Financial Crisis God’s Opportunity

Later, I shadowed the students as they walked to the grotto for May Crowning. I remember standing on Concord Hill, just outside the circle of their living rosary, and something happened. I knew that I wanted to be here. I wanted to teach here. The desire overwhelmed me. We stood together on top of that hill, and I encounter Our Lady of Good Remedy. That day – and even now – I smile at what Our Lady of Good Remedy showed me. Writing and teaching are not mutually exclusive. There are enough words for articles and classrooms. A miracle happened, all because Our Lady met me on a ridge in Missouri wine country. All because St. Ignatius helped me to discern, and I removed limitations on God’s will. Coincidentally, St. Ignatius of Loyola (and the practice of discernment that he left for us) led me to a school that bears his name. Each morning, I drive to school, and I look across the hills. Mary walks these hills, I think to myself. And I’m reminded that she really is Our Lady of Good Remedy.

So, whether you are deep in debt or unemployed, experiencing a family crisis or a faith crisis, the Blessed Mother is ready to help. St. Ignatius can show you how to discern.

And Our Lord, who is the Remedy, will pour out His mercy and grace.

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Denise Bossert is a convert and a syndicated columnist. Her column has been published in 60 diocesan newspapers. She attends Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri.

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