Bishops in Philippines Threaten to Remove “Catholic” Title From Dissenting Schools

Archbishop Jose Palma

Catholic World News is reporting that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines issued a notice that the Church may revoke the title “Catholic” from educational institutions “that promote dissent from Church teachings.”

Here’s more from the report:

Archbishop Jose Palma, the president of the CBCP, complained that some Catholic schools have thrown their support behind a family-planning bill that the bishops have strongly opposed. That conflict has sharpened tensions between some schools and their bishops.

A Catholic school “should not teach anything contrary to the official teaching of the Church,” Archbishop Palma said.

This move in support of strong Catholic identity from the bishops of the Philippines follows a July statement from the Vatican withdrawing the Catholic University of Peru’s right to use the titles “Pontifical” and “Catholic”.

Adam Wilson


Adam Wilson is a regular contributor to Campus Notes, the blog for The Cardinal Newman Society.

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    Good for Him, its about time our Bishops and Laity stand up for the Churches Teachings, Keep up the Good Works Bishop.

  • waynergf

    I agree with GDTURU. Saying one thing and doing another (as too many of our U.S. “Catholic” universities are doing) with regard to the teachings of the Church demands a strong and unequivocal reaction.