend in with the crowd and put your conscience to rest, because that’s where the real struggle is. Some devils are not apparent, because we’ve taken our thinking caps off. And the thinking is up to us, not God.

    ShadowDancer, they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but these are just stupid remarks, and they are not, certainly, Catholic remarks. Getting a few facts right, and with an attitude, does not a world view make. And does not make up for the ones you got wrong. Maybe you read my prior remarks about knowing the rudiments of the Faith. Again, I recommend George Weigel’s book, but also the Catholic Catechism, and the Bible. But unless you know how to read the Bible, it won’t do you any good. I would give more credence to those who knew and understood Him, than to someone reading Him with a life-on-earth-is-meant-to-be-comfortable-and-all-there-is mindset. The Kingdom is within, not “on earth”. It is there by the indwelling of God’s presence and grace, or is that too much like Religion for you?

  • Fr.Joseph

    God did not create us to abuse or misuse this gift of life of ours. God did not create us to abuse or misuse this Creation He formed for all of us in which we all live, move and have our being.

    We are all created in the Image and Likeness of God. God is Omniscient. We have our fintie degree of consciousness. God is Omnipotent. We have our fintie degree of human potency. And God is Omnipresent. We, too, are present somewhere within His Creation.

    And since no one coerced God into creating anything and everything we, too, have a free will.

    Yet, in order for free will to be free, God gave and gives all of mankind the ability to either obey Him, His Commandments, His Personal and Direct Divine Revelation and Teachings in the Person of Jesus, The Christ, our Savior and Lord or not. Human obedience to God is at the very heart of all religious and spiritual endevours.

    God came to us all, roughly 2,000 years ago, by taking on our human nature in the womb of a Virgin via the Life Giving Power of His Holy Spirit, in order to save us all from the plethora of erroneous, destructive and degenerative human opinions regarding the meaning and purpose for all of our lives and how we rightly are to live these lives granted to us all by Him Who created all that is visible and invisible.

    Unfortunately for all of us and our human race in this day and age, people from all walks of life, from every imaginable background, stature, social standing, do not believe they are all in need of a Divine Savior. And the reason for that is simply human hubris, human pride. This hubris, this personal pride, is nothing but an entirely unjustified and unsubstantiated grossly inflated notion of one’s sense of self worth which brings about in the individual, in indivduals, this silly notion that their mere human opinion has the same weight and potency of a Divine Decree! Or in other words, their mere human opinions about anything and everything is the result of their own self-endowed ‘divine

    Right back to square one with the human race in our century – Mankind in Adam and Eve bethinking that they have become ‘gods’, being able to recreated the Creator’s All and all that is contained therein – to include themselves as either male or female – according to their own whims, desires, passions and fancies.

    But alas for all of mankind. The One True God, Creator of all that is seen and Unseen, clearly knew and knows what is transpiring within and amongst the peoples of the nations of ours world (to include the United States of America of 2008 A.D.)…

    “People will abandon modesty, and dissipation will reign. Falsehood and greed will attain great proportions, and woe to those who pile up treasures. Lust, adultery, homosexuality, secret deeds and murder will rule in society. At that future time, due to the power of such great crimes and licentiousness, people will be deprived of the Grace of the Holy Spirit, which they received in Holy Baptism and equally of remorse.” – Prophecy of St. Nilus – circa 400 A.D.

    A much more contemporary Prophecy was granted to Pope Leo XIII in 1884 A.D.:

    “From in front of the Tabernacle, he had heard a confrontation between Jesus and Satan. Satan was bragging to Jesus that if he had enough time and enough power, he could destroy the Church. Jesus asked him ‘How much time and how much power?’ Satan replied he would need a century and more influence over those that would give themselves to him. Jesus said ‘So be it.’ The 20th Century is the century that was given to him to test the world.” – from Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

    It is simply wishful thinking on the part of 300+ million US citizens that this social and nation evil which is sweeping across our now thoroughly secularized nation will go on and on and on unchecked and unaccounted for by a Creator God Who loves Justice.

    “Did God really say you were not to eat from any of the trees in the garden? …
    Then the serpant said to the woman, ‘No! You will not die! God knows in fact that on the day you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods…’
    – Genesis 3:1-5

    Around and around we have gone all these centuries of human history, only to wind up right back at ‘Square One’.

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archimandrite – Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  • rememberCenturion

    To Fr. Joseph:

    I agree with you: “Around and around we have gone all these centuries of human history, only to wind up right back at ‘Square One’.”

    And yet, would you agree: Our Lady of Fatima has given humankind a “sun-dance” prophetic message in 1917 foreboding future cataclysmic events dependant-upon humankinds’ “response”?

    Some people would say that “America Needs Fatima” now more than ever! Would you agree?

    If so… there can’t be much “time left” to respond?

  • rememberCenturion

    To ShadowDancer:

    [I like most of what you write… I’d be interested to hear about what you think of Pres. Andrew Jackson, who orchestrated the first “Trail of Tears”?]

    Yet, you say: “Jesus did not give any indication he came to start a ‘New Religion.’

    He did choose twelve, (eleven-) humble first-leaders, eleven of whom deserted Him in His neediest-hour, one-of-whom ‘sold-him-out’! He did forgive one leader He chose to be the Rock upon which He built his (earthly) Church! He did give the “keys of the Kingdom” to Peter…the power to loose-and-to-bind both on Earth and in Heaven… and He did forge a New Covenant with His Twelve using His Own Flesh and Blood (hidden in bread and wine at the Last Supper!)

    He also foretold His necessary-departure so-as-to-send His Spirit to embolden His Leaders with supernatural Power they couldn’t witness without!

    You may dislike the way current “descendants” carry-out the remnants of the “religion” He began, yet He also cautioned those who would listen to Him not to “judge”.

    Discern: Yes! But, above all: (Show) Love! And show Mercy!

    These are very hard lessons to live. No other “religion” demands its followers to love their enemies…even to the point of giving their very lives for them, as He Himself did upon the Cross for sinners!

    “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true adorers shall adore the Father in spirit and in truth. For the Father also seeketh such to adore him. God is a spirit; and they that adore him, must adore him in spirit and in truth.” +John 4:23-24

    If worshiping God in “spirit and in truth” is a “religion”: Then I am guilty! I do so imperfectly: Yet more-perfectly when I allow His Grace and His Spirit to dwell within.

  • fruntrow

    About the time we have left: I read or heard once that Nixon during his term as president once asked an aide, (I think it was that ret. Air Force General, former head of NATO who eventually became Sec. of State) whether he (too) thought the country had passed its peak and was going down hill. This is in the seventies. One doesn’t have to be religious to see it, hear it, and feel it all around us.

    By even the utter exhaustion of western musical ideas and creation, the acceptance and idolization of no less than “The King” with sexually suggestive gyrations while counterfeiting the voice of an African-American, heralded a major demise in a critical area of culture. Ever since our “Pop Culture” as it has come to be called, has been set by squeaing subteen girls.

    My second point and also as a long term student and lover of history I much appreciate the timeline of the existence of a country as a “superpower” as around 200 + years or so as described earlier by Mr. Takemitsu, I believe that the exponential increase in speed; the purpose and success of most of our more recent inventions (I am thinking primarily of communications – by sail, horse, mail service v. the Internet, etc.) when factored in (throw in suitcase nukes, bio releases, and even greater decadence) will shorten that timeline to a handfull of decades.

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  • Hirotomi Takemitsu

    “My second point and also as a long term student and lover of history I much appreciate the timeline of the existence of a country as a “superpower” as around 200 + years or so as described earlier by Mr. Takemitsu, I believe that the exponential increase in speed; the purpose and success of most of our more recent inventions (I am thinking primarily of communications – by sail, horse, mail service v. the Internet, etc.) when factored in (throw in suitcase nukes, bio releases, and even greater decadence) will shorten that timeline to a handfull of decades.”

    Thankyou for appreciating my observation. Yes, as a history major and lover of history, I see many similarioties between ancient and contemporary civilizations, and the USA. The moral decay of Imperial Rome, in addition to its exhaustion as a global super power and stretching armies too thin is what did it in. The civilization was bankrupt. Same as USA cluture and civilization. Long ago, USA civilization and culture gave best ideas and discoveries to the world (electric light, telephone, phonograph, car, airplane, not to mention a hundred others in many areas of culture and science (but not so much art, except maybe “Art Deco” which was a distinctly American trend mustly in architecture and signs in the late 1920’s thru 1930’s. But point is, this greatness is past. Now it seems the most America imports for rest of world is immoral lifestyle, glorification of homosexuality, etc.
    I understand qhrpfu’s comments, and respect them. But still, I think USA is past the time when can be the hero of the world and come to aid of smaller nations to overthow tyrants and bring freedom. IN 1940’s and 1950’s this was peak time for the USA to do this….but Vietnam was the turning point against this. Bush # I and II (especially Bush II) didn’t see this. Bush # II has done a great deal to excelerate the decline of the USA…..rapidly.
    It’s getting to the point where there will be no stopping or slowing the collapse. NOW (God forbid!!), if the USA gets involved militarilly with Iran, or if the USA goes to protect Israel because the Israelis do something stupid like innitiate a pre-emptive attack on Iran (or especially GOD FORBID if the USA secretly approves of this), then our country, and USA civilization is doomed. There will be such outcry that no longer people will be content to wait for Congress etc to put an end to it all, or a new President. There will be caos in all sectors. And we won’t have afew decades….but possible 1-2 decades. Maybe not even that.
    This column and everyone’s views on “How Long does America have” has really been interesting….even though it doesn’t have much to do with Catholicism, and this is a Catholic site! I’ve enjoyed everyone’s comments, especially qhupfu….even though I disagree alot. I’m surprised how mucuh of us agree about the inevitable decline of USA. It is obvious.
    I appologize if I make ocassional mispells. But I communicate alot better written in English than I do in speaking it…believe me!!! : )

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  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear rememberCenturion,

    You asked me about Fatima and the Fatima Message. Bear with me as this reply will be rather lenghty.

    It was the Lord Himself Who beckoned me to accept His Call to be ordained into the Monastic Brotherhood by my Metropolitan Archbishop Athanasius. May this reply to you (and to any other readers) bring Blessing, honor, reverence and respect to my Archbishop. And may it please the Lord to grant St. Michael the Archangel, my Guardian Warrior Angel Aloysius and all of the Heavenly Host many Divine Graces to launch a world-wide spiritual ‘Counter Attack’ against all the enemies of God, His Church and His human race.

    It was back in September, 1993 that I was brought into the Spiritual Presence of the Blessed Trinity – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. People have no idea of the absolute and complete ‘terror’ of being confronted by a very ‘Angry’ God. As Sacred Scripture has it “It is a terrible thing to fall into the Hands of the Living God”.

    Having said that, I was tasked to relay a Divine Message to the mere human officials of the U.S. Federal and State Governments (which I did). The Crux of that Message was that unless this U.S. Nation stopped/halted the permitted practice of abortion throughout this nation (via Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton), the United States would find itself on this “trash heap/garbage dump” along with all of the other nations of the world’s history which defied Him and His Holy Will for nations, states and peoples of the world down through human history.

    All the calamities, all the disasters, all the evil into which this U.S. Nation would fall per that Message I delivered to the U.S. Federal and State Officials have occured – and there is yet more instore.

    The Spiritual Gifts of God the Holy Spirit include 1) Knowledge 2) Understanding and 3) Wisdom along with 4) Courage/Fortitude 5) Piety 6) Reverence and 7) Fear and Awe of God. Those Gifts coupled with His Divine Graces has for over these years collected and compiled the following information with regards to His View of our ‘world’ and His Church and the goings-on therein.

    Following delivery of His Message via the mails to U.S. Federal and State Officials (merely and utterly mortal HUMAN officials – all who will DIE and all who will face His Divine Judgements upon their deaths), two Lay Carmelites insisted that I should visit a reputed Apparition site of the Lord and His Mother at Conyers, Georgia back on February 13, 1994 in order to retrieve the specific Message given for that day. I obediently complied with their instruction and insistence. Here is that Message of/for February 13, 1994:

    There was also this ‘Standing Message’ for the United States of America previously given much further back on March 19, 1991 and March 21, 1991:

    I mailed Pope John Paul II a personal account of my encounter with an ‘Angry’ God along with the Message I was charged to share with U.S. Federal and State Officials regarding halting abortion all across these United States of America.

    I received a reply from the Pope assuring me he had received and understood the Message, and he made a veiled reference to that Message to the U.S. Government in his encyclical ‘The Gospel of Life’. Last sentence in paragraph 91 which reads:

    “91. … On the eve of the Third Millenium, the challenge facing us ia an arduous one; only the concerted efforts of all those who believe in the value of life can prevent a setback of unforeseeable consequences.”. On-line reference at:

    With respect to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos, the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and of Revelation 12:17 and her Fatima Messages, Instructions and Requests, it was during a Marian Movement of Priests Rosary Prayer Cenacle that she granted me a vision of the Twelve Stars of her Crown and an inner locution of her own voice pleading, begging, crying to me (of all people) with these three simple words, “Defend the Church!”

    And it was also during a Marian Movement of Priests Rosary Prayer Cenacle where one Rev. Mother was a given a Vision of the Lord – a Vision of Him giving me a ‘Commission’ to be an ‘Informer’ and ‘Communications Expert’ in His Holy Army.

    So the following ‘Information’ is being shared here in the hopes Divine Grace will work in, with and throughout the members of His Church, Clergy, Religious and Laity, in answering His Mother’s ‘Call’ to also ‘Defend the Church’ and by thus doing, they will be ‘Defending Humanity’ as well.

    As Our Lady of Akita, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Most Holy Theotokos, relayed to the Carmelite nun, Sr. Agnes, back on October 13, 1973:

    “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church…et al” On-line ref:

    For everyone-in-the-world’s personal spiritual information:

    The Deities of Masonry

    Satanism Practiced in the Vatican

    A List of Masons in the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church

    The Murder of Pope John Paul I

    Warnings From Beyond To The Contemporary Church (Confessions of Hell)

    The Permament Instruction of the Alta Venditi

    Pope John XXIII Was A Practicing Freemason

    So with Devil-Worshipping Luciferians in/throughout ‘The Helm’ of His Church here on earth, that is the reason ‘Why?’ the Collegical Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has not been allowed to take place. For if it did take place, that would be the utter doom/death/destruction of all that Satan has instigated and erected throughout our contemporary ‘world’ of 2008 A.D. which is now on the very brink of the Satanic/Luciferian planned Third World War which will result in a huge ‘harvest of souls’ for Hell – and all those lost souls are lost to the Greater Glory of our God in Heaven!

    “The Third World War must be formented by taking advantage of the differences created by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of (the) Islamic World.” – On-line reference:

    On line video entitled “Heaven’s Key To Peace” to any and all who are interested in seeing to it that God the Father’s Divine Will gets done ‘down here’ on earth as it is in Heaven:

    The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos, the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 clearly exposed the Satanic/Luciferian Masonic spiritual ‘stranglehold’ on her Son’s Church in her locution revelations given to one Fr. Stephano Gobbi of the Marain Movement of Priest in the book “To The Priests – Our Lady’s Beloved Sons’ in her Message #406 dated June 13, 1989 which she refers to as ‘Ecclesiastical Masonry’ in her Son’s Church here on earth.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos, the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 clearly warns the United States of America specifically with her words “You (USA) will know the hour of weakness and of poverty; the hour of suffering and defeat, the purifying hour of the great chastisement.” in her November 15, 1990 message given at Malvern, Pennsylvania.

    Again, with regards to the Mother of God’s and the Mother of the Church’s Fatima Messages/Requests/Instructions to the Ecclesiastical Hierachy of the Church, there is this message given by the Lord to one Dr. Mary Jane Even dated back on June 1, 1993:

    “Have I (Jesus, The Christ, Son of God, Lord of lords and King of kings) not also asked for the union of Bishops to consecrate Russia to My Mother’s Immaculate Heart? Was it done? No, not correctly nor as I requested. Rather a lukewarm attempt, not united, only stated by the Holy Pontiff. He knows he has not done it properly. Oh, the disobedience of My Prelates. Well, I will see to it Myself.”

    Again, with respect to Fatima, here is related quote regarding the Fatima Message:

    “He (Satan) will succeed in seducing the spirits of the great scientists who invent arms with which it will be possible to destroy a large part of mankind in a few minutes. Satan will have in his power the leaders who command the people and who will incite them to produce enormous quantities of arms.” – On-line ref:

    Contemporary developments in ‘Weapons of Total Destruction’ of the Human Race:

    Read from ‘Project Nemo’, the Gaiacomm Executive Report on page 12, the parenthenically enclosed paragraph which begins thusly:

    (Generation of geomagnetic-field aligned ionization to control the reflection/scattering propertiese of radio waves…et al) from this on-line reference:

    Then we can consider Monk Johannes Friede’s (circa 1257 AD) prophecy which contains the words:

    “Not all of this will be the result of natural causes. But man will penetrated into the bowels of the earth adn will reach into the clouds, gambling with its own existance.” On-line reference at:

    And as such things take place right over everyone’s head in full view right in front of their very noses:

    So, in closing my dear rememberCenturion, it was THE LORD Who gave power to cause Satan ‘to fall like lightning from the skies’ precisely because HE and His Mhystical Body here on earth ARE ‘The Offspring’ of her Womb as clearly stated in Almighty God’s Adamic Covenant of Genesis 3:15 which is stated in that Covenant being fulfilled per Revelation 12:17.

    The REAL, TRUE, AUTHENTIC & VALID Bishops of His Church here on earth can STILL perform the Mother of God’s Request/Instruction/Command for them to perform a solmen and public Collegial Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

    If the Bishops of His Church DO that – it will be very much like a replay of what THE LORD did for the peoples of this world with Father St. Elijah’s ‘public Supernatural contest’ on Mount Carmel. Go read and ponder 1 Kings 18:20-40

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archimandrite – Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear rememberCenturion,

    I’m disappointed. My previous (and rather lenghty) reply did not get posted regarding Fatima.

    The solemn and public Collegial Consecration of Russia that was desired and ordered by the Mother of the Church but was shunned, rejected and denied by the members within the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy was to be for the peoples of the entire world very much a replay of St. Elijah’s supernatural/spiritual contest on Mount Carmel. See 1 Kings 18:20-40.

    Because of their disobedience the the Mother of God, the Vatican Prelates have cooperated in ensuring our world is now filled with every manner of ‘false prophet’ spouting off every manner of false religion, false doctrine, false morality, etc.

    Christ was betrayed by Judas for a mere 30 pieces of silver. Our Catholic Church and our world’s 6 billion human souls have been similarily betrayed by those who fancy themselves a being members of ‘our own ranks’.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • mkochan

    Sorry, Fr. Joseph, our spam filter had captured your post. But I noticed your complaint and found it and released it.

  • fruntrow

    More timeline pressures: How about the quality of those who have presented themselves as candidates and winners of the presidency of the United States, including of course, the two current beauties, for the last 20 years? How about the very strong and popular support for to multi-acculturate society, to disunify it. And how about the despair one can feel about any possible remedial, short of a new constitutional convention or revolution, given the state of what is called “education”.

    Russia should have been consecrated to Our Lady around 1960, as Sister Lucy constantly repeated, perfectly heading off VAT II, a work of Satan, carrying his trademark confusions. Why were our Lady’s commands not obeyed? Simple. Despite her sanctioning of Fatima and all the her exhortations, Rome hypocritically doesn’t have the Faith to do it. What other reason can there be?

  • fruntrow

    With reference to the coming PBS feature (Tuesday June 24th I think) of a supposed current movement toward Christianity in China.

    I’m eager to see if it even mentions the faithful underground Catholics and their ongoing persecutions and imprisonments since 1949 and who seemed to be betrayed by our celebrity pope, JPII, (many say “The Great”) who ignored them and played footsies with the “State” catholic regime. When in a Lenten retreat as Cardinal Wojtyla he preached universal salvation to Pope Paul VI and his household he may later have thought our Chinese brethren needed no support. May God bless Benedict XVI for beginning to reverse that and recognize their heroism and dark abandonment.


  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear mkochan,

    You caused me an unexpected moment of joy today, “resurrecting” what I thought was a ‘dead and buried’ reply to rememberCenturion. Surely, that was Divine Providence at work – the Hidden Hand of God at work in/with/amongst the members of His Mystical Body here on earth.

    I momentarily pondered just how I might properly ahow my gratitude to you for going ‘the extra mile’ in helping me out with what I wanted/had to relay here.

    I can’t give you either ‘silver or gold’ as I’m a poor man, but the Thought of requesting that the Lord Bless you, your family, your friends, your relatives with special and specific Graces for all of you with my daily votive Mass for the Universal Church today did come “flashing” into my mind.

    “Thanks-a-lot” for lending me a helping hand!

    Now then, if we can only convince Pope Benedict XVI to issue a ‘Papal Order’ to ALL of the Bishops of His Church here on earth to perform the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of the Church in the next couple of days or weeks, then 4,600 Bishops of His Church will likewise be “lending US ALL a helping hand” (6 billion human souls here on earth in this year 2008 Anno Domini) in obtaining God’s Personal Divine Blessing for all of His spiritual children here on earth.

    Imagine ‘The Possiblities’ of 6 billion human souls all created in His Image and Likeness returning to the Spiritual Home of their Father, their Eldest Brother, their Advocate and Counselor, and….to their Spiritual Mother!

    THAT just might cause a wee, itsy-bitsy, tiny Unexpected Moment of Joy for all Those in Heaven, not to mention an untold amount of Grace imparted to countless suffering Holy Souls in Purgatory!

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archimandrite – Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  • Fr.Joseph

    May it please God the Father of us all to Grant/Release the necessary Divine Graces upon the Church and all of mankind to avert World War III should the following posting of mine find His Favor.

    Now to specifically address Mr. Charles S. LiMandri’s statement within his article above “Then came the U.S. Supreme Court’s Everson decision in 1947 which imposed an unconstitutional ‘Wall of Seperation’ between Church and State.

    It was about 10-13 years ago when as a Lay Carmelite I found myself strangely led to read books on the Occult. It seemed as if St. Michael the Archangel was helping me to make specific selections.

    In R. Swinburne Clymer’s “The Book of Rosicruciae”, Franklin Roosevelt was called “one of their own”. To obtain their Initiate, one must be a 33rd degree Mason to begin with. Additional information was given that at the King George V hotel in Paris, France in March, 1931, the various Occult organizations such as the Freemasons, various Hermetic Orders as well as Kabbalah groups along with the Rosicrucians formed and entered into a formal ‘spiritual alliance’ – their umbrella group would be called the “International Occult Alliance’.

    The primary goal of this Occult Group was to replace the Catholic Church with their ‘Holy Gnostic Church’ so as to impart esoteric gnosticism and spiritism onto all the peoples and nations of our world.

    Rosicruican Initiate/33rd Degree Freemason U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt coaxed the U.S. public into going along with his notions as to who would be ‘fitting’ to be assigned to the U.S. Supreme Court. On-line reference:

    By 1947 A.D., the U.S. Supreme Court was “packed” with like-minded Freemasons, and the U.S. Supreme Court remained dominated by Freemasons from the 1947 A.D. “Everson vs. Board of Eduation” to 1973 and the ‘Roe v. Wade’ decision.

    Between 1947 and 1973, we see every manner of U.S. Supreme Court judicial “fiat” in any number of contrived cases brought before the Masonic Court in order to diminish the influence of the Catholic Church on the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of millions of U.S. citizens so as to implement installing the ‘Holy Gnostic Church’ into the minds and hearts of generations of U.S. citizens.

    You are welcome to read Mr. Paul A. Fisher’s book entitled “Behind The Lodge Door”. On-line reference:

    From page 135 of this book entitled “Catholic Principles of Politics” sitting on my lap, we read,

    “Let princes adn rulers of the people bear this in mind and bethink themselves whether it be wise and salutary, either for public authority or for the nations themselves, to set aside the Holy Religion of Jesus Christ, in which that very authority may find such powerful support and defense. Let them seriously consider whether it be the part of political wisdom to exclude from the ordinance of the State and from public instruction, the teaching of the Gospel and of the Church. Only too well does experience show that when religion is banished, human authority totters to its fall. That which happened to the first of our race when he failed in his duty to God, usually happens to nations as well. Scarcely had the will in him rebelled against God when the passions arose in rebellion against the will; and likewise, when the rulers of the people disdain the Authority of God, the people in turn despise the authority of men. There remains, it is true, the usual expedient of suppressing rebellion by force; but to what effect? Force subdues the bodies of men, not their souls.”

    Pope Benedict XV’s Encyclical ‘Ad Beatissimi’ November 1, 1914

    So you see, my dear fellow U.S. citizens, whether you are a Catholic Christian or not, the U.S. Surpeme Court was used by the International Occult Alliance of the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Hermetic Orders and Kabbalahists in order TO ESTABLISH a U.S. State Religion and ‘Church’ – their ‘Holy Gnostic Church’.

    Do avail yourselves to Dr. Harold Bloom’s book entitled ‘The American Religion’ wherein he clearly holds up a mirror up to the contemporary ‘American Religion’ which he identifies as American Gnosticism.

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archminadrite – Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear mkochan,

    Please check your ‘spam filter’. I submitted yet another rather lenghty comment here regarding the moral/ethical degeneration of the USA since 1947. Thanks!

    – Fr. Joseph

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  • Fr.Joseph

    Read it on-line, ‘The Devil’s Final Battle’

    From the Roman Missal, Opening Prayer of the Mass for the Universal Church:

    God our Father,
    in Your care and wisdom
    You extend the Kingdom of Christ to embrace the world
    to give all men redemption.

    May the Catholic Church be the sign of our salvation,
    may it reveal for us the Mystery of Your Love,
    and may that Love become effective in our lives.

    Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
    Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, for ever and ever.

    From the Dismissal of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom:

    Priest: Lord, bless those who praise You and sanctify those who trust in You.
    SAVE YOUR PEOPLE and bless Your inheritance. PROTECT THE WHOLE BODY OF YOUR CHURCH. Sanctify those who love the beauty of Your house. Glorify t hem in return by Your Divine Power, and DO NOT FORESAKE US WHO HOPE IN YOU. Grant peace
    to Your world, to Your churches, to the Clergy, to those in public service, TO THE ARMED FORCES, and to all Your people. For every good and perfect gift is from above, coming from You, the Father of lights. To You we give glory, thanksgiving, ad worship, to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and to the ages of ages.

    To any of the Bishops and Clergy of either the Western Church or the Eastern Church who might wind up reading this appeal of mine, could you offer up the Sacrifice of the Mass, the Divine Liturgy, for the Victory of the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God over the evil one, his elemental minions and his human stooges, dupes and allies here in our world.

    At times, I feel as if I’m with the 101st Airbone holding out at Bastogne, waiting and waiting and waiting some more for the 10th Armored to break through and relieve the siege.

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archimandrite – Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  • tommehmel

    To those who share the Holy Catholic Faith; to those who by the Grace of Our Lord Jesus, His Passion and Death, to the Glory of the Eternal Father and by the Most Loving Holy Ghost (Spirit) in whom all Truth is and will ever shall be, will convert to this Holy Catholic Faith; to those who read this from whatever of the six false religions of the world that they claim to have a belief system and to those who hate the Holy Faith, the Faith which assures that the Queen of Heaven will Triumph over the evil one and his minions, it is with humility that I enter this question of how long does the US have. This will be a long response and will be in installments. Sorry but their is much to say and much education will not be accomplished in one sitting. The last time I looked most people hadn’t a CD drive for me to insert the disc of understanding. God wants you to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Guess what it has taken me decades to learn, no more a lifetime and I don’t know it all. Installment one: Understanding Prophecy and who is the Queen of Prophets?

    As St. Paul assures us that some can only eat vegtables and others can eat the meat of the Faith, I begin with an apology that for some I will appear to state things which may be difficult to understand since the ground will be new territory for them. I advise you to read more, study more and most importantly to pray more. The concepts, terms, comments and prophecies can be read at a later date for those interested; it is however, not my initial goal to do and exhaustive presentation of facts. This format of exchange, albeit “Catholic” presupposed that some level of education is necessary to keep up with the comments I’ll be sharing.

    To begin: The Queen of Heaven, the Queen of Prophets has shed more tears than I can imagine and Her Messages are not acted upon by the present Church Hierarchy. This was predicted not just at Fatima. This disobedience is at the root of the problem. It is the old “non servium” of the evil one- satan. (I don’t capitalize the “s” because he isn’t worthy of any proper name distinction). The battle is introduced in Gensis 3:15. If you read in your Bible you’ll find as I have many different “bibles” in my possession that the words of this prophecy have been changed to suit the wiles of the demonic and his minions. The heretics have King James, a homosexual, whose version we have is now somewhere at the 14th or 15th variation depending on what “authority you take as “gospel”! Nevertheless, the issue is there will be emnities, ie plural,hatreds between you (satan) and the woman. …between your seed and Her seed. She shall crush thy head and thou shall lie in wait for Her heel! The Heretics have it completely confused and they indicate the battle never ends with the “he or it” strikes at the head while he strikes at the heel. For those who don’t understand, open your “bible” and read what it says. Now, if you have the NIV or the new Jeruslem or the newest NAB (the standard now fostered by the American Church, your going to get the enemies words and not God’s Word. The only official english translation and the one the Federal Government states is the True Bible is the Douay Rheims. Try finding it in Walden books, Barnes and Noble… you know the standard book outlets run by the New World Order crew. Why would satan want you to know the Truth. Scripture has it that the Truth will set you free!

    Focus on the Queen of Prophets as God Himself tells us that She will crush his head, ie pride, final decisive battle. Father Paul Kramer’s book is a good start. Read it. Installment two will pick up where I left off! By for now.

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  • Fr.Joseph

    Maybe, just maybe, I hear the faint rumblings of the Church Militant’s 10 Armored in the far, far distance. Please, let that be so! Please.

    This is all very much like trying to hold and defend ‘The Bridge’ as depicted in the “Saving Private Ryan” movie.

    “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection…et al”

    Almighty God, grant those in your Church Militant – her Leaders and her Lay Faithful – the Supernatural Courage and Gifts of Your Holy Spirit to CONFRONT, ENGAGE AND DESTROY all the malicious spiritual enemies – whether elemental or incarnate – arrayed against Your Church and Your Saved and Redeemed Humanity here on and all across our planet earth. Amen!

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archimandrite – Nazareth Hermitage – USA
    ‘Informer’, ‘Communications Expert’ – His Holy Army

  • Fr.Joseph

    ‘Informer’ – ‘Communications Expert’ – ha – can’t even type!

    – Fr. Joseph

  • mkochan

    Fr. Joseph. these are some pretty virulent anti-Catholics you have linked to! Surely that is not what you intended….

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear mkochan,

    Before I speak about Mr. Phil Jayhan, his 9-11 website & all the vehemently anti-Catholic types who love joining Mr. Jayhan in his anti-Catholicism with their own specific form or anti-Catholicism, I simply must bring the following to your attention.

    Anti-Catholicism is the premier ‘personal religion’. I would say that anti-Catholicism is the Number One ‘Religious Belief System’ in the entire world!

    The political Zionist state of Israel is vehemently anti-Catholic. All the Islamic nations of our world are vehemently anti-Catholic. This Masonic United States Corporation with its global-business-finance corporate headquarters in the Disctric of Columbia is vehemently anti-Catholic. Every last economic, business and financial corporation here in the USA as well as throughout the entire world is vehemently anti-Catholic. The US and world’s entertainment industries are vehemently anti-Catholic as are viritually every last one of the US and world’s media outlets. Public schools here in the US as well as the rest of the world are vehemently anti-Catholic. And then so many of supposed ‘Catholic’ institutions such as colleges and universities are themselves vehemently anti-Catholic! And by gosh, we Catholics have so many anti-Catholic members of the Hierarchy and the Church’s Clergy as well! But of course, I need not remind you that virtually every last one of the world’s current 27,000+ and counting ‘bible-based’ sects, cults and ‘churches’ are all vehemently anti-Catholic as well. And just how many ‘Catholic’ career politicians in the U.S. Corporation headquarters of the District of Columbia are vehemently anti-Catholic themselves? Or, for that matter, in and throughout our US Corporation’s District of Columbia headquarters ‘government’?

    So Mr. Jayhan and his 9-11 website is but an insignificant “drop in the bucket” – and with all the anti-Catholicism of so many from so many different walks of life nowadays, should you find it strange that “birds of a feather flock together”? That is why Mr. Jayhan can have atheists, witches, new agers and just about anyone else who has as their ‘Base Religious Belief’ their own vehement version of anti-Catholicism.

    Anyways, regarding Mr. Jayhan’s 9-11 website. I immediately began contributing to his website and forums when he first posted to the Internet his personal T.V. watching “discovery” – watching the Boeing 767 plunged into the World Trade Tower in SLOW MOTION. He noticed both an odd anomaly ‘pod’ protruding from its lower fuselage with visual evidence of some sort of ordinance/rocket eminating from this same aircraft prior to impacting the World Trade Tower.

    And ‘Why?’ would I contribute to a vehemently anti-Catholic website, receive gobs and gobs of personal insults, attacks, etc. due to my being a Catholic Christian? Time after time, following my defense of the Catholic Faith, Mr. Jayhan would eventually “ban” me from making any other postings or comments to ‘his’ website.

    The reason ‘Why?’ is because of 1) having served in the United States Armed Forces, swearing a MILITARY OATH to defend the Constitution of the United States of America (and NOT the US Corporation of the District of Columbia’s geo-political business and financial plans imposed on the nations/states/people of our world) in the United States AIR FORCE and 2) having worked on/in/with both military and civilian aviation for 33 years as a U.S. Departement of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration Licensed Airframe and Powerplant mechanic!

    The on-board Satellite Communications Systems couple to the on-board Auto-Pilot and Auto-flight and Flight Management/Control Computers on BOTH those ‘terrorist hijacked’ Boeings used vs. the NYC Twin Towers were remotely controlled and flown by elements WITHIN the U.S. Corporation’s Department of Defense, its FAA, its CIA, etc. And there was NO ‘Boeing 757’ to hit the Pentagon either.

    I work daily on Boeing 767s, 757s and 737s – and it was incumbent upon me, by the Grace of God the Holy Spirit as an ‘Informer’ and ‘Communications Expert’ in His Holy Army TO INFORM Federal Officials, State Officials, Law Enforcement Agengies of every type in existance at the Federal and State levels as well as to the members of our Catholic Church’s HIERARCHY here in and throughout our United States OF AMERICA of this hidenous mass-murdering CRIME conducted against U.S. citizens and FELLOW U.S. Catholic Christians in N.Y.C. back on 9-11-2001.

    But “of course”, all the members of the Catholic Hierarchy here in the USA I wrote to and informed “turned their back in silence” and not a peep came eminating from ANY pulpit or Catholic news outlet or media – and all of my ‘Catholic’ Federal and State officials followed the Church’s Hierachy’s lead adn “turned their back in silence” as well.

    For all of the personal TAUNTING & ABUSE I received due to my Catholic Faith on websites/from websites such as Phil Jayhan’s 911 Letsroll or Pilots for 911 Truth or from the webmaster at didn’t “hurt” as much when compared to having ‘my own Catholic People’ turn their back on me and remaining quiet/silent while they allowed Catholic PARENTS send their sons and daughters off to fight a bogus, illegal, immoral and UNconstitutional War in Afghanistan and Iraq!

    I’m a Viet Nam Era Veteran, you see. “Been there. Done that!”

    And while all of THIS is going on – the lies, the lies and the lies allowed to go on and on and on due to the COWARDICE of ‘The Leaders’ of my own Catholic Church sit snuggly and comfortably behind the closed/shut doors of their Chanceries and their Vatican Offices – GOD HIMSELF offers the entire world, His world WORLD PEACE by His Own Hand if only His Church’s PRELATES would perform a solemn and public Collegial Consecration of Russia to His Mother’s Immaculate Heart in order TO HONOR HIS OWN MOTHER!

    Too many supposed Catholic Church Prelates are, in fact, in spirit ‘Satanic Sadists’ who ENJOY watching our entire human race be ground up and spit out like dog meat all across this world of ours due to the International Occult Alliance’s WARS and bogus fiat money Central Banks all across this world of ours!

    And that is to say nothing of the ‘Catholic’ politicians who likewise turn their backs on their fellow human beings, their fellow US citizens, their fellow Catholic Christians here in the US and throughout the rest of our world.

    The Lord is STILL holding back His Hand of Chastisement and STILL offering His Divine Mercy to those Prelates and Civil Officials of His Church so as to give them all ample time to repent! But the lure of their bank accounts, their personal cash-flows, their ‘appearance’ and ‘standing’ in human society is appareantly “trumping” their call to duty to God, to their Country and to His Church!

    There…I hope that answers your questions and concerns.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • tommehmel

    Installment 2: Given you’ve read the first installment and you did your homework by opening your “bible” and if you found your “bibles” translation to be wanting of the “crush the serpents head” description, you should be reaching down deep in your pockets for the money to purchase that “pearl of great price”. In this matter I am speaking of the Word of God. Federal Law states that, ” The Holy Scriptures are the Word of God!” For the moment, and as an aside but truly necessary at this point in the installment process, I need to digress… First, look at the pregnant image, iconos, of the Lady of Guadalupe. She has Jesus inside, She has the stars of Her crown, the heel on the serpent’s head and She has the halo of the light of Heaven to be sure. I’m not going to go too deep here, but this undeniable image is outside our human science and we, for all of our knowledge cannot explain away how St. Juan Diego’s tilma hasn’t rotted to dust, how the image got on it, the winter issue of roses and a host of other ‘phenomenon”. Surfice it to say, my Faith accepts the absolute Catholicity of this image of my Queen and Mother of the Savior. Human sacrifice was rampant and this Mother came to fight for, and to claim the Americas for Herself and Her Most Wonderous Child at the midpoint in the two continents! Ya think She cares for our salvation?!!! Maybe we should give Her her due as Queen and Loving Mother! This event of the 1500’s is in stark contrast to the events in the Old World. Eight million Catholics became heretics in Europe. This is the work of satan. The battle rages as predicted in Genesis 3:15. She, the other creature, in the prophecy responds with eight million conversions of pagan indians. Ya think those instant conversions were few and far between? The priests had all they could do to handle the baptisms, much more, the teaching of the Faith. At this point, you should realize the battle is raging and the Americas was then, and is now, very much in the thick of things. True Catholics accept the prophecy and the words “crush his head” has a permanancy to it. Yes, the pride issue was the first sin and Her humble response was accepting the Word made Flesh. For with God all things are possible, Our Dear Savior taught. She has come to defend the Americas. Deo Gratias!
    Okay, you say in your creed. that is if you say it correctly… I believe…notice I didn’t say we believe. This is a personal attestation of belief. History records the three Creeds as always in the person of I. You may not think this is important but you know Scripture has it, “he who despises small things will fail little by little! Back to the creed… you say you believe in the seen and the unseen. Well, do you think the battle rages only on this human plane? No, the Holy Angels, under the great command of the Prince of the Angel, St. Michael the Archangel, one of the seven Lampstands that stand before the Throne of the Most Blessed Trinity, are engaged in a constant battle with the demons, fallen angels. The Church records much on the Holy Angels and the homework is to read many of the great books on St. Michael and the nine choirs of Angels. Holy Scripture records the angels in various roles of messenger and also as a warrior for God’s people! Read the Old Testament. There is St. Raphael helping Tobit. Curing/healing/comforting are, it would appear, the virtues of this great Lampstand that stands before the Lord. Incidentally, the Garden of Gethsemane finds Our Lord’s Guardian Angel, St. Raphael comforting Him fromthe horrors of the impendind Passion but also we must recognize this Divine Conscience knows each and everyone of us and the state of our sins and whether we would be saved or not. How much of a comfort was St. Raphael to Our Dear Suffering Lord all drenched in His Precious Blood at just the thought of the battle that rages for the souls of mankind. His prayer should be ours as well:”Not my will but Thy Will be done.” We pray this in the Our Father!

    Okay so you’ve come to know some of the players in this great battle that still rages on… Let’s go back to the first prophecy to pick up on the “Woman of Genesis” Later, we’ll review the “Woman of the Cross” and also the “Woman of the Apocalypse”. For true Catholics, She is the Church! She is above all the Holy Angels and St. Michael and all the Holy Angels await in rapture the commands of the Holy Virgin Theotokos, Mother of God! For that matter, She is above all the Popes and the entire hierarchy of the Church. She is not some executive secretary in a corporate structure that we can just ignore if we so desire. Wow! What is your mentor speaking of? None other then the great disobedience to the Queen of Heaven. Fr. Joseph wrote of this in his earlier citings on this great question that is before us about the US! This disobedience, Sister Lucy, God rest her soul, taught us that the Blessed Virgin called it a “diabolical disorientation”! Given that the majority of the readers in this Catholic Exchange most assuredly have not read about Fatima to any extent and that the works on this subject are voluminuous… I can only say stop your activity traps and get reading if you really want to know the answer to this great question before us. Be assured, I will help you along. Read Fr. Michel’s Triology on the Whole Secret of Fatima. You’ll have the great battles with freemasons and the Chapter 12 Queen of Heaven battles against the great red dragon and the black beast. The imagery is likened to the Lord of the Rings but Tolkien used the Holy Scripture as source material for his Trilogy masterpiece. The red dragon-Communism is linked with the Black Beast- Freemasonry. The pieces are beginning to take shape, at least you, the reader, can see the outlines of some of the pieces in this great puzzle. Educating you to this point is like taking your dining room table and sweeping it clear to open the box of the multitude of pieces that we know interlock to reveal the puzzle image for which you and I are but one piece in this great puzzle. I pray you find your self in this great puzzle of the Book of Life. The other puzzle I’ll allude to from time to time but the important one is the Book of Life. Now, at this juncture, we can clearly see some pieces have been linked together for us. The battle and some of the major personalities have been brought to this question for they are all linked! In future installments, I’ll begin the writing of the icon of the Church Militant that Fr. Joseph alludes to. However, I know some of you are maybe somewhat confused. Let me say you must envision this puzzle, this Book of Life and the Family that God has invited us to be apart of. It is the only relationship you need to maintain and the real front lines battle that rages for the souls of your loved ones as well. Okay, ask yourself if the Queen of Heaven the great Warrior Queen gives Her subjects the Brown Scapular to wear as the armor to protect our front and back, why ar eyou not wearing it!???!!! Any excuse is just an excuse and your pride stands in the way of the protection of this great country which I and hopefully you must share. Installment three later. Put the Scapular of Her Protection on and cease your endless chatter of the litanies of excuses. She offers it and at Fatima, She said “Only I can help you!” For the Catholic, these words relate to the third secret and to the very battle over your soul and your loved ones. May you pray Her Rosary the weapon as St. Padre Pio so often instructed us. Bye for now. Tom

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Brother Tom,

    You just keep on teaching and don’t let up.

    “My People PERISH for lack of knowledge.” – Prophet Hosea – Hosea 4:6

    I prefer not to think of the many times I’ve been assaulted by malicious evil spirits. The great saint of the Eastern Church, St. Seraphim, described them accurately as “the despicable ones”.

    The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. How can I describe it from my own personal experience/point-of-view as being “Spiritual Body Armor” as well as being ‘Divine Dog Tags’ for those who know about such things from military service.

    And, yes, take it personally from me, St. Raphael runs and operates the most incredibly ministering ‘M.A.S.H.’ unit.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • Fr.Joseph

    And dear mkochan,

    And lest my last reply to you sounded as if I have “no respect” for the Bishops of His Church here on earth, my entirely negative comments about those in the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy concern those who simply ‘dress up and play act the part’ such as those many Masons who, like the dual-citizenship Zionists who are dragging our US Nation into the very pits of hell, will lie, cheat, steal and murder all in order to advance ‘the father of lies’ goals and desires for the Church and for all of mankind.

    My Bishop, Metropolitan Archbishop Athanasius, is a very blessed, prayerful, humble man of God and faithful Servant to the Lord’s Church here on earth. My Fr. Bishop is graced with personal visitations from the Lord Himself Who shares His Thoughts and Presence with my Bishop on a very intimate ‘One-to-one’ basis.

    From time to time, as a GOOD Fr. Bishop, my Bishop sends me ‘word’ to me from the Lord giving me personal guidance, instruction, encouragement and at times direction as to what He needs and what He desires and what He knows will be ‘effective’.

    With specific regards to your concerns about the rampant public and socially acceptable “anti-Catholicism” raging about and around us in our ‘world’ today, I think that the Lord wouldn’t mind me sharing this particular Bit of Information with you – as YOU are a part of His Mystical Body – His Church – here on earth.
    Verbatim, from a letter the Lord dicated to my Fr. Bishop for me personally, I quote:

    “Why? Because My Mother has taken you as one of Her own personal companions, one who She fully intends to use for the comfort and consolation, the Salvation, of Great Masses of Souls who are in the midst of Terrible Pain and Suffering. These are they who have brought upon themselves untold torment after their death for the injuries they have caused My Church in their lifetime. And how did they offend My Heart so often, and cause such ruin? It is because they gave themselves freely to Gossip and Slander. This particular kind of Calumny has been particularly insidious, as it is a hidden thing within the heart. At times it is spoken, but more so it is the hidden judgements and slander within the heart and mind. These carried along with them in their lifetime, a constant complaining and ingratitude for all the good within people.

    “They took every opportunity to raise themselves up in unholy righteousness against their neighbor, and particularly those within My Church. If only they had acted as the Good Samaritan, and stopped to tend Her wounds. However, rather than build up and encourage, working to heal the discouragement, every one in his own turn chose to heap more condemnation and indictment upon an already sick and crippled Body. What more could I do for these? What other recourse oculd I have had, than to send them into the same poison and rancor that they have spewed out for years within their lifetime.

    “It is for this reason I speak to you today. I need souls who will give of themselves, as you have so many times. I need encouragers and heroic souls, woh are willing to stand in the gap as Moses did, and truly, sincerely pray out of Love for My Church, My Body, and all of the wandering souls upon the earth. Would that I had a calvary of regiments just for this purpose….et al”

    So, in closing my dear mkochan, I have a Standing Order from the Mother of God…

    “Defend the Church!”

    Just like the closing battle scenes of ‘Saving Private Ryan’, I have no where to go to but stay here at/on this ‘Bridge’. I’m very, very low on ammo. There are no ‘Reinforcements’ in sight. The ‘radio’ is dead. And all one can do is but HOPE that those ‘OFFICERS’ back a ‘Headquarters’ recognize the dreadful seriousness of this Spiritual Situation for the Church, our ‘world’, and the entire Human Race redeemed and saved by the Shed Blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on His Cross – and prayerfully call out for a “Divine Air Strike” along with Spiritually Strategic “Carpet Bombing”…

    …I’ll try to ‘hold THIS Bridge’ as long as I can.

    Sure could use 65 million US Catholics to come charging/a’runnin’ with Fixed Bayonets. But what are the chances of THAT happening…really???

    – Fr. Joseph

  • MichelleGA

    To Tom and Fr. Joseph,

    I find this all very fascinating! I knew something very, very serious was going on for a while now. Seemed like it was whispered in my soul or something. I don’t have what it takes to verbalize it. Well, anyway, keep on talking because I am listening to you both!

    p.s. My husband is an A & P also, Fr. Joseph.


  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Michelle,

    I am quite certain that there are those times when you and your husband ‘share a glance’ to/at one another – and the two of you (without a word spoken between the two of you) know what it is that you are sharing, communicating and confirming to one another.

    By the Sacrament of Marriage, the Lord has made the ‘two of you’ one, and the two of you share in the same ‘life’ and the same ‘living’.

    By your Baptism into His Body, the Church, you are likewise ‘made one’ with the Lord ‘in spirit’ via His Divine Graces you regularly receive via His Church’s Sacraments – foremost amongst them receiving Him in the Chrisitan Sacrament of the Eucharist. And by your Confirmation/Chrismation, you are given the Spirit of Truth – His Holy Spirit – to teach you all manner of thing and to lead you into all truth.

    That “knowing-in-your-heart” that something was ‘wrong’ is the Working of the Holy Spirit. You yourself witnessed the Workings of His Grace initmately within your personal life – even though you could not express it in terms of mere human words.

    Once that sort of “knowing-in-your-heart” that something was ‘wrong’ is recognized, it is precisely at those times/in those events that the Lord desires you to ‘ask, seek, knock’ about that particular “wrongness” you sense in spirit at the very core of your being.

    And the Lord desires such ‘asking/seeking/knocking’ on your part precisely because YOU are part of His Mystical Body here on earth – and that He needs your hands, your feet, your eyes, your ears, your mouth, your mind, your free will, to be about some sort of personal spiritual service, out of LOVE for Him, His Church and His ‘wandering souls’ here on this planet earth of His creating.

    Make His Mother and the Lord a “personal offer to help” in any that or manner that you can with the talents, abilities and resources at your personal disposal.
    Make that offer to Them in the most ‘natural’ way – as you would make such an offer to a friend, family member or relative who is need of a ‘something’ but doesn’t have it available to them for their use. Do so in the most natural, human way, spoken or unspoken, in the utter privacy of your home or within the utter privacy of your mind/heart/soul/spirit…

    …and then, be attentive…and ‘watch’ what happens.

    Gotta get going and get ready for work at the airport.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Michelle,

    It would do me a bit of good to take a break from all of this strife, these struggles, in trying to get MEN both inside and outside of the Church to take active responsibility to what is going on all across our ‘world’, to speak the Truth to one another and in public, and to make a stand for His Church, His ‘world’ and for His mankind.

    So let me share an honest-to-goodness, matter-of-fact, spiritual “war story” regarding your Heavenly Mother, the Mother of God, the Mother of the Church, the Most Holy Theotokos and her Brown Scapular.

    Many years ago, back in 1984, I was professed into the Lay Order of Carmelites. It was then and there that I was given and ceremonially/sacramentally clothed in her Brown Scapular. That ceremonial Brown Scapular front and back panels measured about 8 inches by 8 inches.

    Some time later, I heard from a mutual friend that her friend had a daughter who was dying from some sort of child luekemia disease. The child was about 10 years old, if I recall correctly.

    I composed a letter to the little girl, enclosed my ceremonial Brown Scapular and with a note to her parents told them that, with their permission, I wanted to give their very sick and dying daughter my own personal ceremonial Brown Scapular – the only one I had – for her to wear. Told her parents and the sick child that I was making her an “Honorable Lay Carmelite” because of the courage the little girl exhibited in/with her terminal illness.

    I told the little girl in that note that by wearing the Brown Scapular, she would be getting a ‘Bear Hug’ by Jesus and His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, with her in the middle of the two of Them.

    About 2-3 weeks later, I received a note from my friend. The little sick daughter of her friend had died due to her child luekemia illness. And she relayed to me the following details of the little girl’s death.

    The child’s mother received word from the hospital staff/doctors to come to the hospital quickly as their child had taken a turn for the worse. The little girl’s mother and her father along with their immediate family members raced down to the now dying little girl’s room in the hospital.

    My friend informed me that the little dying girl was wearing the Brown Scapular as it was given to her to wear by her parents.

    The little girl, so terribly weakened in body and faintly conscious (while her mother, father and extended family were in the hospital room) suddenly sat up in her bed, shocking/surprizing all of her family there. The little girl then thrust up her hands towards the ceiling of the hospital room and with eyes wide open and a vibrant personal aura about herself as she gazed upward to the ceiling was heard offer up her last words:

    “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!”

    She then collapsed back into the hospital bed, having breathe her last. This little girl died in front of her family wearing the Brown Scapular on a SATURDAY morning.

    I think there is no greater power on earth and perhaps in the Heavens as well as THE LOVE of a mother for her own children – a Mother for Her Own Children.

    Unseen Spiritual Realities exist. There was the Resurrection. The Ascension. The Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God into Heaven upon her ‘Dormition’. Eternal Life with the Lord God in His Divine Paradise forever. As well as a little girl ravaged by a terminal physical disease being visited by the Mother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Himself, so as to take her Home with Them to Heaven at the last moments of her very short life here ‘on earth’.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • tommehmel

    Installment three: Understanding the two creatures of Genesis 3:15
    Before I begin several comments to those who have previously commented on this question of the time left to the US. First, Father Joseph…Hello, peace is Her Heavenly Plan and the Heartof it is best defined by the Love of and the intermingling of the Two Hearts. Hers is the door to His! As for relief, Patton was a man of destiny and God sent a warrior to the 101st airborne. Michelle the Faith is simple in Truth… many can confuse it but in essence it is family and all the hurts, sufferings along with the joys prepare us all for the glories. If this has some ring of the Three Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary to you, then you are closer than you think to the Heart of the Eternal Father who loves His daughter; the Son does so love His Mother and the Truth of it is joy shared between His Holy Spirit and the rest of the family… this Mystical Body as Fr. spoke of. This consoling Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity is beyond our understanding as humans. However, the watch of Fr. Joseph’s comment is most appropriate since this Triune God we are talking about will communicate with you, has done so before now and will so in the future. He sends us His Holy Angels and the Holy Saints. Love the Holy Family deeply and be assured that no thing or no one can keep you from the Love of God save only your own Free Will. Will to do His Will. The path will be revealed and the trust will guide you. The miracles are intertwined in the fabric of the life that you are living. For His Word goes forth from Him and it shall not return to Him void!
    Last comment… the Fr. Joseph comments on the Perverted Hierarchy, the cowardly prelates, the effeminate ones and the betryaers of Our Lord’s consecrated ones are defined, explicitly wept over by the Blessed Virgin as the Queen known as Our Lady of La Salette. The third secret of La Salette begins…”Melanie what I’m about to reveal to you will not always be a secret, it can be revealed in 1858.” For those who don’t know that is Lourdes! The great response of the Immaculate Conception to the Pope’s Dogmatic Proclaimation. Heaven put the stamp of approval on it for sure! But the third secret of La Salette is the real reason for Our Dear Queen’s tears… He Son hangs suspended on a chain that hangs from Her neck… Melanie and Maxim seee His suffering in the present of September 19th, 1846 but this includes our present as well as the message transcends our time and space as well. She begins: “The priest by their wicked lives… their impiety in the sacred mysteries… Whoa! perhaps you can place your heart, mind and soul in this momentous revealation admists Our Lady’s tears and realize She is revealing the most dire of circumstances and sins that are fundamentally grieving Her and Her Love..the Most Blessed Trinity! Homework: Read the Message of La Salette. It will make things clearer. There is the battle and their are casualties and much to ponder. She speaks of: “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the AntiChrist”. “The Church will be in eclipse.” (Darkness- your mentor’s comment!) Do your homework… if you don’t have it, I can email it to you. Read to the end… the battle ends with total victory over the entire spectrum of enemies that Fr. Joseph wrote about!
    Now enough on the comments… The Third Installment is about the two creatures. The heretics who hate the Holy Faith and the Holy Virgin Mother of God are so grossly ignorant it is pitiful, The state of their souls has bedimmed their intelligence. They have been mired in the slime of satan’s web of lies and deceits that they have not the mind to comprehend the Truth. This why we, the remant of the Holy Church, who have the Divine promise of victory, are here. We witness to the Truth, we defend the Church and we by the Grace of Our Blessed Lord’s Precious Blood and most terrible Passion and Death have entered into a most special union with Our Brother-first among many brothers. This feeding of our very souls empowers us with supernatural strength. I could go on for days just on this most wonderous Mystery of the Most Blessed Sacrament. How much I don’t know on this one subject alone makes me sad and humble, and desirous to Love beyond all comprehension was it must be for the Holy Angels who contemplate the fullness of humans receiving the infinite and Loving God in this very personal Love relationship with His Divine Person. I am lost in my gross ignorance and the multitudes of insincere receptions of Him, the utter failure of my human understanding to respond back in the appropriate response that He so deserves from me; His mere sinful creature! My comfort is to pray to Her who loves without the barriers or impediments of sin to come between Her, the first creature, and the Most Blessed Trinity! What communications are infinitely shared between this one creature of our human race and the Godhead?!! I’m beside myself in my weaknesses, failings and how sorry I could possibly be would not be enough for even one drop of His Precious Blood, infinitely more , His Most Precious Body that He, not I, so desired to share with me a most miserable sinner. As the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostum states before we go to receive Him…” the first among sinners!” Take now a moment to beg Our Blessed Lady, to complain as you should, you child of God to beg Her to help you to Love Her Son. She who has the graces (Our Lady of Grace-1830-ie. Miraculous Medal). Beg Her to grant you the grace from one of Her rings to love Her Son more and more. For without this Grace how could you love Her Son enough.. as much as He deserves. We are weak flesh, we need your maternal love.. the only human love that we could possibly understand. The only human condition which could like us closely to the infinite. The love of the mother, can you not see it is infinite in awesome. Truly, the gift of Omnipresent God to help us to begin to comprehend His Love. For You alone; Love mankind!
    In this manner, I’ve introduced a creature of most great humility, of wisdom and power. This creature is the preeminent work of God Himself. He speaks of Her. Wisdom Books are of Her. Every Flower was created for Her. All creation was for Her-His masterpiece, the object of a Love so pure, so true, so tender, so complete, so perfect that the infinite spirits, the Angels were tested. Read Proverbs Chaper eight! Every thing was their for Her before the world was made. First of His ways! Oh, this might be a little too Catholic for some… drink of Her and refresh thy very soul because She draws you to Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Now this test was the before our time of humankind- you know Adam and Eve. The morning star looked upon his self and saw that he was brighter than the other angels and he thought of himself and pride, the first sin was his first creation. But pride comes before the fall! This infinite creature, created by God in the Omega of all things before time itself fell and with him he dragged along a third of the stars of Heaven. Look at me, look at me… picture in your mind his arrogance, his selfishness, his hatred as the sin multiplies in the creations of his rebellious conscience. The countenance of his face begins to contort, his fallen ones, too are twisted the ugliness overtakes them, their light is only darkness and they are seperating themselves from the Light whch the Triune God! The test is nearly upon them! Envision if you will, the morning star as he finds the coming of a much brighter Light then he or the combination of all the fallen angels and the Holy Angels in totus! This is the true Morning Star! Read/Pray the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the Morning Star! The final crowning will resound in the greatest of His works of the Love and Honoring that the Most Blessed Trinity can bestow upon Her for Her Faithfulness,Her Obedience, Her Humility, Her infinite virtues so lavishly bestowed upon Her by Them as One, the first of, and greatest of our human race. This creature shines forth, revealed to him, the other creature, who would not serve God’s Most Holy Plan. Humility oppposes Pride. Virtues over vices! Good versus evil, Heaven versus Hell! The Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the true Morning Star versus the Blazing Star, the fallen one(s), the demons who go off to make war with Her other children. (Apoc. Chapter 12- read all of it.) Sister Lucy said we are in Chapters 8-13. She said read it. How can I underscore it more. Read it again and again. Pray for the Light of the Holy Ghost who teaches all Truth! Read it again. Ask for His teaching to understand the fullness of this great Scripture. “I will put enmities (hatreds) between you and the woman..” There you have it a glimpse of the two creatures. The woman is not Eve! This is the Woman of Genesis, the same Woman will be there at the foot of the Cross-standing! She will be there in Chapter 12 in the last book. She was and is there in the beginning in Genesis and through it all She is there to the very end to the fulfillment of His Most Holy Plan-His Salvation granted to Her for the salvation of Her race. She who desires to give Him glory wishes most deeply that we, Her other children, would give back to the Most Blessed Trinity at least, in our most heartfelt presence a love and devotion to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost for all eternity. This is the essence of Family itself. Throughout it all, the love, respect and devotion, the glories of tears of joy of every struggle brought to perfection to the glory of Him who we so need but who we so much cannot comprehend that it was Him who was the first mover the one who so knew us before the world was made, who knew each of us, in our sins, in our struggles and it spite of the weak creature that we are, He so loved us to die on the infamous Cross to defend His Mother great desire to give back to the Eternal Father the part of His creation that would be saved by the merits of such a great price as St. Paul instructs! The heretics are so deceived they always bring up the Mary worship thing and don’t realize the first prohecy of the Holy Scripture. The demonic has bedimmed them and they do not see the Truth. They are ignorant beyond ignorance and without us to pray for the graces of their conversion they will go to eternal Hell to be tormented in fire and most assuredly in the thought of the loss of God because of their own fault. This is truly terrifying! The heretics don’t realize that Jesus is God! HE IS NOT SOME CREATURE CREATED BY GOD. THE BLESSED VIRGIN WAS CREATED BY GOD… AND SHE IS NOT GDD! It offends Her deeply that people so wrongly believe that Catholics worship- ie adore Her! That would be a great sin and She will have none of it! She teaches us to become like Her Son. Who better than His Mother to know Him. The one who Loves Him without any sin to come between that Love. This is a great Mystery and the swords that pierce Her Immaculate and Most Sorrowful Heart are written in deep thrusts that cut the Heart. These pierce His Most Sacred Heart all the more. Rejected Love is the basis of the Cross. Scripture has it: “Worst of all wounds is of the heart and worst of all of a woman!” Do we mere creatures comprehend the great intelligence of Him, the Word of God, Who writes to us His Holy Words and it is so true and the Mysteries are there and the Spirit of Truth would, in the fullness of time, teach these concepts of the Two Hearts… the Apostles couldn’t bear it all.. as Jesus so knowingly attests! The wounds are carried inthe heart and She has carried it for us and She receives not the credit and honor that God wants Her to have. This is the basis of the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart because God Wills it. Neither the demonic forces or the whore of Babylon, the false church, nor the ignorant, the three pagan religions, the anamists, the monetheists, the muslims, the jews, the heretics of whatever persuasion; they all will be brought under Her Son’s feet. The nations will change their laws, the existance of God in Truth as the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost will be served in Heaven, on earth and those in Hell will serve God’s Holy Justice! There are no enemies in the same foxhole! The Church militant is reserved unto the days of our service in whatever venue that may so please His Most Holy Will nto grant us the opportunities of graces so necessary to our salvation and may we unite this service with all of its sufferingsb and joys to speak tendernesses of petitions, thanksgivings,praises but most of of our abandonment to the Will of God! These are the four types or forms of prayer. The first three are prayed by everyone no matter what belief system they have, But only the saints can truly pray the highest form of prayer as Our Savior taught us: The abandonment of our will to the obedience to His Holy Will. The heretics can’t pray this in truth… they reject John Chapter 6. They don’t obey His Commands. “If you loved you will keep my commandments!” They make excues for their gross ignorance because as St. John states they are in darkness and cannot perceive the Light! (John Chapter 1). Many are called but few are chosen. The way to Hell is wide and paved with good intentions. But the way into Heaven is a narrow gate and few there are that find it. Did you do your homework and pray the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary? Who is the narrow gate?? The heretics would have you believe that this is Jesus. Dummies… Jesus is God, the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity who has a human nature via the Holy Virgin Mother of God but Jesus is also Divine! He was, is the Word, who as John has it, was in the beginning… Reread John Chapter !!Heretics are so blinded. They are likened to cafertia “Catholics” that have a pick and choose mentality. Like you could vote for Hillary without committing a mortal sin?!!! How blinded it that. Align your self with sin and its minions and not incurred God’s condemenation! Da! Since the heretics are so accomplished in their anti-catholicism which fundamentally is an attack against Her- the Blessed Virgin Mary. Be assured that God, the Father of the daughter, Jesus the most loving Son of the Mother and the Spouse of the Blessed Virgin -the Holy Ghost will not leave Her unprotected and in time and space the defense of Her and the True Holy Mother Church will be brought to perfection for God Wills it. The heretics notwithstanding and the rest of the wicked have all eternity to suffer the knowledge of their damnation for rejecting His Love and His first creature! The one faithful of our race and the one He has perfected for His Most Holy Son’s Abode in Her Virginal Womb!

    If you get the first prophecy straight, get the images correct and see in Scripture the plan of salvation, you have an opportunity to answer the great question of the time left to the US. Will we suffer? Yes, is the Cross not our hope and our salvation! The waves will crash against our shores, the winnowing fires will consume the works of man’s pride, the floods will wash away the iniquity, the winds will dry the mockeries from our lips and we will be cleansed, the suffering will purify us and the US, oh so deserves it. The abortions alone are sufficient to warrant our extermination. We will be attacked from without and attacked from within. Our Lady of Aquita says bishop against bishop, priest against priests… Our world will be rocked to its foundations. The tidal waves will crush the east coast to expose the New Orleans ordeal to be but a practice run for a catacyclissmic humbling of the US that will take us out of the major picture while Europe is over run by the communists and the black beast’s minions! It is in this weakness and in this most dire of circumstances that we will call upon Her, Our Mother to come rescue us. We know that She has already promised to protect us. To Her great honor and glory which She will bring forth to lay at the feet of Our Most Holy Triune God, She will fight for us and the Holy Angels await the “Crush of Her Heel!” America will be taught humility and poverty and out of these most needed lessons will come Her Triumph first, over our hearts, and also Her Triumph over the Church Hierarchy and all the nations of the world. The Queen will be honored like never before. The King will not have it any other way! Her Rosary will manifest itself as never before. Your homework is to read and pray. The Bible is a great book. Yes, I’d say the best but it is not the only resource. It even tells you that it doesn’t have it all. St. Paul tells us in Thessalonians that we are to keep whatever he has given us by Word or Epistle. Notice Word of mouth first not tracts like the heretics so blindedly rely on. St. Paul’s epistles condemens them and admonishes us of these false teachers! Other books will be presented to you for your edification and instruction. Pray to the Holy Ghost for His Guidance. Circumstances will present themselves as you walk your life in His Light. He is the Great Teacher. Trust Him! Let His Will be your will. The elephant of the Holy Catholic Faith cannot be eaten in one bite! Be not fearful or anxious. “It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary!!!! “”Be still and know that I am God.” There is so much more to tell but you cannot bear it all. For the time being, you now know of the two creatures, you’ve seen the positions taken, the eternal enimities against Her and Her Loving Son and the arraying of the lines in this great battle is before us. Let the Church arise and move the gates of hell!. In Jesus Mary and Joseph, until Installment Four- The He and the It of the false translations of this first prophecy. Rest in His Day, this great Feast and give thoughts to HIs Holy Apostles Peter and Paul who have this day’s honor as Holy Church has ordained it! Bye for now. Tom

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Brother Tom,

    I see from your written words and sense deep down inside my spirit that the Mother of God and Her Divine Spouse, God the Holy Spirit have taken you deeply into Their Divine Mysteries and Superantural Truth. And quite frankly, caused me to ‘tremble’ in spirit as well.

    Hence, let me quietly find a seat in a pew at the back at this internet ‘Parish’ so that I may listen to your preaching.

    It has only been by the Grace of God I’ve managed to get to where I am now ‘in spirit’. And the Grace of God gives us the power, the ability, the resources and the opportunities to do that which He desires done. Without that Divine Grace, we can go no further and cannot advance any further than He has allowed us.

    On several different occassions, in different ways, from either the spoken or written words of others in His Church, the Lord has spoken to me about His Divine Justice befalling our ‘world’. And my own personal heartfelt response was that if we could only ‘undo this’ and if we could only ‘undo that’ and if we could ‘stop doing this’ and if we would only ‘stop doing that’ and if we could but only get the Church and her Hierarchy to honor and show great reverence for the Mother of God, the Woman of Genesis 3:15 with that public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, that “we” could somehow make reperations for all the evils we, as a human race, have and are doing in our own day and age and win back God’s Blessings upon us all.

    Perhaps its on account of my background/vocation as an aircraft mechanic which did not want to admit ‘defeat’….after all, “If WE broke it, WE can fix it – or at least MAKE AN HONEST EFFORT to fix it!”

    And one can’t get something “fixed” if one does not want to either inspect it or openly admit that it is “broken”. And because of the lack of simple honesty, simple truthfulness, our ‘Church’ as well as our ‘world’ has rendered itself so thoroughly “Not Airworthy”. Can’t even start the APU because others have disconnected the Battery and made the decision to “bury it” – burying the Third Secret of Fatima! Burying the Collegical Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Without that ‘Battery’, without that Collegial Consecration, we CAN’T start the APU! And without the APU, we have absolutely NO electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic POWER! And with the (spiritual) PNEUMATICS, we can’t START THE ENGINES…and without the ENGINES…we can’t get the THRUST our entire human race needs in order to get (spiritually) AIRBORNE again!

    And our entire human race has to “rot away” waiting and waiting and waiting year in and year out for their Divine Flight to their God and Father in Heaven Who is He Himself ‘waiting’ and ‘waiting’ and ‘waiting’ for HIS CHILDREN to come back to Him from their stay/visit in a far-far away and strange country where they are forced to EAT HUSKS at their daily bread!

    And now, we have been “Grounded”, incapable of progressing towards something Much Better. And there is a Divine Tsunami now heading straight at us all, at this ‘airport’ we call our home planet earth!

    “As a man sows, so shall he reap.”

    – Fr. Joseph

  • tommehmel

    Fr. Joseph: Your nanesake is one of greatness, St. Joseph, the husband of Mary, the Universal Patron of the Church, the Worker and the Chaste Spouse… My confirmation name as well. He came at Fatima on October 13th, 1917 holding Jesus and both St. Joseph and Jesus blessed the crowds. He also came at Knock, Ireland. There he pointed to alamb that was not a lamb. He warned us of the false church, of which we are to see it for what it is… not the true Lamb! It is piously believed that when St. Joseph entered into the apparations at Fatima that this was one of the keys to understanding we are very near the end.My studying of pious writings, of prophecies for over twenty years has drawn a picture or rather has put many of the pieces of this great puzzle together. I, for my part, am a worthless wretch who has not entered the fight in the public sector to any large degree. I have battled in skirmishes over the years. I am firm in my beliefs but this I can take no credit for; it is Her, our Mother who has ransomed me- a miserable sinner. What payment can I offer an August Qween for even but a glance in my direction. I give Her far worse service in return. May the merciful God have mercy on my sinful soul.
    Your comments bemoan a deep lament in tiresome travail awaiting like the ten virgins… the night draws deeper in darkness. The abyss appears to triumph. The wearing out of the saints is predicted; no more, even to, ‘overcome the saints’. It would appear that the Holy Church has been crucified and it has been. It appears as if the Church is dead. This crucifixion is to be endured. We can have no Resurrection without the Crucifixion! The wait is much less than you think. The fires are already breaking forth, the comet comes, the war with Persia is near. The Black Beast is moving to start the final war to harvest the souls. Trust in Him. Worthy is the Lamb! The days are being shortened or otherwise there would be no flesh left. The fig tree, Israel has already sprouted… ten kings of the antichrist have one and the same plan. The economic collapse will usher in the world wide markings of the Beast. It is nearly ready. The several years will be momentous and devestation is in trail. The false morning star also alluded to as the Blazing Star is manifesting himself everywhere but the people are asleep. Our Lady of La Salette says: It is time to come out. Fight children of Light, you, the few, who can still see… I have met his minions at different times in the past; I did not reel backward. They flee from the Light. It is time to take a stand and hold the high ground! We are not alone! As Elias, says to reassure Eliseus after looking outside the tent, he pronounces. “There are more with us then against us!” And we have Her promised Triumph. Yes, it will be late. Nevertheless, it will come. The Hierarchy will be attacked, the Church will appear to be destroyed but it will rise in glory out of the ashes of a purified and humble Church of the humility and poverty of the early Church. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Faith! As a Benedictine Brother told me,” Many people are dead they just haven’t been buried yet. We are witnesses to the mass destruction and much more comes quickly. Our Lady’s words at Fatima, Aquita and Garabandal are coming ever so close we don’t have decades but a few years. Dear Jesus warned Sister Lucy at Rianjo. Make it known to my ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France they shall follow him in his misfortune.” This dark night of the priesthood is also nigh. The Black Beast will orchestrate this. Pray, then, much to the Sacred Heart for you and thy brethren belong to Him. The foundations of the priesthood has been called into question. He will trim the branches so that good fruit would return. The enemy will realize the time is nearly over. He will accelerate his plans of conquest. However, the Most Holy Virgin’s 15 Decade Rosary of Joyful,Sorrowful and Glorious will slay battalions as they approach with each Hail Mary. The angel’s sword is sharpened. Her command is but a moment in time away from our prayers when the enemy arrays his forces against us. This imagery is a specific prophecy. Take courage; we have the victory! The lambs need to be protected from the ravenous wolves. The Church militant still fights even though we are few to the naked eye. There is the unseen! With God; all things are possible. The remanant will survive.Those who go before us will come back for the last battle. Stay the course, the darkest hour is just before dawn. The Morning Star is putting the final preparations on Her army. I was confirmed a soldier of Christ. So were you. We obey even if it is so poorly performed and our gracious queen has worked with us poor human vessels and Triumphed in the past. It will be no different.! Goodnight and peace in the Heart of our Mother’s care. Tom

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Brother Tom,

    Your last reply gave me a much needed “jolt” to get my mind’s “needle” unstuck from the skipping repetition of a scratched LP 33 1/3 RPM record. Almost gets very much to be like ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Sydrome’ for those those in the Armed Forces who served/serve in combat for me – these manifold, systematic, structured and launched “evils” within/throughout our US Nation and the rest of of World that go unchecked.

    As a Priest in the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood, I don’t minister to people or members of His Church here at/in my hermitage. Haven’t Baptized anyone. Haven’t married anyone. The only person to whom I extended God’s Own Forgiveness and Absolution of their sins via the Sacrament of Reconciliation was my own Metropolitan Archbishop. And the only people I’ve offered the Anointing of the Sick was to, again, my own Metropolitan Archbishop, my cousin-in-law and my own mother. Got to see God’s Holy Spirit minister to my Archbishop. Got to see tears of deep, deep spiritual healing welling up from my cousin-in-laws eyes. And my mother received a late night spiritual visitation from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    But I do offer up the Sacrifice of the Mass here at my hermitage’s Altar dedicated and consecrated to Christ the King, His Mother and the Holy Family for the health, protection and defense of His Universal Church, for the Church’s Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Deacons, Clergy, Religious and the Lay Faithful and at every private votive Mass I call for the 12 most forgotten Souls in Purgatory to come to receive the Lord’s Forgiveness, release from Purgatory and to be assigned to the Mother of God as part of her spiritual Cohort doing battle vs. our human race’s unseen malicious spiritual enemy, his unseen legions and his seen human stooges, dupes and allies.

    Helped my Bishop out on two specific occassions in offering up prayers and the Mass as he was about to perform exoricisms over a little boy as well as with a coven’s witch who “wanted OUT” so as to come to repossess her spiritual freedom and her rightful place in the Family of God. Both exorcisms were complete 100% ‘victories’.

    I tell you these foregoing details with you so as to form a proper foundation upon which to tell, relay and ‘minister’ to you regarding our own sense of “unworthiness” with respect to our spiritual relationship with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and the Mother of God. I want to share with you this very personal and intimate “Moment of Divine Grace” granted to me at one particular private votive Mass of mine. Again, this account is all very “matter-of-fact” without any embellishment or fanciful personal adornment on my part.

    Upon completion of this particular Mass, after having given the final Blessing to those ‘unseen ones’ in attendance – whichever Angels, Saints, Souls in Purgatory who were in attendance (and, ‘No!’, I don’t get to see them with my own physical eyes) – as I turned to the back to the Altar, in my spirit it was as if God the Father Himself momentarily “con-joined” His Mind/Vision with my own so as to allow me to share/experience His Own View and His Own Feelings towards those to whom He has granted life as their Creator, whether they are of the ‘unseen spiritual elemental’ race, i.e. the Angelics, OR of His ‘seen spiritual incarnate’ race – we Human Beings of every last nation and races of people here on this planet earth of His Creating and Sustaining.

    On my hermitage’s Altar, I have Icons and Statues – statues of the Mother of God, the Angels St. Tobias, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel, St. Michael and Icons of a wide variety of Saints such as Padre Pio, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Philomena, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Seraphim, St. Patrick, St. Brigid, St. Aidan, St. Tikhon, St. Clare.

    In that Grace-filled Moment, God the Father shared with me His Vision and Feelings for all of them – the Angels, the Saints – and by direct extention to all of US here on planet earth – every last one of us who are created in His Image and Likeness.

    As I gazed upon the statutes of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Angels, the Saints, it was as if all of them to my human physical “sight/eyes” were actually ALIVE!
    It was if a Hollywood ‘special effects’ technique were employed, the type you might now see where inanimate objects are made to ‘become alive’ via computer generated visual imagery technologies for DVD movies, etc.

    And then, it was God the Father Who ever so GENTLY and TENDERLY imposed His ‘Vision’ and His ‘Thoughts’ and His ‘Feelings’ TOWARDS all the living spirits, whether elemental or incarnate, that He has ever created and given spiritual Life to as their FATHER in Heaven.

    Brother Tom – God the Father looks upon you with such a TENDER Love with such TENDER Divine Affections and Personal Desires FOR you.

    And it is because of His Own FATHERLY Divine Love for you and for every last one of us here in this much suffering, much struggling, much abused, much misused, misguided, misled, duped and deceived HUMAN RACE that He sent His Only Eternally Begotten Son – Jesus, The Christ – to take on OUR human nature so as to be with us, to teach us, to save us FROM all the evils OUR human race has been subjected to and enslaved within for so many, many centuries in spiritual darkness by His arch-spiritual enemy and his unseen minions who followed him to their own perdition by their rebellion against this All-Good, All-Wonderful, All-Loving God AND Father to us and for us all!

    And in order for His Son to take on OUR human nature – God the Father needed A WOMAN!

    The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Most Holy Theotokos, KNOWS what it is to have to contend with meglomanical/psychopathic ‘worldly’ rulers who command the armies and the nations of peoples – to have to flee from them – to have to witness the economic injustices imposed on OTHER human beings because of these same worldly ‘rulers/leaders’ – to witness their political machinations, their orchestrated public kangaroo-courts with their contrived/planned judicial cases – and finally, their own ‘Ultimate Evil Schemings’ put into actual practice – the Crucifixion-Death of her only Son conceived in her womb by the Life Giving and Creative Power of God the Holy Spirit.

    So, my dear Brother Tom, release your sense of ‘unworthiness’ towards having the Blessed Virgin Mary as YOUR Spiritual Mother. Make her a cup of coffee or tea and offer her a place of rest, comfort and companionship in your very own home – every day if you can – for it was God Incarnate Himself Who while dying on His Cross gave ALL OF US this Woman to be our MOTHER!

    Get an icon or statue of her for your home. Buy a rose-scented candle to burn in front of her image. These small things we CAN do out of reverence and respect for our own SPIRITUAL MOTHER can and does bring her much relief and consolation – that all that she HAS done for us since her own time walking on this same planet earth we are currently walking on – we utterly ungrateful and unmindful members of the human race – of which SHE was/is to become ‘The New Eve’ – hasn’t been a total waste of time…as these God-less, heartless, spiritaully DEAD elites, rulers of the nations, grand-pooh-bahs of every manner, sort and description, continue on with their drunken irresponsibilities to and for their FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS here on planet earth.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • tommehmel

    Fr. Joseph: Thank you for your comforting words on the Eternal Father and His Love of us and for me. I remember Fr. Victor Moroz whose confessor was St. Mazimillian Kolbe, He asked us this question in one of his homilies. Is there enough evidence to comvict you of being a Catholic? Fr. Joseph, my car has more than a few rosaries and scapulars, holy cards and prayer books, The Blue Pieta Book and angel medals… Be assured my nearly five foot stature of St. Peter is hard to miss in our living room, the Holy Infant Shrine and statue of Her Immaculate Heart is at the center of our book shelves/cabinets center, A guardian angel tapestry nearly touches the floor on one wall. We use blessed palms, and pussywillows to protect our windows, a nearly 4′ crucifix hangs on another wall. Many other crucifixes, sick call kits and holy books populate the book shelves. Evidence is easily found in all rooms of our house; we even have two wooden crucifixes above our front and back doors. The St. Benedict and Miraculous medals have been buried on the four corners of our property. My daughters rooms have thirty or forty icons on the walls. We go to Piligrimage for the Labor Day weekend at Uniontown, Pa. I’ve Trustee for St. Mary’s Byzantine Dormition Church in Olean, New York. My life is a tapestry of blessings granted from the Eternal and co equal Trinity. Some of my greatest friends are priest and brothers. I have been blessed with their presence and there education has not been lost on me. As you might expect, I’m not one to just talk about the weather. I enjoy the meat of the faith and whenever discussions come up the issues of the Faith is foremost the topic of the moment. You might have guessed, I’m a traditional Catholic, generally quite well read given my twelve children and the duties of fatherhood… to command my time. I’n a contractor, and a Scoutmaster. The plate is full and the prayers are for “Dear Lord how am I to get all these things done… My next project is to replace a harmonic balancer on the Pontiac. Little room, major pain for this “handyman/mechanic… I have some pretty special stories of a personal nature which has populated my life with angelic help and I know this great Queen and Mother of ours has touched me many times. But who am I? I know I’ve received Baptism and the other sacraments as it pleased Him to bestow on me. However, I still realize the just man sins seven times a day… well what about the rest of us? I do believe He loved me first even though I was a sinner. The awesome tenderness of God never ceases to amaze me. The gift of tears has washed me and I spiritually offer them in reparation for so great are the sins of mankind. How could His Sacred Heart bear just the opprobrium that is heaped upon Him. Compassioning Jesus from time to time has helped. I know He is the Just Judge and judgement is sooner than most people think. This United States, the country I love and the one that She claimed will be humbled, attacked but it will survive. The three days of darkness isn’t that far in the future! Years, not decades!I trust in Her maternal care and know that throughout the trials She will send the aid that will sustain me and my family. That is a great comfort. Tom

  • tommehmel

    To: qhrpfuand Hirotomi: Perhaps if you knew more of the Holy Faith you’d be not so enamored by Scott Hahn. Mr. Hahn converted to the Catholic Faith of the Novus Ordo. His buddy, Gerry Matitics,converted to the Novus Ordo but by God’s special Grace He moved Gerry to the traditional Holy Mother Church! I’m not quite sure, by the reading of your comments, if both of you understand the difference. The Vatican II abuses are generational now but these too will go away. This table in front of the altar will also be removed. The focus will be on God and not on man! The use of God’s House as a theater or concert hall or the other hundreds of misguides and perverted “uses” will also be a thing of the past. The whore of Babylon will be expunged! Matthew speaks of “first the revolt (apostasy) then the Antichrist. Uou realize I hope that heretics can’t apostitize (forsake the Faith) since they never had the Faith in the firstplace. Many Catholics are in apostasy! Do you think the survey on the belief in Real Presence is meaningless? Seventy percent don’t believe as the survey says… Given the fulfillment of Matthews prophecy in our time, do you think the stipends are being properly fulfilled in a Novus Ordo “liturgy”?? Pro multis should bring to mind the issue. The Eastern Churches do not suffer from this error and the Holy Scripture has locked down the proper translation! Da! This American Church has liberalized everything into some bastardized Protestant sham! The Vatican has issued a disciplinary letter to return to the correct words (form) of “for many”. Of course, the discipline is referrenced for historical purposes, The dogmatic issues are skirted in their liberalism. Incidentally, liberalism is sin! Perhaps, gentleman, your attention to the secular, liberal plan needs a good deal of reading to help you to reach a more balanced view of Catholicism. Sorry to have to break it to you, but the Eastern Churches don’t believe the Western Church, as we know it today in the mire of Vatican II abuses, is holding to orthodoxy!Every error of belief came from someone in the “clergy” check it out. “He who despises small things will fail little by little.” Any analysis of the current stat of the “Church” is characterized by less… less baptisms, less confessions, less communions, less priests, religiious, you get the point. How can this be anything other than the work of satan! My orayer for you both is that you will come to know the Holy Catholic Faith I’ve mentioned to you in the above. I also apologize for the lessons necessary to be given would take more time than I have to instruct you. Nervertheless, if you are so inclined, a book list could get you up to speed in a relatively short period of say three months to start! Many fine writers have entered into this discussion. Mr. Paul Fischer’s book: Behind the Lodge Door is very good. I knew Him and may God rest Him in His Bosum for His service to the Faith. Perhaps you should get to know TAN Books in ROCKFORD, IL. A wealth of Catholic writers and saints have much to teach. The fall from Grace of the liberal”Catholic” press is deeply lamentable. Steeped in much novelty and error these once truly Catholic organizations are the grist of the Scott Hahn you recommend. Being associated with an effeminate Church and a disobedient, false ecumenistic church is hardly honorable! Do you get my drift? Please read more, but read more from TAN-Thomas A. Nelson is a knight that goes back to Malta, ie. Rhodes. The Holy Catholic Church is much bigger than you might realize.The American church is an aberration not what the Church History can teach you. Oh, the book on the Ottavianti Intervention might be helpful too! For now, rest and reread this several times, pray for the guidance of the Holy Ghost and be assured the Truth will set you free! J.M.J. Tom

  • MichelleGA

    Ok, Tom and Fr. Joseph. I’ve been doing my homework assignments. Assign me more, please. Something HUGE has happened to me in the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago this past Sunday I was standing in the narthex during Mass because the baby was so restless. In my peripheral vision I saw the Sacred Heart statue as if He were alive. He told me to have Him venerated and honored in my home w/enthronement. So, I had the enthronement done that week. Daily rosary, brown scapular enrollment, adoration, confession, blessed salt, etc. All new way of life for us. Met some woman I never knew that week also, she taught me of the 3 Days of Darkness, etc. This is moving so fast for me and my family (we have 10 children – never touch contraception), and it is really good. I want to know what you both know. Please assign me more homework. Thank you and God bless you both for helping!

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Michelle,

    Thank you! You brigthened up my day. Just the other day I was lamenting and crying our ‘in spirit’ about all the innocent, wide-eyed, big hearted with big dreams and visions CHILDREN and what is going to befall our ‘world’ in the not too distant future.

    I can’t possibly “hold this Bridge” unless I get the Pope and the Bishops of His Church TO OBEY His Mother and her ‘Battle Commands/Orders’!

    Do this Michelle, get all of your TEN lovely children (who were created by God so as to receive His Divine Love for all of Eternity) as they go about romping around and through your home as they play, chase each other, raid the kitchen for snacks, etc. to say something like “Hiya Lord! Thanks for this neat life and all that You’ve created for us!” as they pass Him or to simply pass a kiss from their hands to the Statue of His Sacred Heart as they pass.

    As for you and your husband, make a real physical gesture of preparing the Lord a shared portion of your meals, and INVITE HIM to sit in with you at your family meals and include Him in your over the table daily family ‘chit-chat’.

    Have to go take care of some pressing chores around my own home for now. BUT…if you have any questions or concerns, by all means Michelle, I’ll do the very best that I can in helping you out by the Grace of His Holy Spirit. Amen.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Michelle,

    Taking a break from the stuff I have to do here. Much like Tom, I’m “swamped” with so much to do.

    Anyways, while working away in the basement, the following ‘Inspirations’ flashed in my mind to share with you.

    For your children, as their mother you know their sleeping arrangements, their play areas within the house, etc..

    For your children’s play/gathering/recreational areas, get a statue of the Infant of Prague and have your children, when they are gathering or immersed in play, to invite the Christ Child to play along with them in whatever games or other children’s adventures/endeveours they relish and in which they immerse themselves.

    As for yourself, when your husband is away at work, and you “take a break” with whatever time you have to and by yourself, get a statue or icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Perhaps, as you sit at your kitchen’s table with a cup of tea or coffee, light a votive candle before her Icon/Statue and invite the Mother of God to share some ‘woman-to-Woman’ time together. And in the quite of your thoughts, you can share your womanly thoughts about life, about family, about the home, about your children and her Child.

    If these things seem agreeable to you in spirit, helped by the Grace of God the Holy Spirit, I might be able to ask you for a “small favor”. At that time, I’ll be able to share with you an additional ‘Inspiration’ which is that “small favor”.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • tommehmel

    Michelle, If you read the comments to Mr. Hirotomi and the other gentleman, I’ve indicated some books that are helpful. Devil’s Final Battle is also very good. This is written by a good friend, Father Paul Kramer. His knowledge base is quite extensive and you would learn much. a jesuit Theologian, Fr. Paul Trinchard is also very good. His Metarie, La. Publications is the vehicle for getting his books and pamphlets. I’m not sure if you have heard of the Society of Traditional Roman Catholics. I can send you some of the newsletters. Later, you could send them a donation and get on their mailing list. This group has been around for over thirty plus years. Father Valincourt will also help expand your view of the problems of Vatican II “reforms”. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Father Nicholas Gruner. You may have heard of the Fatima Crusader. Oh, for sure, the present diocesan structures would parrot some remarks to vilify him but be assured he only says the Tridentine mass and his love for Our Lord and Our Lady is undeniable. I have had the priveledge of assisting at three of these priests Masses- Divine LIturgies. The two Father Pauls and Father Gruner are well acquainted with the state of the Church, the world and the issues of what is coming. The Devestated Vineyard is also a good book. Rhine flows into the Tiber. Father Griner’s organization has a book service as well. The books offered are truly Catholic books. In your meeting with the Sacred Heart, you have found the source of all knowledge. Be assured He can lead you to the knowledge that you need. He also knows what you can bear, too! Remember, the Faith although simple is very in depth as well. Great Saints like Fr. Peter Julian Eymard will teach you about the Most Blessed Sacrament. I hope you understand this elephant should be eaten one bite at a time. Dare I say it, savor every morsel. He desires this savoring for our santification. If you wish, and if you give me an address I could send you several things including La Salette. I must caution you that the information that is “out there” is extensive. Your first duty is to God and then to your husband and your family. God knows your zeal do not be anxious that you don’t know this or that. He will by His Loving Spirit guide your reading. Trust in Him. The meat of the Faith is a repasse of epicurean delight! Tom

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Michelle,

    You asked for a reading/study homework assignment. After thinking about it, I’d make the following 4 books a foundation library for you and for your entire family.

    1st – easy reading – “Theology for Beginners” by Francis Sheed, then

    2nd – The Jerusalem Bible Reader’s Edition – prayerful/attentive reading of
    the Church’s Sacred Scriptures is given the term ‘Lectio Divina’. Read the 4 Gospel accounts over and over so you have knowledge of what is contained within the Gospel accounts – not everything the Lord says or teaches you might not readily understand. When that occurs, make a “note” of it and ask the Holy Spirit for a wee bit of His Personal ‘Tutoring’ regarding the issue/topic. Then proceed on with the Acts of the Apostles, then to the Epistles, eventually making your way to the Book of Revelation.

    3rd – Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales

    4th – True Devotion to the Holy Spirit by Archbishop Luis Martinez

    There is really nothing stopping you from getting all four books and keep them in your home as a library – picking each one up according to what seems “tasty” to you at that particular moment.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • Fr.Joseph

    I was granted a moment of englightening Divine Grace this afternoon after purchasing a cup of coffee and a pack of smokes at a convenience store here in this congested urban/metropolitan region of northeast New Jersey, 10 miles away from New York City. That Thought/Insight dealt specifically with this pressing issue of “How Much Time Does The U.S. Have?” and by direct implication extends to our entire contemporary ‘World’ of 2008 A.D.

    That Steadfast/Engulfing Thought was presented to me, to my mind and heart, while being given the liberty to simultaneously gaze upon all of the many people in their cars, on the streets, on the sidewalks each going about and pursuing their own individual goals, desires, objectives, tasks, concerns, etc.. And that Thought caused me to reflect deeply upon and into our national and international human ‘state-of-affairs’ of our entire World – not just here in the U.S.A..

    That Thought/Insight? As best as I can translate that Unspoken Thought/Insight into human written/composed words so as to accurately convey It without any personal embellishments or subjectively desired distortions, It was this:

    “Unless people here in this U.S. Nation as well as throughout all the Nations of this ‘World’ wake up, recognize and constantly be mindful of the Fact that they have and live their lives in a real ‘World’ not of their own making or creating so as to turn their mind, their thoughts, their attention to and upon the One Who Is the Unseen Creator of all that they use, encounter and experience in and with their daily lives and living, there is very little hope for the peoples of our U.S. Nation and rest of this ‘World’ of ours.”

    As a Priest in the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood, I don’t have a ‘Parish’ or ‘Diocese’ which demands my 24/7/365 attention trying to meet all the needs, care and other assorted responsibilities that go with being a Parish Priest or a Bishop, Archbishop, Metropolitan, Patriarch or Pope. I’m charged with tending to those ‘things’ presented to me here at my ‘hermitage’.

    To be sure, we people here and all across these United States of America have seemingly endless amounts of non-stop problems, obstacles and difficulties in attaining onto and coming into the possession of the ‘fullness of life and living’ thrown into our paths to prevent us from reaching that Goal to say nothing of the multitude of man-made problems, obstacles and difficutlies to achieve that Goal thrown upon and into the lives of the peoples of every last nation, country and state here on earth.

    Yet the simple, straightforth words of the Preface in the second Eucharistic Prayer give His Church here in the United States of America, and by extention all the peoples of our entire ‘World’, THE ANSWER, THE DIVINE ‘SOLUTION’ in ovecoming these obstacles our entire human race has had to and continues to have to endure!

    “FATHER, it is our duty and our salvation always and everywhere to give You thanks, through Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

    “HE is the Word through Whom YOU MADE THE UNIVERSE, the SAVIOR You sent to redeem us.

    “By the Power of the Holy Spirit, HE TOOK FLESH AND WAS BORN OF THE VIRGIN MARY.”

    This Incredible Gift of Creation as well as Creation’s Redemption (that Redemption includes 6 billion human beings curently living on this planet earth!) was made possible by THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, the Most Holy Theotokos, by her agreeing to bring forth the Word of God to us all in a human nature just like mine, yours, all of ours!

    Cannot the Church’s Ecclesiastical Hiearchy, the Church’s Pope, Cardinals, Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Archbishops and Bishops at least publicly and globally HONOR the Mother of God with a simple act of Consecrating the peoples and nation of RUSSIA to her own Immaculate Heart so as to publicly/globally THANK HER for her being the Divine Instrument through which our Creator God REDEEMED His Own Creation for His Own All-Good Purposes and All-Good Divine Desires for ALL peoples of every nation of every country and state throughout our contemporary World???

    From my ‘Nazareth Hermitage’,

    – Fr. Joseph

  • Fr.Joseph

    Once again, I’m making an appeal to any and all members of the Church’s Clergy, Religious and Lay Faithful – and for that matter, any people of ‘Good Will’ who might wind up reading this note of mine. All of you must heed this ‘Warning’…it’s a “Heads Up! Incoming!”

    Just received this e-mail from our Rev. Mother Anastasia at our St. Seraphim’s Skete dated July 3, 2008, 1:15 A.M.:

    “Dearest Father,

    Today during Mass, just after reception, I saw the Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane weeping. He spoke very clearly to me and asked all our Priests to begin prayers and Masses for Mercy on the Whole World, as we are approaching the time foretold in the Scriptures. He also asked for prayers and fasting.

    While you are working, I know this is not fully possible. A good fast would be to give up someting your body will not pitch a fit over…for giving up so you don’t cause more problems by your fasting.

    For me, I abstain from meat and fish three days a week and of course sweets. So any little thing you can offer and still stay healthy would be acceptable to Him. for instance, water instead of sodas. Of course, you can’t give up COFFEE it would send your body into orbit…or should I say crash?

    So I just wanted to get this out to you.

    (Rev.) Mother (Anastasia)

    I wasn’t joking about “not being able to hold this Bridge”! I have almost no ammo left, save for my private votive Masses. I have no ‘radio’ to inform and make contact with the rest of HIS Universal Militant Church here on earth. This Catholic Exchange “forum” is the very last line/link of communication I have with all of you in His Church Militant and the ‘outside World’.

    Please…please…please…somebody, any of you…we have a ‘BROKEN ARROW!’ And if you haven’t been in the US Armed Forces or haven’t served time during the Viet Nam ‘Police Action’…er, Viet Nam ‘Conflict’…do try to understand what a ‘BROKEN ARROW’ Message is all about:

    Once again, if you are in Holy Orders…please offer up your Masses for the Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! If in the Lay Faithful, your Rosaries, your prayers/novenas….your visits to the Blessed Sacrament…your simple lighting of votive candles in any and all Church Parishes across this World of ours are vitally NEEDED!

    Do something! Anything! With a prayerful and mindful intention that the Most Holy Will of God gets DONE down here on this ‘earth’ of His – for if His Holy Will doesn’t get done ‘down here’ on earth as it is in Heaven, the entire human race is going to wind up finding itself living and experiencing ‘Hell On Earth’!

    – Fr. Joseph
    ‘Informer’, ‘Communications Expert’
    His Holy Army – holding out at this ‘Bridge’ as best as he can…and it don’t look good…not by any stretch of the imagination

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear MichelleGA,

    In your comment dated July 1, you informed all of us that something ‘HUGE’ had and is taking place with you and your family…and that the Lord Himself manifested Himself to you via the Statue of Him/His Sacred Heart.

    And in an earlier note to you, I informed you that I was mulling over asking you for a “small favor”. It’s now time for me to ask your for that “small favor”.

    That “small favor”??? I need a ‘Runner’. In the Armed Forces, a ‘Runner’ is someone who is given either a verbal or written message to get to another Unit or an element within the Unit – and the ‘Runner’ asked to relay a verbal or written message becaue of either 1) the utter loss of radio/signalling contact or 2) to refrain from using available radio/signalling so as to prevent the message from being intercepted by ‘the enemy’.

    I have no ‘radio’ save for this Catholic Exchange forum and ‘Runners’.

    You know in the depths of your heart, mind and spirit what the Grace of our Lord has as is doing for you and your entire family these past several weeks. And the Lord Who just so happens to be the Creator and Sustainer of Heaven and earth also “Knows” what He has done for you and is doing for you and your family.

    Armed with the Knowledge that the Lord Himself has taken your and your family under His Protection, you can remain at peace and take personal confidence in undertaking this “small favor” I’m about to ask of you in being a ‘Runner’ for me.

    I’d like for you to simply print out this entire thread here on the Catholic Exchange entitled ‘How Much Time Does The U.S. Have?’ in its entirety, right along with every last one of the ‘Comments’ being sure to make my comments as “Fr. Joseph”, and after having done that, to simply visit YOUR parish priest or the Pastor of your Parish in the secluded privacy of the Confessional, and just tell that Priest or your Pastor one ‘Fr. Joseph’ has need of relaying Information and a Message to him. Then, hand the Priest the print out you’ve made asking him to prayerfully review and reflect on the main article as well as ALL of the comments made here.

    Don’t worry about a think. The Lord Himself WILL be right there at the Priest’s or Pastor’s side – in the same room or in the same Confessional ‘box’ – and maybe the Lord will allow you to ‘see’ Him again along with St. Michael or any number of His Warrior Angels, but then again, maybe not. The Lord always knows what He is doing and why He is doing it!

    Tell the Priest or the Pastor that the Holy Spirit inspired one Rev. Mother Anastsia to compose/write the following Prayer to be included right after the General Intercessions of the Mass/Divine Liturgy. My own Metropolitan Archbishop Athanasius has given me his Blessing and Permission to include this Prayer addition into my own private votive Masses here at my hermitage.

    Your Parish Priest/Pastor will review the Prayer and it is my desire that he confer with his Bishop to have it included in the Parishes of your Diocese. And then, perhaps by the Grace of our Lord, your Bishop will share this Prayer addition to/for the Mass/Divine Liturgy with other Bishops…and hence, it will be spread out throughout the Universal Church one Diocese at a time.

    That Prayer: (right after the General Intercessions)

    Let us pray:
    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle
    against the snares and wickedness of the enemy,
    and against attacks on the Lord’s holy, loving
    and merciful character.

    Through the Power of this Mass, dispense Grace
    and Power to your Holy Angels who are continually
    engaged in battle with the evil ones. Give us
    vision to recognize their constant intervention
    and remind us to be thankful for their care.

    Uncover the evil one’s scheming ways, that we
    might not fall pray to his deceits, especially
    judgement, gossip and rancor in its many disguises.
    May God remind us frequently to call upon you and
    our Guardian Angel for assitance. Protect us and
    our loved ones, spirit soul and body that we may
    be preserved and unharmed, through Christ our Lord.

    Watch over and guide Your Body, Lord.
    Deliver us from pride, self will and deception;
    as well as the pursuit of status, riches and false
    values. Lead us into a life of authentic holiness
    and purity. Give us tender hearts to receive and
    cherish Your Words as You write them on the tablets
    of our hearts. Give us also, ears to hear, eyes to
    see, hands to serve, dedicated with single mindedness
    to Your holy purposes.

    Give Grace, Heavenly Father to Your shepherds around
    the world that they would choose always to be shepherds
    after Your Own Heart; living and teaching by Your
    example and the truth of Your Gospels; free from fear,
    worldliness, favoritism, and fear of man in all its forms.

    Comfort those who in this transitory life are in trouble,
    sorrow, need, sickness or adversity; and especially
    innocent ravaged by war. Give us hearts to pray and
    reach out to them according to the provision You have
    entrusted to us.

    Lord, deliver all unbelieveing and Muslim people who
    have been victimized from infancy with lies and hatred
    against You. By Your merciful provision, draw them into
    Your Loving Arms, and grant them Eternal Life in Heaven
    with You.

    Lord, in union with Your Angels and Saints, and the
    whole Body of Christ, those with us on Earth and those
    with us in Heaven cheering us on, we honor Mary, Your
    ever Virgin Mother, Joseph her husband, the Apostles and
    Martyrs; John the Baptist, Peter, Paul and John, Filomena
    and John Vianney, Cecilia, Theresa, Faustina, Therese,
    Padre Pio, John Paul II, Mother Theresa, Athanasius,
    Seraphim, Anastasia.

    (Our holy Celtic cloud of witnesses, Brigid, Patrick,
    Aidan, Ita, Colomcille – replace with the appropriate
    nationality/heritage Saints of/for that particular
    Parish be they Polish, English, Spanish, French, African,
    Asian, Indian, Italian, Russian, Slavic, etc) as well as
    Anthony of the Desert, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Moses, Abraham,
    Elijah, Francis and Clare, and all Your Holy Saints and

    May their merits and intercession gain for us Your
    constant help and protection, through Jesus our Lord. Amen.

    Humbly we ask You, Almighty God, to command that this Holy
    Body and Blood of Your Son be borne on high by the hands
    of Your Holy Angel, into Your Divine Majesty, that we may
    be filled with Heavenly Blessings and strenghtened to live
    in holiness through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • mkochan

    I hesitate to enter this discussion, but the continued insistence by some very sincere people that the consecration of Russia has not occurred may cause unnecessary distress and doubt for some readers. So in the interest of reducing “judgement, gossip and rancor in its many disguises” especially against the pope and bishops, I refer all to this link:

  • Fr.Joseph


    My Metropolitan Archbishop and his associated Bishops say THEY haven’t done the Collegical Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Period. And that any attempts on THEIR parts to get the Masonic Vatican Prelates to intiate the WORLD WIDE Collegical Consecration of Russia has been stymied, silenced and resisted.

    Now I openly and PUBLICLY challenge you and every last one in His Church whether here in the U.S.A. or, for that matter, in ANY country/continent of the world.

    Contact the respective ‘Conference of Bishops’ such as the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops – and publicly post any letter, document or statement which says the member Bishops HAVE performed the Collegical Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Instructions right along with the Bishop of Rome. Ensure the SIGNATURES of that Conference of Bishops is included. And also indicated from the various Bishops’ Conferences from across our World >>ON WHICH DAY<< they all simultaneously preformed said Public and Solemn Collegial Consecration.

    If you CANNOT provide such information or will NOT attempt or endevour to obtain such Definitive Evidence from our our World’s Bishops Conferences, then you are actively particapting in DECEIVING your fellow Catholic Christians.

    “He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of LIARS, of FORGERS and MURDERS.” – Charles Peguy – French Catholic Writer

    “The purpose of Christianity was to change everything!” – Soreen Kierkegaard – Danish theologian

    “IF your brother does something WRONG, go and have it out with him alone, between your two selves…et al” – The Lord – The Gospel according to St. Matthew – Matthew 18:15-17

    So consider that I’m “having it out” with you – in public, before every last member of His Church here on earth and on this forum!

    “The Chastisement, predicted by me AT FATIMA and contained in that part of the secret WHICH HAS NOT YET BEEN REVEALED, is about to take place.”
    – The Mother of God HERSELF – The Blessed Virgin Mary – to Fr. Stephano Gobbi – Marian Movement of PRIESTS – ‘To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons’ – November 15, 1990 – Malvern, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

    So now, mkochan…”belly up to His Divine Bar”…are you PUBLICLY telling everyone here that THE MOTHER OF GOD HERSELF is “a liar”, “seriously deluded” and that the SPOUSE OF GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT hasn’t “a clue” as to what is taking place in and throughout the Church and this ‘World’ of ours???

    Com’on…speak up MAN! Give us of His Church YOUR answers! Speak up or ‘shut up’!

    The Eternal Salvation of millions upon millions of SOULS here and now living on the Lord’s Own planet earth is in JEOPARDY – and you want to “play games” with their eternal lives???

    – Fr. Joseph

  • Fr.Joseph

    Just took a break from this inner ‘fury’ which welled up within me. Went directly before the Icon of Our Lady of Czestohowa, bowed before her as Queen of Heaven and earth, looked deeply and steadfastly into her two eyes, and cried out to her to forgive me for this inner spiritual “fit of rage” I was in.

    You know what THE PROBLEM with U.S. Catholics and the Catholic Church here in these ‘big, bad, mean, superpower’ (Masonic) United States of America. It becomes more clearly evident (to me, anyways) that the Hierarchy of the Church in America along with 77 other million U.S. Catholics actually believe that THE LORD sent His Twelve Apostles to the 13 American colonies back in 1776! And that with two huge oceans seperating these 13 American colonies from the rest of the world, the ‘Church’ began.

    As as this ‘God Blessin’ United States of America grew and prospered, U.S. Catholics actually believed that with two huge oceans seperating it from the rest of the nations of ‘The World’ coupled with this huge military establishment, that it was perfectly acceptable to drop two atomic bombs on the LARGEST CONCENTRATION of Catholic Chrisitans in Japan during World War II. And U.S. Catholic Chrisitans – with these two huge oceans seperating it from the rest of nations of the world – actually believed that this (Masonic) United States of America could go into Viet Nam and DECIMATE the Catholic Christians in that country. And U.S. Catholic Chrisitans actually believe that the 9-11-2001 “terrorist attacks” were actually carried out by ‘Muslim terrorists’ and that it was God’s Will for their (Masonic) United States of America to go into the nation of Iraq and DECIMATE the Coptic Christians and Christian Church in Iraq, spraying them, their children and their nation’s soil with DEPLETE URANIUM which is now causing untold numbers of gross BIRTH DEFECTS in the Coptic Catholic children of Iraq!

    For your information, it was THE LORD Who told His Twelve Apostles:

    “Go, therefore, make disciples of ALL THE NATIONS; baptize them in the Name of the Father and of the Son an of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all the Commands I gave you. And know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.”

    The words “ALL THE NATIONS” is a far, far cry from “THRITEEN COLONIES”!

    It was ST. ANDREW who brought the Apotolic Christain Faith to the people we now know and call ‘RUSSIANS’!

    Yes, my dear readers, there are CHRISTIANS of HIS CHURCH in the nation of RUSSIA!

    “Vladimir’s conscious choice of Byzantine Christianity did not blind him to THE UNIVERSALITY OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION and there are NO INDICATIONS of hostility between LATIN and EASTERN CHRISTIANS during his reign. Under Vladimir RUSSIA had entered the Family of Christian Nations.” – quoting from:

    Prior to the day of my Priestly ordination into the UNIVERSAL Church’s Monastic Brotherhood, my Metropolitan Archbishop took me aside and showed me his Bishop’s Records and associated letters he and his predeccors have shared amongst each other as BISHOPS of the Lord’s Own One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church here on earth.

    My Metropolitan Archbishop traces his Episcopal/Ecclesiastical Authority and Hertige right back to the BISHOP OF MOSCOW!

    The Patriache of MOSCOW back in 1917 A.D. was one St. Tikhon. You care TO READ the problems, the difficulties, the struggles, the trauma of what our fellow RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS had to endure back beginning with/in the year of 1917 A.D.???

    “This situation was complicated by external circumstances; the change of the political system, BY THE ASCENSION OF POWER OF THE GODLESS REGIME, by hunger, and civil war.” – quoting from:

    The Blessed Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Czestohowa SAVED the Catholic Church in Poland by the pivotal and decisive battle of the Siege of the Monastary at/on Jasna Gora. Go DO SOME CHURCH HISTORY READING! You have ‘Google’.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe SAVED the peoples of the country of MEXICO from reverting to butchering each other off with machetes and whatnot in HER APPARITION/MESSAGE to one Juan Diego. Go DO SOME CHURCH HISTORY READING! You have ‘Google’.

    And the Blessed Virgin Mary, responding to THE PRAYERS of the Metropolitan Archbishop of MOSCOW, St. Tihkon, appeared to three children of Fatima, Portugal with a Divine Appeal for the Bishops of the LATIN CHURCH to come to the spiritual aid of those of the EASTERN CHURCH, asking for a public and solemn Collegical Consecration of RUSSIA to her own Ineffably Loving Immaculate Heart which is hers due to the Mother of God Incarnate being the DIVINE SPOUSE of God the Holy Spirit!

    I have no “congregation” with which to join me in offering up the Sacrifice of the Mass, the Divine Liturgy, here at/in my ‘Nazareth Hermitage’. It’s just “me” all by myself.

    I play the music and choir singing of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom from a CD produced by the St. Vladimir Orthodox Seminary just to have some semblance of a “congregation” with me – if it be only recorded singing and praying voice – during my own daily votive Masses.

    There is this one particular line/verse from this ‘CD Congregations’ singing prayers which goes like this:

    “Holy Prince Vladimir…asking you to pray for ALL OF US SUFFERING CHRISTIANS OF RUSSIA and for us, your spiritual children.”

    Perhaps I’m just ONE Priest here in/within/amongst the LATIN CHURCH’s territory who is trying TO HELP those untold numbers of SUFFERING CHRISTIANS in Russia!

    Maybe the entire LATIN CHURCH doesn’t give a flip about the suffering of the CHRISTIANS in Russia. Doesn’t seem very much like (LATIN) U.S. Catholic Christians give two hoots about the Christians of Japan, the Christians of Vietnam, the Christians of Iraq, the Christians of Palestine. After all, U.S. Catholics have 1) TWELVE APOSTLES being sent to the 13 American Colonies back in 1776 A.D. 2) two HUGE OCEANS keeping us at ‘safe distance’ from all those other who THINK TO THEMSELVES they are members of His Universal Church here on earth 3) and we have a HUGE (MASONIC) MILITARY ORGANIZATION that is there to “protect” and “extend” our Apostolic-Colonial Divine Right to “proslytize” the rest of the peoples of the nations of our contemporary ‘World’ with our own ‘Type’ of American Gospel!

    – Fr. Joseph

  • mkochan

    This is pretty much what I figured would happen — rage and insults, so what else is new?

    Fr. Joseph if I were to allow you to assign tasks to me, I would have no time to do my duties — thereby disobeying God — and this website wouldn’t be here to graciously provide you the platform you have been making extensive use of the past several days. So it is enough for me that Lucia said it was done. It is enough for me that this is Christ’s Church and I believe her to be indefectable. We all have our own bridges to hold and yours is not more important than any other faithful Catholic’s is.

    If I wasn’t holding my bridge this article you are responding to wouldn’t have even been there; this website would have gone dark months ago; the children I teach would not have finished their school year; my vegetable garden would not have been planted; my husband’s clothes would not have been washed; the beans in my fridge would not have been cooked, etc. Most of the duties of most Catholics are just that humble and simple and we hold our bridges by doing them day in a day out. We are sheep who with the Psalmist are able to say, “My heart is not proud; nor are my eyes haughty. I do not busy myself with great matters, with things too sublime for me. Rather, I have stilled my soul, hushed it like a weaned child. Like a weaned child on its mother’s lap, so is my soul within me.”

    I have been very respectful of you because you are a priest and I will continue to be so, but if you start in on me with insults and accusations, be aware that I can put an end to it.

  • tommehmel

    We all leave in some way to celebrate the fourth and the fireworks have been torched in the last few days. I haven’t even got to Installment Four. Comments are necessary now, after the discourses of Fr. Joseph, Michelle and Mkochan. “My Peace I give to you.” Specific coming words on Holy Easter Night! I think it is appropriate even for the Fourth of July! The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Peace and of Truth and Light and Love!

    Let’s sensibly review the comments. First. Fr. Joseph I believe your subsequent apology implies the recognition that you went, “a little over the top”. Yes, you have Orders on your side:it/ that consecrates you, ie> “sents you apart” or reserves you for service to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is explicit in the architecture of traditional eastern and western churches by the altar rails and iconostatis. The nave or the bark of the boat of Peter is where the people are, ie. laity. The sanctuary has been reserved for God’s Precious Body, Blood Soul and Divinity as we, Catholics believe in the Real Presence and when IT/He is Reserved in a Tabernacle. Why else would we genuflect or in some other form acknowledge His Presence by honoring Him there. As convert St. John Newmann stated: “There Jesus, is!” Okay, recognizing that.”zeal for His House consumed Phenees…” Fr. Joseph, I offer the following viewpoint. Have you considered Mkochan’s background. She is a mother engaged in the duties of Fatima’s charge to offer up your daily duty. The Blessed Mother did say” Rosary, Scapular and Daily Duty! Okay, That duty for Mkochan differs from your duty. Consider this fact! You can bring down the Savior down to earth. I cannot do this because I am not as priest! Also, consider the value of one properly celebrated Divine Liturgy! Remember, I said one. I didn’t say that it clebration was useless nor did I deminish it in any way. Just think about the Infinite Value of just one Mass. Can I or Mkochan or any other non–priest offer up something of higher value. No the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom says immediately after the consecration:Offering You, Yours, of Your Own… Wait a minute are we getting it… The priest ofers God, the Eternal Father, His Bloodied Son’s Body and Blood as a sin offering!The Holy Spirit truly participates in this offering as well. This is a Divine Mystery of estalogical proportions and we, mere mortals, are in the presence of the Holy Choirs of angels and a host of Saints. What are we doing… begging for mercy! I think Fr. Joseph that you have a great calling and to participate in this Divine Mystery affords great blessings to you, those for whom you offer the Liturgy and for the building up of the entire church! Are you, Father, a little anxious because the consecration has not been done? Think about the Sacred Heart! It is His Mother’s Immaculate Heart that has not Triumphed. Do you think He is pleased? Of course, NOT!!!! Let’s get it straight. First, Mkochan is of the opinion that the consecration has been done. Okay, that is her opinion. Is there a way to come to the realization of whether or not the consecration ha sbeen done. Of course, who will be our source of fact. Would everyone accept the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the subject? Hopefully, the answer is, “yes”!

    Okay. She, the one who asked for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, did so at Tuy in the great Trinitarian Apparition in 1929. She, the Holy Virgin told Sister Lucia (Lucy) about the request before. For those reading this I must say that there are some very fine trilogies on this Fatima question and the obvious counter characterization of Fr. Dhanis should give anyone sufficient pause to recognize the problems of a split “Catholic: Church which believes it is okay to disobey the Queen of Heaven! For those ignorant of Father Dhanis, Book Two of Frere Michel’s book the Whole Truth of Fatima will be immensely enlightening. I recognized that some committed “Catholic” might find the book a little “beefy. However, the time spent on the voluminous pages will get you to realize that the Holy Virgin put the issue of Russia’s Consecration before the feet of the Hierachy. It is likened to Moses’ Blessings and curse to Israel. Do this; you get the blessings. Do not do this and you get the curse. Israel has been under the curse of Moses for centuries!
    Okay! The Blessed Virgin said, “If Her Requests were not heeded that the whole world would be punished….” I guess it is difficult for the clergy to obey their superiors especially if the Queen of Heaven comes into the equation! If you read my previous comments: She is not executive secretary that we, the Church, Hierachy included, can just ignore. She is a twelve star General! Chapter 12 should put that in your library banks! In addition, She clearly states, “…that God wants to establish Devotion to Her Immaculate Heart! Da! Do you think She, the humblest of our race has made this up?!. DA!DA! Let’s get this straight… the Blessed Mother said what the blessings would be. She also said what the curses or consequences would be. Ask yourself honestly, Have we all prayed our Rosaries everyday? I know I’m guilty of being a worthless wretch that doesn’t get the job done everyday like clockwork! So, don’t try to make me belive that all of us Catholics are so faithful in obeying the August Queen of Heaven. Why do you think these statues and Holy Icons and Prayer cards have cried tears and blood? Da! What do you think the percentage would be for wearing the Brown Scapular? I trust you realize that the rosaries may have a slight edge with the “Catholic” people. This would only be because the great pride of many stands in the way of its widespread use by Catholic! Don’t want those dog tag comments, or the tucking it in the basck because always seems to come out. Do you think the Holy Souls in Purgatory want the indulgences for the kissing of the Brown Scapular? Double, Triple DA!You know the fire of Purgatory burn and hurt like Hell but at least they are not in the Hell of Gehenna or the Hell of the Damned!So every “Catholic out there needs to put away the excuses and get with the Blessed Mother’s commands…ie COMMANDS. Dis you get it straight Her Requests are from a Loving Mother who cares for Her other children! However, this is not optional and the Queens slightest wish should be our solemn duty and obligation! We, as well as the clergy are under a diabolical disorientation! So ask yourself are we experiencing the period of peace that She promised that would happen. Are we seeing Russia convert to the Holy Catholic Faith. No! We still have the debacle of the Orthodox and Catholic questions to be resolved. What? Did I hear the rumblings of the clergy on both sides sitting down and getting it back together as the prophecies have said it would happen?! So Mkochan, you say Lucia said it was done. I’m sorry you are of this opinion. Let us not confuse the issues with the facts! Lucia never said the consecration was done correctly, 1984 0r whatever date or speculative lunacy or deceit uttered by whomever! Simply put, the Most Pure Virgin Mary said, “She would convert Russia”! How this Miracle occurs is not my call or yours. She will do it. Let us look at Sister Lucia’s Own Words in Her Memoirs. –“It will be Late. ( She did not write too Late ) Some poor translation in English have tried to down play these clues from Sister Lucia before Her death! Sister Lucia was silenced by the same Masonic Vatican machinery that Fr. Joseph was writting about. How ever, even Jesus knew how to get around the disobedience of some of the bishops. At Rianjo, He instructs Sister Lucia to “Make it Known”… to my ministers that given that they follow the example of the kings of France that they will follow them in there misfortune. Most Ctholics are ignorant of the Facts of the Sacred Heart, The establishment of this Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the royal requirement of the King of France, (eldest daughter of the Church) to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Promising to save France from the coming evils that would befall her(France). Anyone do any history of the French Masonic Revolution? Well… the king had his head cut off. Oh so did most of the royalty, nobles and many of the clergy as well! So… lets get this straight. St. Margaret Mary Alocoquot warns Louis the XIV, He doesn’t make this public consecration of France as Jesus requested. The king choses to disobey. Yes! His son, Louis XV, also refuses. His son, Louis XVI finally choses to do it in his prison cell the night before His head is chopped off! This event was accepted by Jesus but its true public character was not realized and the Church and the world suffered and is still suffering fromit to this very moment! DA! Do you think this Sacred Heart /Immaculate Heart “thing” is an ideal whim of the Most Blessed Trinity? Dare I even have to even broach the issue in this manner. Shameful that this wicked generatoion of “Catholic” are asleep as prophecy warns us! The Third secret of La Salette tells us the priests by their wicked lives… And how much more so for us the laity? The devotion of the Two Hearts has heavens seal approval. You’ll see this in the 1830 Rue du Bac apparition of St. Catherine Labourre’ “Miraculous Medal. Look at the back, the image shows the two hearts are together. One gets the side by side nature and these devotions are new! Ya think God is going to not have this devotion established? Puny humans; whether Pope, Cardinal, Bishop or anyone on the face of the earth, under the earth or in Heaven itself can ever prevent this great event from happening! Oh for sure, the hierachy wasn’t just disobedient to Jesus, but also to His Mother. What son would not get angry for the insults to His Mother!? Much more the outright disobedience to Her Requests!Are we in the predicted era of Peace? The wars are far too numerous aroung the world for any intelligent response to miss the high import of these as indicators that the COnscration has not beenh done! I perosnally know several Bishops and they admit it hasn’t been done. She, Lucia wrote it would be late.

    So in answer to those reading… you better get busy reading and acting, praying, wearing, doing duty… For now… kiss and make up! The larger questions are still to be covered. Get your rosaries out of the dust and start polishing those beads. Be prepared to get some snide remarks about wearing a brown scapular… offer your daily duty! Until, Installment Four… The Peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding to you all! Tom

  • tommehmel

    I’m very sorry for the spelling errors. In the moment of the writing, I’m thinking my typing is correct but my brain to finger connections must be misfiring. I was tired from my returning home from the Cinn, Ohio area. Long trip! I’ll try to do better. I could correct the errors if I knew how?! Nevertheless, as a dear priest friend, Fr. Marcel Naulte (pronounced No) always reminded me:”Above everything, Charity”! If you’d offer a pray for his repose, for his Scripturally based advice has helped me many times when the moments of life gets to us. These have tempered my fire and given me pause! Deo Gratias!

  • tommehmel

    Just a personal note to MKOCHAN: Your heartfelt comments are tender reminders of our daily duty. I come from a large family and we, my wife and I, have twelve children. The responsibilities are greatest when they are young. Different issues arise as they get older but the burdens are values which Our Loving Mother knows so well. She identifies with mothers and these daily sacrifices, offered up to Her Immaculate Heart, are turned into special bouquets that She offers to our Great God on our behalf and for the mercies He bestows on us, through Her, for us, and the building up of His Holy Church.

    I trust that your forgiveness button is still operable. I, for my part need it constantly, since I can’t seem to do everything right. I know it is a temporary conditional fact of this life but it gives us all the opportunities to practice virtue(s) kindness, forebearance, charity, forgiveness, long-suffering, and faithfulness to our Queen and Her Holy Son, Jesus, who we all so deeply need their generous mercy.

    I would like to respectfully offer a thought on the Consecration. Consider the bishop of your Diocese where ever you live. Did he announce the date of this very Special consecration? Depending on where different bishops live throughout the world, they would have to make this Consecration public locally in their diocese at the same time as the Holy Father. (In union with,… this is a Collegial event!) The faithful would have the opportunity to come to where the local ordinary would be doing the Consecration and we, the faithful, would together, with all the bishops of the entire world “set apart”, reserve , ie. consecrate Russia for the holy service to the Catholic Church which Our Blessed Mother has requested. The effect of this would save Russia and the Russian people that She loves too! To date, I know of no such event. Even a Cardinal, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, has admitted that he hasn’t done the Consecration in his Diocese. Please forgive Fr. Joseph, for I understand his frustration in the light of such predicted calamaties are nearly unbearable for us humans to contemplate. How much more so must these Two Hearts grieve over our daily, world-wide sinfulness? This thought alone has united me at times to these pierced Hearts. Can we withdraw one thorn in His Sacred Heart? Can we deflect the constant thrusts of sorrows the swords so inflict Her Immaculate Heart? I cannot console them enough. We all need to do this consoling. We do know that the disobedient Church will be punished, The time draws ever closer and the Chastisement will be great. The three days of darkness is terrifying but the enemies of Holy Church will be removed. That thought is consoling even though three quarters of the world’s population will be toasted! It is a sobering reality that will require the Holy Angels to appear to us to calm the people who are left. The wrath of God is Just but we, too are human, In the utter face of this understanding we must realize that a Loving God, a Forgiving God and a God of Mercy does have Limits on His Justice. This rebellious spirit that infects mankind is from the demonic spirits and their lot is hell-fire and the knowledge that they have lost God for all eternity because they have lost Him by their own willfulness. Consider these Two Hearts and the Gentle and Loving Mother’s desire to give back children to the Most Blessed Trinity so that they would praise Him as He deserves for all eternity. Consider their Most Blessed Love and the rejection of this Great Love. How does it hurt Them that we chose evil over good. That we sin and even worse; reject a mother’s love and grieve her heart. We mere humans can go to great lengths to hurt each other, wounding each other deeply. Lifetimes have passed and families have retained the hatreds. Such harborings are found in many families. How can God, in His All Knowing Omnipotence bear the knowledge and not explode. How can His Compassion endure so long? These are great Mysteries. We can be comforted that, “…in the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph, Russia will be Consecrated… and Russia will be converted to the Holy Catholic Church… and an era of peace will be granted to the world.” God will be served and glorified! And all this, is, before the great white throne judgement!
    We live in the time of St. Therese of Liseux’s fondest time wish, which was to live in our times because now the greatest of evil exists and consequently, some of the greatest of the saints would come to fight this evil and win! It is for His Great Glory that we have been called to this fight and this opportunity will merit us great grces for not just us but for His entire Church. At present, Fr. Joseph realizes the damages versus the Divine Remedy. It is doable. Yet, the death of the Catholic Church appears complete. We behold the forces of evil everywhere and our groanings are heard in those utterances that the Holy Ghost inspires us to speak. He, the Good God, is aware and His Time will be Just and Right. I’m contented to..” be still and know (let God) that I am God.”
    When you put a load of laundry on, when you shower, when the diapers or any trials come; lift them up to Her Heart. She will offer them so tenderly prepared to ease the thorns which pierce His Loving Heart. A most blessed day to you. And may God bless (y)our respective messes. I’m just a little one, too. Tom

  • Fr.Joseph

    I have but only so much time, both in my daily/temporal life as well as to upcoming and quickly approaching global events, to get the following information out to any and all in His Church Militant. If my subsequent comments here do not show up, it will be on account of their lenght and many references to other articles found on the Internet. They will be in the Catholic Exchange’s “spam filter” as a result.

    Comical as the statement will appear to many, nevertheless, I still have my ‘Standing Order’ given to me by the Mother of God…”Defend the Church!”

    From my present point-of-view, it’s all like the closing battle scenes from the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’. I’m staring at a Tiger II tank coming right at (and ALL OF US) and all I have left is these REMAINING SHOTS in my ‘Colt-45’.

    – Fr. Joseph
    @ the Nazareth Hermitage, USA

  • tommehmel

    Fr. Joseph: I believe you have missed several of my comments. I refer you back to Elias and his response to Elieseus. “…There are more with us; then against us.” Also, the unseen armies of the Holy Virgin are more than capable to stem the tide. The death or crucifixion of the Church is predicted, the lateness is also predicted at Fatima, and La Salette must be factored in as well. It would appear that all is lost; then all will be saved. (I don’t mean all people will be saved) The remnant will be saved! Just remember: The captain died at the bridge giving his all but the planes and the relief did come. The angels will come. You do not know if you are to die before the relif comes… Neither do any of us. Resign yourself to serve and the Queen will take care of the rest. Give Her your anxieties. She cares and is our Loving Blessed Mother. Your glory is to give Him Glory! It is better to die with your boots on! Besides your not dead yet, Not yet!(Gladiator)… The dark night of the priesthood has not happened yet, either! The Black beast has this also in his aresenal! We are near the end; however, we are not at the end! The prophecies are all lining up. Some have come to pass. Others are looking like they are at our doorstep. Still others are yet to be!For those reading this, the time of the US as a great power is rapidly coming to our humbling! I did not say our extermination. The Russian Bear has yet to attack. We don’t have long to wait for this. The Pope will flee Rome over the dead bodies of his bretheren! Two Cardinals will go off with Him. He will be captured and put to death. The Church leadership will decimated. The Vatican buildings will be destroyed but not all of them. The Te Deum will be in toned after the Holy Pope comes. The three pretenders to the Throne of Peter will confuse many. However, The true Pope will be selected by the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. Peter the Roman comes or Peter the Second!
    So Fr. Joseph… we are not at the end… Not Yet!!!!Give Her your sorrows and joys. Let Her Immaculate Heart be your refuge. In the end, Her Triumph will usher in the Conversion of Russia and the era of peace will be granted to mankind!God will be glorified through the establishment of the Devotion to Her Immaculate Heart. It will be no other way, for God Wills!!! Read Garabandal… The Warning hasn’t come yet, either. The Great Miracle is also clearly defined in Revelation! The Comet approaches! Fire consumes and the Angels will calm the people after the three days or 70 hours of Fire! See it for what is coming. There is so much more that has been prophesized and this forum doesn’t allow for the complete unveiling. The wearing out of the saints is in Revelation. God be praised; for He determines which saint gives Him glory in what manner He determines best. Be at peace. Tom

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Brother Tom,

    The Lord created us all with our own unique and entirely different temperments, talents, desires, etc.

    I’m a ‘simple’ man with simple thoughts, simple outlook, simple aspirations.

    “Simply put” – our entire world and the very, very sad shape it is in “simply” need not be this way. As contained the Book of Ecclesiastes:

    “I find that God made man simple; man’s complex problems are of his own devising.”

    I can write you a several page homily on/about HOW God Himself could and would give 6 billion human beings WORLD PEACE, but there are so few who actually care to IMPLEMENT into their own lives (both those within and outside of His Church).

    Yes, I’m aware of many a religious prophecy which point to destruction and suffering for both His Church and all the peoples of this world. Why, the Lord Himself even conveyed His Divine Justice falling upon BOTH His Church and the peoples of this entire ‘gone-mad’ World of ours. And in one of His Messages to me via the hand of my Metropolitan Archbishop, the Lord FORBIDS me to relay what is to befall His Church and the Peoples of this ‘World’.

    But, you see, I have this “problem”, I really believe that there is this ‘Chance’, this ‘Slightest Chance’, that all of what is to befall the members of His Church and the 6 billion peoples of this ‘World’ can be stopped ‘Dead In Its Tracks’ by an Act of SIMPLE OBEDIENCE to the Desires, Requests, Instructions and Commands of the Mother of God by the Pope and all the Bishops of His Church publicly performing a solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    So, my dear Brother Tom, thank you for your concern and encouragement. But it was back in September, 1993, a scant day after my week’s long Spiritual Encounters with an ‘angry’ God the Father, that while I sat at my desk and personal computer summoning up the inner courage/fortitude to write/compose the Divine Message-Warning to the ‘leaders’ of our US Nation, a very stout, strong, powerful and relentlessly insisting Angel caused me to open up my copy of the Church’s Sacred Scriptures – and I opened up to and was ‘required-in-spirt’ to read Ezekiel 33:1-20.

    I now avoid the thought of so many countless souls going to find themselves in HELL for all of eternity on account of the lies, lies, lies, of those ‘leaders’ in my own Church and those ‘leaders’ in my own US Nation.

    And it’s “sickening” that there isn’t enough COURAGE to fill a thimble for those in my Church and those in my US Nation to stand up and SPEAK 1) the simple Truth to others as well as 2) a Public Warning to 300+ US citizens and 6 billion inhabitants of our current/contemporary ‘World’.

    So, in closing my dear Brother Tom – that’s my problem. This ‘temperment’ of mine finds revulsion in having to ADMIT ‘DEFEAT’ on account of the INactions and INdifference on the parts of so many both in His Church and in/throughout our US Nation.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • Fr.Joseph

    “Learn, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed.” – Pope Julius III

    Let us talk about, muse over, contemplate upon ‘CHARITY’!

    Charity consists of seeing to it that GOD’S DIVINE WILL GETS DONE DOWN HERE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!

    If the Infinitely Charitable GOD Who has created all things visible and invisible, Who grants eternal life, Who grants healings, Who grants forgiveness, Who grants mercy, Who sees to it that His Creation PROVIDES all that is needed for the GOOD of all of His Creatures – seen or unseen, Who created His Mother IMMACULATE from the moment of her CONCEPTION so as to ensure that “It was TO UNDO ALL that the devil has done that the Son of God appeared” cf 1 John 3:8, if He HIMSELF promised to grant all of Mankind WORLD PEACE on the condition of His Vicar here on earth – the Bishop or Rome along with all of the other Bishops of HIS CHURCH here on earth – by simply performing a public and solemn Collegial Consecration or RUSSIA to His Mother’s Immaculate Heart so as to SAVE RUSSIA from the Satanic/Luciferian worshipping Khazar Jews and their Babylonian Talmud, their Judeo-Masonic Bolshevik Revolution based on the falacious theories of one Jewish turned Lutheran turned Satanic Occultist KARL MARX, and their entire privately owned Central Banking family dynasties and controlled/bought off Governments of our ‘World’ co-conspirators – and His Church’s Prelates REFUSED to extend His DIVINE Charity and His DIVINE Mercy to all the peoples of this world created in His Image and Likeness, then somebody needs TO EXPLAIN what ‘Christian CHARITY’ is to the POPE, to the Vatican Prelates, to the 4,600 Bishops of His Church here on earth and needs TO EXPLAIN to the Pope, the Vatican Prelates, the 4,600 Bishops of His Church here on earth WHAT the Church’s DIVINE MISSION is to all of peoples of all the nations of this ‘World’!

    And now that I’m in ‘spiritual Hot Water’ with the Lord for speaking out so brashly, may I ask all of you TO PRAY FOR ME for taking this ‘Big Risk’ on my part in speaking out against members of His Own Church here on earth!

    But by gosh, we can’s just SIT HERE like dumb rocks, mindless twits and spineless jellyfish while our entire world and its 6 billion human beings are BETRAYED left, right, center, below, above by those in this ‘World’ and those who fancy themselves to be of His ‘Church’!

    Is burying our collective heads in the sand hoping that all of these rampant EVILS running amock in/across our ‘World’ will go away all by themselves giving Glory and Honor to OUR FATHER in Heaven???

    – Fr. Joseph

  • tommehmel

    Fr. Joseph: The Collegal Consecration will come but, “…it will be late.” The untold number of lost souls is define by Sister Lucia of Fatima as “snow flakes in a snow storm”. This is frightening and mind-boggling! Surfice it to say: these are the times that try men’s souls. The realization of a Church in defiance to the commands of the Mother of God is far more serious then even they, thw Prelates, the shepards, … have refuse to teach and … to obey!This public sin demands public reparation. rof the Consecration is their solemn and collegial acknowledgement that they, thr Church hierarchy had the answer of what to do and they didn’t do it! This disobedience cannot go unpunished. “If the shepards will not teach; then I will raise up from amongst the poor, and they will teach.” I qualify … I’m one of the poor!

    Fr. Joseph How can any of us reach 6 billion!? It is God who can communicate to us all. This clarion call I believe is the Great Warning of Garabandal! The hierarchy will see their souls as God sees it. Think of it… Scripture describes in St. Paul … The issue of the He and the IT and … “now you know that which restains him” (the coming of antichrist) Does the clergy recognize that the Novus Ordo liturgy has put Him aside and in doing so the antichrist has come. The single only thing that is a thing and a person at the same time is the Blessed Sacrament. Now, 70% in America don’t believe in the Real Presence. We are watching a sucide on a spiritual level that is beyond belief. This Consecration is absolutely required by Heaven’s Most Solemn Command. How many priests, and bishops will have to have their heads cut off before they will do the Consecration? The attack against Rome, the Vatican and the Pope fleeing over the dead bodies of his brethren are most unpleasant words and images. These events will come to pass. God will be served and the nations will be made to be His footstool!The Holy Church will return. This false “harlot” church of Vatican II will disapear. Pagan Rome will disappear! The Holy Church of a more primitive and poor, humble clergy will be the new foundation of His Church. This is after the three days of darkness. How sad?! My heart is heavy with this reality. But we, the world are punished because the Church is persecuted. The wars, famine… you know the prophectes. The clergy/hierachy have much to atone for. That is why it must be a Collegial Consecration. O Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen. Tom

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Tom, my beloved Brother in the Lord,

    You asked the question:

    “Fr.Joseph, How can any of us reach 6 billion!?”

    As a Priest ordained into the Church’s “Monastic Brotherhood”, I’m given to ponder upon, wonder about and consider answers/solutions to just such questions. Such has been, is and apparently will continue to be part and parcel of my ‘Ministry’ and ‘Vocation’ as a Priest in the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood.

    “How can any of us reach 6 billion!?” That was ‘The Problem’ of God Himself. In order to reach perhaps a scant 1 million or 2 million centuries ago, God Himself selected and ordained selected individuals to be PROPHETS to His ‘Chosen People’ of/under the Mosaic Covenant. Time and time again GOD called back the rebellious, stiff-necked HEBREWS who simply would return to their materialistic, self-seeking, self-indulging, self-promoting PAGAN practices, their continual returning to divinizers, sorcerers, ‘magick’. Things haven’t changed one iota after all these centuries with their continued clutching onto their ‘Kabbalah’.

    “How can any of us reach 6 billion!?” Again, that was ‘The Problem’ of God Himself. And God the Father “Solved” THAT ‘Divine Problem’ by bidding His Only Eternally Begotten Son, our Lord Jesus, The Christ, to take on our own HUMAN NATURE by His becoming INCARNATE in the Womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary BY the Power of God the Holy Spirit roughly 2,000 years ago.

    Yet, even the Incarnate God the Son Himself was still faced with ‘His Problem’ as if asking the Question of Himself “How can I reach ALL the members of the Human Race here on this Planet Earth?”

    HE ‘Solved’ His Own Divine ‘Problem’ by selecting and commissioning 12 MEN as His Apostles, and He told His 12 APOSTLES to gather in an Upper Room WITH HIS MOTHER and to pray for Divine Power to be RELEASED UPON, OVER and FOR all of Mankind – for ALL the peoples of every last nation here in/of this ‘World’ of ours.

    These Divine Selected, Appointed and Commissioned APOSTLES obeyed His Instructions and took His Mother to the Upper Room, and there they PRAYED with her for the Release of the Holy Spirit upon ALL of mankind – represented by all the different types and nationalties of peoples gathered/collected in Jerusalem in their time.

    And God the Father of us all, in the Name of His Only Begotton Son, our Lord Jesus, The Christ to/for all of Mankind, poured out Their Divine Holy Spirit onto and INTO the lives of peoples from all manner of nationalities at Pentecost – roughly 2,000 years ago BECAUSE OF the united prayers of His Apostles coupled with the prayers of their now Spiritual Mother, the Most Holy Theotokos, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Woman of Genesis 3:15, the Mother of the Church and the God’s New Eve of His Redeemed Human Race!

    2,000 years LATER, there are Successors to the Apostles. I think that number has grown to something like 4,600 BISHOPS of His Church here on earth, the year now being 2,008 Anno Domini.

    Again, you’ve asked of me an answer to your question:

    “Fr. Joseph, How can any of us reach 6 billion!?”

    There is NO REASON for any of us to have to ‘reinvent the wheel’! The Problem HAS been solved by God Himself…

    …ya get the Successors of the Apostles, now numbering around 4,600…and ya get all of them SPIRITUALLY united with His Mother at/in their own Cathedral Parish Churches all around/across this wide-world of ours…and ya have them PRAY a United Prayer at the same time UNITED SPIRITUALLY whereever they might be all across this World of ours – praying for and blessing but ONE NATION here on earth – RUSSIA….

    …and then “Stand Back” and watch the Power of God the Holy Spirit as He RENEWS THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!

    Brother Tom, I’m just a Priest of/in the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood. If the Bishops of His Church DON’T want to hear my “two barley loaves and five fish” CONTRIBUTION to them in order TO GET 6 BILLION HUMAN BEINGS SPIRITUALLY FED by God Himself – my ‘Problem’ isn’t trying to figure out how to reach 6 billion human beings all created in the Image and Likeness of God Himself. My REAL Problem is ‘How do I reach 4,600 BISHOPS of His Church here on earth?’

    Hate to have to tell you this, Brother Tom….I’m still trying to work on and figure out A SOLUTION to THAT PROBLEM!

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archimandrite – Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  • Fr.Joseph

    A ‘Message in a Bottle’ to any Bishops who might be reading these posted comments:

    Regarding Our Lady of Fatima’s Instruction to have RUSSIA consecrated to her Immaculate Heart per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Portugal Apparitions and Messages:

    ‘Lectio Divino’

    1) “Now the earth was a FORMLESS VOID, there was DARKNESS over the deep, and God’s Spirit HOVERED over the water.” – Genesis 1:2

    Where, o please tell me where, here on earth in 2008 A.D. is the Divine Splendor, Divine Goodness and Divine Blessings of our Almighty God and Creator being MADE MANIFEST by the Human Race? Where???

    2) “I (Almighty God) will make you enemies of each other; you and THE WOMAN, your offspring and HER OFFSPRING.” – Genesis 3:15

    3) “Then the dragon was enraged with THE WOMAN and went away to make war on the rest of HER CHILDREN, that is, all who obey God’s Commandments and bear witness for Jesus.” – The Book of Revelation – Revelation 12:17

    Did not Pope Leo XIII have his mystical revelation back in October 1884, of overhearing SATAN challenging JESUS CHRIST that he’d be able to DESTROY THE CHURCH with a century’s worth of time and more power over those who would willing give themselves to him? YES!

    Did not Almighty God Himself perform a spectacular PUBLIC MIRACLE of the Sun in order to validated His Mother’s Messages and Request to have a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculate Heart, thus placing the peoples of RUSSIA under THE MANTLE of her own Protection as MOTHER of the Church?


    “The seventy-two (or the 4,600 BISHOPS of His Church) came back rejoicing, ‘Lord’ they said ‘even THE DEVILS submit to us when we use Your Name.’ He said to them, ‘I WATCHED SATAN FALL LIKE LIGHTNING FROM HEAVEN. YES! I HAVE GIVEN YOU POWER TO TREAD UNDERFOOT SERPENTS AND SCORPIONS AND THE WHOLE STRENGHT OF THE ENEMY!” – Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, Only Begotton Son of the Eternal Father – the Gospel according St. Luke – Luke 10:17-19

    “You have in you a Spiritual Gift which was given to you when the prophets spoke and THE BODY OF ELDERS LAID THEIR HANDS ON YOU; DO NOT LET IT LIE UNUSED. Think hard about all of this…” – St. Paul the Apostle – 1st Epistle to St. Timothy –
    1 Timothy 4:14

    “Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord’ AND NOT DO what I say???” – Jesus Christ
    – the Gospel according to St. Luke – Luke 6:46

    I cannot possibly make this any more SIMPLE or CLEARER!

    May God the Holy Spirit MOVE over the darkened minds and hearts of His Own Church’s BISHOPS and infuse all of them – those LOYAL to their calling and vocation as BISHOPS in His Church throughout the entire world of 2008 A.D. – and grant them all COPIOUS AMOUNTS of His Divine Knowledge, His Divine Understanding, His Divine Wisdom and His Divine COURAGE so as to make them all move FEARLESSLY in and amid our ‘World of 2008 A.D.’ to bring about THE FINAL VICTORY of the Woman of Genesis 3:15 over all of the strenght of the evil one, his unseen elemental spiritual minions and seen human stooges, dupes and allies who prowl about this entire world seeking the eternal ruin of souls!

    What more can I possibly do, St. Michael the Archangel, in this feeble capacity of mine?

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archimandrite – Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  • MichelleGA

    Fr Joseph and Tom,

    I’d like to know your opinions on Ron Conte’s writings. (just the stuff starting w/next Good Friday, not his other things like translating the Bible from Latin and all that, just the eschatological writings) Let’s go beyond the “Put your faith in God first” stuff. I’ve already got that and I’ve put it into practice. I just want to know what you think. If you don’t know who/what I’m talking about, then just skip it. Thanks.


  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Michelle,

    Never heard of John Conte until your mentioning him. So I looked him on on Google and found his website:

    His home page says it all….”SPECULATIVE Theology”. So you are ‘free’ to read his SPECULATIONS on any number/type of Catholic subject, but just always, always, always make it a point for yourself TO REMIND yourself what you are reading of his is ‘HIS’ speculations.

    Whatever he writes, whatever he has written (and I don’t have the time to examining what he has written to date) IS NOT the equilavent nor does it bear the same weight as DEFINIED DOCTRINES AND DOGMA of the Church.

    While he might have some studies of theology and philosophy under his belt, do keep reminding yourself that he is NOT a Bishop in the Church. Period.

    “Theologians” come and go with each passing generation, and from what I’ve observed myself, too many “theologians” want to make some sort of name for themsevles – like Han Kung, get some media/public attention drawn to themselves, sell gobs of books or get invited to speak at any number of lectures, and even perhaps secure some sort of teaching or professorship (with tenure and GOOD salary) at some ‘prestigious center of higher education’.

    But one thing you DON’T see with/from “theologians” nowadays is making every possible effort TO EXPLAIN the Apostolic Faith and the Church’s Doctrines and Dogmas to folk in the ‘rank and file’…those many souls Who GOD HIMSELF loves immensely and desires to bestow every possible Divine Blessing upon them.

    “My People PERISH for want of knowledge.” – Prophet Hosea – Hosea 4:6

    So John Conte has his “speculations”. So did Luther. So did Calvin. So did Kranmer. So did Zwingli. So did Knox. So did Smythe. So…’Big Deal’! And because of these “theologians”, the world is so thoroughly and royally screwed up in our day and age, this year being 2008 A.D.

    Yep, we now have the ‘Christian Zionist’ THEOLOGIANS running amock all across our US Nation and planet earth nowadays fully intent on getting all of us embroiled in a BONEHEADED Middle Eastern War so as to ‘Hurry Up’ the Lord’s Second Coming!

    That’s what ya get when you give a copy of the Church’s Canon of Sacred Scriptures – ‘The Bible’ – into the hands of uneducated and unprincipled people, and send them off into the world screaming mindlessly ‘The Bible Alone!’ and ‘Faith Alone’ as if THAT were some sort of authentic Christian and Apostolic Ministry to the peoples and nations of our ‘World’.

    Now about your comment “Put your faith in God first” – don’t know exactly what you mean/meant by including that phrasing, BUT if by that you mean you have people around you telling you to “put your head in the sand, do nothing, and let whatever happens happen” in/with in our lives, individually as well as collectively, and if THAT coupled with ‘End Times’ types of writings has you between a ‘rock and a hard place’ causing you either bewilderment or frustration, I would simply pass this bit of advise onto you.

    Go to Mass. Pay particular attention to every last word said, every last intention offered, every last said and written word of the Divine Liturgy. Unite that ‘unseen self’ within you (which is your spirit) with the Actions of the Divine Liturgy – and simply ASK the Lord what is it that He’d like for YOU to do for Him while in the midst of all of this engulfing confusion, chaos, contradictions, etc. going on both within our ‘World’ and within His Church.

    Hope the foregoing answers/answered some measure of your question/concern.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • tommehmel

    Fr. Joseph We see the plan of the Mother of God to move the Church under Her Mantle and eventually the entire world. Standing in the way is the red Dragon and the Black Beast, and with them a thrid of stars of heaven are swept from the sky. This is analogous to the third of the clergy being swept into the deceit and lies of the Vatican II debacle. The six protestant ministers and Monsignor/Bishop Anabale Bugnini, a free mason, and the fruit of this is doing away of the everlasting sacrifice. Daniel’s mentor, St. Gabriel warned us of the setting up of the abomination of desolation. We have the Masonic Black Beast’s liturgy. The Ottaviani Intervention was not sufficient to move the Pope (Paul VI) to safeguard the Deposit of Faith. This false ecumenistic consciousness has pervaded His Holy Church and the shepherds will be called to task. The Great Fathe rof Theologians, St. John Chyrsostum warned: “The floor of Hell is paved with Bishops’ miters. Somehow, Fr. Joseph, I don’t believe the bishops think it would include them! That is why, I who am one of the poor have weighed in an this very timely question. The bishops choice is to obey the Mother of God or get there heads chopped off. Rianjo: from the Holy Child to Sister Lucy.” Make it known to my ministers…” Akita: Bishop against Bishop, priest against priest…” The third of the Stars have been swept from the sky by the Dragon’s Tail! Thye Masonically orchestrated “Dark night of the Priesthood will radically reduce the bishopric to a mere fraction of its former 4600. Are they ready for the destruction? Do they know that their disobedience to God while they whore with the nations controlled by the antichrist forces will only bring about their own demise. No, they are shepards who have lost their crosier, their authority, they have lost their Mother. But it is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary. Bishops and those who have the duties to assist the bishops must recognize their souls are in peril not just their heads.

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Brother Tom,

    Thank you for posting your comments. It’s a big relief, to me personally, to have the company ‘in spirit’ of someone else who understands these things.

    As the Mother of our Lord herself clearly and unequivocally stated, “Only I can help you.”

    And here we all are, with our latest instant forms of mass communication such as the Internet – with so many people voicing their protests, disenchantments, etc. with regards to both national and world events in the fields of politics, economics, finance, social/civic engineering movements, hidden agendas, yada yada yada that sort of list can go on and on and on – with the entire human race being “boiled alive” in this quagmire of evils and vices of our supposed ‘leaders’ in and every field – to include Religion – and our human race REFUSES to turn to her, the New Eve – and trust that SHE can get our world’s jars of ‘dirty water’ turned into the Finest of Wines by her simply asking her Son to “help us out” of our perdicuments – ALL of them.

    And I am still perplexed as to why legitimate Bishops in the Church “take orders from” known Masonic prelates in/from/within the Vatican and throughout the Church’s Hierarchy. After all, these Masonic prelates are EXCOMMUNICATED, and they have NO ‘life’ whatsoever nor do they have ANYTHING ‘IN COMMON-UNION’ with His Church.

    But then again, I’m not a Bishop – I suppose they have their reasons.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • tommehmel

    To Michelle, GA I believe Fr. Joseph hit the nail on the head when he commented on the Conte question. I’ve always used his advice on the attention to the Mass as an engine or battery rejuvenator. It is the Holy Ghost who delivers on the Divine Truth and how that relates to each and everyone of us. Being very careful with “Speculative Theology” is prudent advice. Fr. Joseph is right on target with the modern day “theologians”. Kung is a good example of too much education without a solid rooting on the Faith ;it will distort and even rot your mind into mindless chatter. Luther was a liar and he solved many problems with his abandoning his oath as a monk and he even devolved down to marrying a nun!

    Extra care in reading “theologians of post Vatican II era” is defintely warranted!MOst are panderers for attention. They can’t hold a candle to anything dogmatic. Their false ‘lights’ are not the Light of Christ!Save your mental and spiritual strength by eating the meat of the Faith! Alphonse Liquori, Thomas Aquinas, Robert Bellarmine, John Chyrsostum, Theresa of Liseux, Catherine of Sienna, John Damascene, Teresa of Avila, Bonaventure, Louis Grignon du Montfort,Augustine, and others that you can find in TAN books would be more beneficial. J.M.J. Tom

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Michelle,

    Spent a wee bit of time contemplating upon what I might to share with you as a result of what you’ve relayed to me, to us, regarding the Movements of God’s Grace on you and your entire family (via your personal encounter with the Lord via His statue of the Sacred Heart) and your concerns with the speculative theology writings of John Conte.

    So here is my (admittedly unsolicited) advise/counsel as a Priest in the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood.

    Bear in mind, dear Michelle, that NO ‘theologian’, NO ‘spiritual writer’, NO Pope, Patriarch, Metropolitan, Archbishop, Bishop, Abbot, Priest, Deacon, Vowed Religious or any member of the Church’s Lay Faithful “advised/taught” the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God Incarnate. And the Supernatural/Spiritual Divine Reason for THAT was/is on account of her being FULL of God’s Own Divine Grace, another way of saying she lived, moved and had/has her created beinghood AS A WOMAN with the Abiding Unseen Spiritual Presence of God the Holy Spirit – Third Divine Person of the Almighty Godhead – a.k.a. “The Blessed Trinity” – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

    As a woman yourself, as a MOTHER yourself, you share a common nature with and a common intimate/personal interest WITH the Mother of God herself. You have YOUR children and you have YOUR family – the Blessed Virgin Mary likewise has HER children and she has HER Family.

    Having said that, as a Priest in the Service of our Lord, His Church, to my Metropolitan Archbishop and his Mission/Ministry to people and to His Church Militant here on earth, I gently and tenderly offer to you the following counsel, advise and ‘instruction’…

    During the course of your day as a MOTHER and as a WOMAN – when you have the unharried time to yourself, take up a Rosary and slowly, in a focused and relaxed manner, pray the prayers of the Rosary WHILE using your mind’s imagination to immerse yourself in the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of her Rosary, having ASKED in the privacy of your mind and spirit the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God Incarnate and Mother of the Family of God here on earth, His Church, to “take YOU along WITH her” to relive and re-experience those Divine Events in her life and the Life of her Son.

    She will see to it that she SHARES that same Holy Spirit which so filled HER with so many ineffable Divine Graces to include Divine Knowledge, Divine Understanding and Divine Wisdom.

    Then, whenever you are feeling troubled, confused, frustrated, perplexed or in need of futher Advise and Guidance in your own spiritual life, go visit her Son in the Blessed Sacrament reserved in any Catholic Church’s Tabernacle – and just ‘sit there’ with her Son, speaking to Him and confiding with/in Him ANY AND ALL of your concerns, joys, thanksgivings, requests, etc.

    His Blessed Mother, the Lord Himself, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit WILL assist you in any way you need and will ‘confirm’ to you any and all ‘Divine Thing’ that might be weighing down/upon your mind or heart.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • MichelleGA

    Fr. Joseph and Tom,

    Thank you. I am relieved, and I will follow your advice. No more weird stuff, and you’ve helped me to recognize it when it comes around. Thanks for helping me stay on the right track. You are like good big brothers in the Faith! 😉


  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Michelle,

    Thank you for your comment as well as personal acceptance of my advise. The Lord grants all of us our unique/personal ‘talents’ and EXPECTS us to use/employ those ‘talents’. My personal concern & desire FOR you was to employ the spiritual Grace(s) granted to me via the Sacrament of Holy Orders. I have a spiritual duty to assist you (and whoever else the Lord might put in my path) in YOUR developing a much more deeper, much more profoundly intimate heart-to-Heart relationship with your Living Lord and Savior, His Almighty and Eternal Father and the Divine Counselor/Instructor Himself, God the Holy Spirit.

    Your Spiritual Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Most Holy Theotokos, the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 wants and desires that FOR you, you who are her spiritual daughter!

    And I have an ‘Account to Give’ to Him Who has granted me His Divine Graces for my use as ‘talents’ as well. All of us, every last man, woman and child, are all called to be of SERVICE to the Lord, His Church and to our fellow members of Mankind to bring about His much Desired ‘Redemption’ of His Human Race and our entire Planet Earth.

    You, as a woman and a mother, have a vital, pivotal, ineffably important role in seeing to the Redemption of all of Mankind – you have your very own CHILDREN to spiritually minister to, nuture, instruct, educate, guide and protect. In a very real way, my dear Michelle, you are acting very much like the Mother of God herself in preparing YOUR children to make an honest-to-goodness contribution to the welfare, well-being and blessed continuation of OUR entire Human Race with YOUR children!

    “Motherhood” makes ‘speculative theology’ look so terribly pale and insignificant.

    – Fr. Joseph

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear Michelle,

    I simply must make this addition post to you. While in my basement harvesting honey from one of my bee hives, I was given a Moment of Grace, a “From Out Of The Blue” Thought/Idea/Inspiration to share with you personally and in particular.

    Ya know, THE LORD has called you to a life of Peace, and we Priests of His ‘Order of Melchizedek’ have as our spiritual duty promoting and assisting His PEACE becoming a personal Possession of His People, His Church here on earth.

    So here is what I was ‘Inspired’ to share/tell/instruct you:

    Every morning, upon awakening, make a Morning/Daily Spiritual OFFERING to the Lord, in your important/critical vocation AS both a mother and as a woman. Offer up to THE LORD for that and every day that ALL that you will wind up doing FOR your children as a mother during the course of your day, that you’d want for to minister TO HIM as a Child in your capacity as a mother. And then, as you go about being of ‘motherly service’ to your OWN children, in the back of your mind recall that what you are doing for your own children you are simultaneously doing for THE LORD Who will be ‘united-in-Spirit’ with any and all of your OWN children during the course of the day.

    And I would venture to say that there will come a time and there will be those events/instances where THE LORD Himself will make His Unseen and Real Divine Presence known to you THROUGH your own children.

    He Himself will give you/grant you His Own Abiding Peace and Joy, thus shielding you and sparing you from all the ‘religious/spiritual zaniness’ that passes itself off as ‘Apostolic Christianity’ in our day and age.

    And I bless you ‘In the Name of the Father +, and of the Son +, and of the Holy Spirit +. Amen.’

    – Fr. Joseph
    Archimandrite – Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  • Fr.Joseph

    Dear mkochan,

    Morally and spiritually, I have a “loose end” to tie up with you regarding your closing comment to me in your July 3rd posting to me:

    “…but if you start in on me with insults and accusations, be aware that I can put an end to it.”

    St. Thomas Aquinas penned/entered this statement in his ‘Summa Theologica’:

    “A message is received ACCORDING TO THE MODE of the receiver.”

    I did not insult you nor did I fling any sort or manner of accusation against you. Our point-of-conflict centered on your asserting that the Collegical Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Messages and Apparitions was already ACCOMPLISHED! And whoever told you THAT, be he/she/they BISHOPS or PRIESTS or VOW RELIGIOUS or anyone else is simply an outright LIE!

    Now if you feel that I insulted you or if I leveled any sort of accusations against you, then please spend some short minutes in quiet and reflection upon the words of St. Thomas Aquinas:

    “A message is received ACCORDING TO THE MODE of the receiver.”

    Do you serious expect and condone BISHOPS and PRIESTS and VOW RELIGIOUS and other members of the Laity of His Church to LIE TO YOU???

    Do you want for me to LIE to you??

    Or have you already been conditioned to expect and condone others from every walk of life to LIE TO YOU? Your US Media LIES to you. Your elected Federal and State Officials LIE to you. Supposed pastors/preachers from any of our world’s 27,000 denominations LIE to you in their asserting that the Doctrines and Dogmas, the Sacraments and Devotions of our Catholic Church are “evil”!

    When are we Catholics in/throughout this ‘World’ as well as any and all ‘People of Good Will’ going to say ‘Enough is enough already with these LIES!’

    It is a LIE to tell 1 billion Catholic Christians that the Collegical Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE!

    It is a LIE to tell 77 million US Catholic Christians here in the USA that the 9-11 ‘Terrorist Attacks’ were pulled off my MUSLIM TERRORISTS!

    It is a LIE to tell 77 million US Catholic Christians living under the Sovereign Social Contract known as the Constitution of the United States of America that the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM per the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is ‘legal’ and ‘constitutional’!

    It is a LIE to tell 300 million US citizens that ABORTION does not terminate the life of a human person, that is is NOT simply murder.

    I can go on and on with the LIES that are pawned off/passed off/pressured to be accepted as TRUTHS!

    Our Lord Himself teaches “If your brother does something WRONG, go and have it out with him alone, between your two selves….et al” – Matthew 18:15

    Just because I’m a Priest DOESN’T mean you and anyone else has to ‘grovel’ to me nor do you have to keep your mouth shut when I do something entirely wrong or harmful, hurtful to anyone either in His Church or outside of His Church. The only thing you and anyone else HAS TO ‘respect’ about me and my Priesthood is what THE LORD makes manifest via His Divine Grace and His Divine Mercy via His Church’s SACRAMENTS!

    You can “get in my face” all you want if and when I do something WRONG. You and I can go SCREAMING AT EACH OTHER nose-to-nose, the both of us turning red in the face while our juglar veins come popping out of our necks and the sides of our heads in any and all arguments/disagreements – so as long as both you and I eventually SUBMIT TO THE TRUTH – either I am wrong, you are wrong or the both of us are wrong – and the BOTH OF US spiritually submit to THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH regarding whatever matter that has become a bone of contention between you and I.

    But let me tell you something…you and I can go “nose-to-nose” in any and all contentious matters, but if your children came up to me during that argument and asked me for something to eat, something to drink, some ice cream or 50 cents to go buy themselves a candy bar, I’d stop dead in my tracks with whatever argument you and I were having to tend to their wants, needs or desires.

    And if you came to my private votive Mass right after an ARGUMENT between you and I which simply ended in an impasse, I’d call down the Blessings of Almighty God upon YOU, your CHILDREN and your HUSBAND without hesitation.

    God wants YOU and your CHILDREN and your HUSBAND blessed with His Peace and His Graces SO THAT His Divine Will gets done in your lives together – and He wants THAT Divine Blessing to be applied to each and every last human being currently living here in this royally fouled up by Satanic/Luciferian/Masonic/Hermitic Order groups-sects, etc. shoving their ‘spiritual’, social, economic, financial, moral and ethical BELIEVES/PRACTICES on your family and every last family here on the face of his Earth of His Creating.

    If you “like” what is going on IN our Catholic Church, IN our ‘World’ today – and you want for me to keep my big, fat mouth shut, then sorry, you have another thought coming.

    As as stupid as it might sound coming from me to you – I just so happen TO LOVE your children enough to OPEN my BIG FAT MOUTH in protest against the evils being shoved upon you by those who fancy themselves as being ‘Hierarchs’ in my Church and ‘Grand Pooh Bah Leaders’ in my Nation and the nations all across this fouled up ‘World’ of ours.

    Do YOU and every last person/human being alive today in our Occult/Satanic royally fouled up ‘World’ want to see/hear SATAN’S HEAD CRUSHED ONCE AND FOR ALL?

    Then see to it that the Collegical Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart GETS DONE before God’s Own Divine Patience and Mercy have been been EXHAUSTED!

    For, you see, YOU DO understand that ‘Mind and Heart of Almighty God’ by the nature of the very ‘spiritual’ mood/mode that was expressed by your own WRITTEN WORDS to me on July 3rd:

    “…but if you start in on Me with insults and accusations, be aware that I (GOD) can put AN END TO IT!”

    – Fr. Joseph

  • mkochan

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Please be contented with the latitude I have given you on this website without trying to engage with me personally. Any further posts directed toward me will be removed. As will any posts talking about me in the 3rd person. Thank you.

  • Fr.Joseph

    My concluding thoughts, advise and observations on/about my contemporary US Nation in my ordained capacity as a Priest in the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood:

    Lectio Divina:

    “EMPIRE passes from nation to nation because of INJUSTICE, ARROGANCE and MONEY.”
    – The Book of Eccleciasticus – Si 10:8

    “Speaking at Fatima six months before the Bolshevik Revolution, Our Lady (the Most Holy Theotokos) warned that if man did not stop offending God, He would use RUSSIA has His chosen ‘instrument’ to punish the world. … At Fatima, Our Lady (the Most Holy Theotokos) declared, ‘ONLY I CAN HELP YOU!'” – quoting from

    So the Church and ‘Christians’ here in the United States of America have followed the errors in Christian Doctrine and the errors in interpretations of the Church’s Canon of Sacred Scripture of their ‘pastors’, having allowed their US Government to continue on violating its own Constitution, natural law and Divine Law.

    Keep watching as the US, the UK and Zionist Israel continue to fall deeper and deeper into their evils as God’s Great Chastisement approaches as RUSSIA begins to meter out JUSTICE, beginning with and in current events in the nation of Georgia over South Ossetia.

    – Fr. Joseph

    “The great trial has arrived for your (US) nation. How many times, as a concerned and sorrowing Mother, have I endevavored to urge my children to follow the path of conversion and of return to the Lord.

    “I have NOT been listened to. You (USA) have continued to walk along the way of rejection of God, and of His Law of Love. Sins of impurity have become ever more widespread, and immorality has spead like a sea which has submerged all things. Homosexuality, a sin of impurity which is against nature, has been justified; recourse to the means of preventing life have become commonplace, while abortions – these killings of innocent children, that cry for vengeance before the Face of God – have spread and are performed in every part of your (US) homeland.

    “The moment of Divine Justice and of great Mercy has now arrived. You will know the hour of weakness and of poverty, the hour of suffering and defeat; the purifying hour of the great chastisement.”

    – The Mother of God to Fr. Stephano Gobbi – The Marian Movement of Priests – Malvern, Pennyslvania USA – November 15, 1990

  • Fr.Joseph

    Shall all us us simply admit the Truth of the matter?

    The nations of the entire world (to include the United States of America) are not governed for the sake and well being and welfare of their own citizens/people or the citizens/people of other nations. Nor are they governed to the sake of the Desires and Designs of God.

    What possible else needs to be discussed regarding the US national life and the national lives of every last nation on our planet earth?

    – Fr. Joseph

  • Fr.Joseph

    Next logical question for 1 billion Catholic Christians and the other 5 billion human beings alive and living on this planet earth of ours:

    Is His Catholic Church being GOVERNED for the benefit of His Flock and for all peoples of our contemporary world of 2008 A.D.???

    As Our Lady of Fatima said “Only I can help you.”

    – Fr. Joseph

  • tommehmel

    After much commentary on the issues of Fatima, the supposed Consecration of Russia and the belief or not of its being accomplished, I’ve stated it before and I need no better support than the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her revelations to multiple seers to know the facts that It has not been done as Heaven requested it. I offer the Italian nun, Sister Alena Aeillo. (might have the spelling wrong on her name). Nevertheless, she states that Jesus spoke to Her and also the Blessed Virgin. Her 1959, 1960 and 1961 apparations speak of: “Russia mobilizing its secret armies in America.” The subsequent two years focus on the attack of Italy and the Vatican in particular. The Holy Father is being attacked by Soviet soldiers… being kicked and their is no one to come to his aid. The Blessed Virgin comes down from Heaven and the Light from Her blinds the soldiers and knocks them to the ground. (Resurrection imagery should be coming to mind for the readers now!) The Holy Virgin helps the Pope, dressed in white, to his feet by lifting him up by his elbow. (I don’t know the significance of this particular description of helping to his feet by his elbow.) What is descriptive is that the Pope flees Rome with two other Cardinals. This is similar to another different prophecy which states the Pope flees Rome over the dead bodies of his brethren! Ask yourself: What does a cloistered nun, who dies in 1962 before the Vatican II Council gets into full swing, have to reveal about America? Russia battles America… What is this nun warning us of and is she to be ignored?! For my part, the attack of Russia dovetails well with the Fatima apparations and the instrumentality of Russia in the chastisement of the world (America included). I’m not so enamored by the American Church and its track record for perversions. This sinfulness demands and draws down upon us the just punishments that America so desperately needs to wake it up to Heaven’s Plan for Salvation. America is getting its spirtual clock wound and the details of America’s demise or fall from grace is compelling grist for the media moguls who document this demise in multiple media formats. The greed, avarice and general materialistic sins of our nation is drawing us ever closer to our Heavenly orchestrated correction.

    The secular, masonic views will seek to obfuscate the truth, compromise the truth and hide the facts from the vast majority; all along and with careful ‘behind the scences’ string pulling, still ever pushing and pulling the main stream of America toward the complacency that allows us to be utterly deceived. This leaves America asleep as the Apocalypse indicates. It will become cystral clear that the great deception has occurred when we see the truth and undenialable attack of Russia! Oh, the pundits have only the secular interests to be their “guiding lights”. True Catholics have the Queen of Prophets to help us throughout this troubling period.Incidentally, this same Pope who flees Rome is hunted down and killed in exile! So join the pious few who might heed the warnings of the seers and the tapestry of the Blessed Virgin’s multiple appartions when taken together in the interlocking puzzle pieces that make up the developing image of what She warned us of for our future. This puzzle image includes America in a large way as well! What awaits America is many “natural” disasters to humble us as Therese Newumann warned us. Her words of fire, water and air related disasters are simply already documented. Those interested can do some research! Surfice it to say now, I believe the time clock is only seconds before midnight. When it strikes, the vast majority of the world will need to find their knees and the heretics and pagans better get off their anticatholic and anti Marian stances and start praying Her Most Holy Rosary. “Only She can help us!” For those years, 2008-2012 will be far from a cake walk! The coming of the comet will not be hidden from the general population for much longer. All of Hollywood’s great disaster movies are but targeted mankind triumphs over the catastrophe scenarios because mankind can do it by themselves. Obviously, we don’t need God and saying the Rosary is too simple. We don’t need to obey the Most Holy Virgin… that’s too Catholic… and because we are arrogant man; we are God!These great errors are but part of what godless Russia has been exporting since 1917 and even before! Abortion was the first official policy of soviet Russia! These errors have spread throughout the world. Now we will have the instrument of chastisement- godless Soviet Communistic Russia to dominate us until we find our knees and beg Her for Her protection. It will be no other way… because God wants to establish devotion to Her Immaculate Heart! The nations will be subjected to demonic tyranny until they allow their laws to be conformed to the Law of Christ! The Eternal Father will put them under Her Son’s Most Just rule. For us Catholics, we will see it and the tears of joy will flow for it will be wondrous in our sight! Every heretic nation, every pagan nation and every godless nation will be compelled to proclaim that “Jesus Christ is Lord”! Where will the nation of America be? For the sake of the remnant of Catholicism, for the sake of those few believers, the Holy Virgin will accomplish Her Triumph because God Wills It!We then have only to observe and keep praying because the world is in disarray and incredulous. Blood will flow on all sides. The solution of the Holy Virgin, Rosary, Scapular and Daily duty will not be accepted by the present day church hierarchy. Consecration of specifically Russia is not the solution of this hierachy. This is why the dark night of the priesthood will befall many! The apparent destruction of the Catholic Church will mirror the Passion and the Easter Joy cannot happen without the Crucifixion of the Church first! It will be Her Triumph that will dispel the heresies… many pagans will be converted as will the heretics. The Holy Church will be poor in the wealth of the world but rich in the graces necessary for salavation. The reestablishment of a Holy Church and its much reduced in number of clergy will find them living the sacramental life in true apostolic simplicity! Where will America be… converting to Catholicism. This will only be the Holy Faith of True Catholicism and not the liberal, fruit of Vatican II! We will be mostly agarian and so will the rest of the world! The factories will be small if at all and the focus will be not on materialism but on saving ones soul. Nothing will be left to the former satanic system. People will have a great thrist for the knowledge of the Truth and those remaining will have much to do to help with the conversions that will come to the Holy Church! How long does America have? The Amerika that we see today is not long to be suffered upon the world. God will purify us and we will be America again. Our laws will be in conformity to God’s Law! Legal will go away! God will be served and the nation of America will shine forth in the Light of Christ and His Holy Mother will be honored as never before. America will be loved again among the nations because we would have thrown off the yoke of satan! The masonic, demonic world monetary system of money control will be destroyed and only a godly, truthful monetary system will be established. People will have the means of production and charity, which means the love of God, will return. The great food growing capacity of this nation will help relieve much suffering! The removal of three-quarters of the world’s population in three days by God’s Holy Will will result in large scale changes in government, law, agriculture and industry. The godless rulers of this world will be removed. The masonic buddy system will be destroyed. The resulting vacuum in extortion money formerly bestowed on the craft and its brotherhood will now be obliterated. The prophecies speak of twelve years of no taxes! Whoa! The all death and taxes scenarios will be past history! Widows will not be defrauded of their homes and farms! A return to a simpler life will be ‘forced’ upon us. We will give holy thanksgiving to God for His blessings! His Holy Angels will come down to calm the people and we will be taught by them as well! The Immaculate Heart’s Triumph will usher in the “era of peace” which She promised would follow the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart! It will be wonderful in our sight! At this juncture in 2008, who could believe it would be possible? I trust in Him and His Word will be accomplished whether we believe it or not! She is the Father’s daughter, The Son’s Mother and the Spirit’s Spouse. She is the glory of the whole human race. I trust in Her words, Her prophecies because Her Most Holy Son, the Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity loves mankind! America; much prayer will mitigate much suffering!It will never be too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary! For many they will be lost by their own wilfulness. The remnant will be safeguarded in Her great Mantle! The great choice for America is the same as it was with Joshua: “Choose ye this day whom shall you serve. As for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord!”
    I think it may be right for Installment Four: The false perverted translations of the “he and the it” of Genesis 3:15 soon!

  • I have been saying that the world (not just the US) is on the verge of implosion from its perversions for a long time. If course, there are some who choose to bury their head in the sand and say nothing is wrong.

    Over on a well known Catholic forum (where I started a thread), this article is even being called bogus.

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  • Yup

    Although I think homosexuality is sick and wrong, this article is obviously biased when it comes to the church being involved with the state. Organized religion is brainwashing, and the Roman Catholic “faith” is just as perverted as homosexuality. Ratzinger was the king of the pedophiles as most Catholic priests are as well. There needs to be a WIDE berth between church and state, but in todays world, they’re one in the same.

  • me

    I recently tried gay sex and I found I actually quite liked it. I think alternative lifestyles may be better for society. traditional relationships have been miserable and forced so if you can do what you wish and with whom then surely it has a better emotional effect on people. Right now I consider my gay after being straight most my life.