Abortion: Nancy Pelosi’s “Sacred Ground”

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The list of outrageous statements by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, a Roman Catholic, is unending. Her statements—and actions—advancing abortion have been nothing short of astounding, and extremely damaging. They are scandalous. But her latest comment may be her worst yet.

Asked why she refuses to support a bill banning late-term abortions, Pelosi said: “As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me…. This shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.”

Her statement speaks for itself. And frankly, I’m grateful she said it. Clearly, this is where Nancy Pelosi’s heart and mind and soul is. And she is speaking for countless other radical “abortion rights” advocates.

In the past, I’ve gotten nasty responses when I’ve referred to abortion as a “holy sacrament” in the “feminist church.” I was told this was over the top, too harsh, exaggerated. Well, it isn’t. For certain extreme liberal feminists, there’s nothing more dear—nothing more sacred—than abortion. Nancy Pelosi has simply publicly reaffirmed the fact.

Nancy PelosiMost distressing, Pelosi said this as a Catholic, explicitly linking her position to her faith, as she often does. She is a lifelong product of Catholic education and parishes. She went to Trinity College in Washington, DC, and then attended Mass at St. Vincent de Paul Church in the diocese of San Francisco. As she has stated, she was “raised to believe … what I profess.”

A few years back, her priest in San Francisco, Father John Ring, when asked about her radical abortion stance, demurred, saying: “She’s a fine woman. She is a good parishioner.” When asked about Pelosi receiving Holy Communion, Father Ring testily said: “Leave it in God’s hands. I’m not going to argue the matter with you.”

Now, in Washington, Pelosi is under the auspices of Cardinal Donald Wuerl.

Has anyone in the Church hierarchy spoken to Congresswoman Pelosi about her latest or previous comments on abortion? This has been, and remains, a scandal.

Dr. Paul Kengor


Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values. His books include “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism” and “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century.”

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  • haubrock

    What is angering is that if we criticize these
    obtuse leftist politicians for not knowing their faith we are told we are
    politicizing the issue. When the issue has already been politicized and twisted
    by the left. They have already put their politics before the Church.

    Then we are left hanging by some of the
    leaders in the Church by not wanting to make waves and wanting to be nice to
    these politicians that publicly scandalize the whole Church by proclaiming lies
    to be truth. Since when is it nice to let someone proclaim a falsehood as a lie
    and not be called to account for it and possibly risk eternal damnation.

    Pelosi has already excommunicated herself
    by stubbornly refusing to accept the Church teaching on abortion, let her local
    bishop make it official.

    We have to continue to proclaim the truth,
    with love, no matter how it makes the pro-abortionist feel.

  • JMC

    Sacred ground? Sacred to whom? Who was it that said that “abortion is a holy sacrifice”? More chilling words were never spoken.

  • phantom

    Typical politician

  • Barrysullivan1

    If Nancy Pelosi is not excommunicated for her pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage stands then no politician will ever be excomunicated in the US. Catholic Maryland governor O’Malley pushed the same things and Cardinal Weurl did nothing to stop him from rceiving Communion. This is so depressing.

  • Maria

    Nancy Pelosi who promotes abortion and the lie that is told to women that the fetus is not a child should be excomminicated too as should Andrew Cuomo, Kathleen Sebillius, Joseph Biden and the rest that really should identify themselves with the moral relativism that they support and properly identify themselves as Secular Humanist eugenicists.

    We’ve had enough of their lying pretense of announcing they are Catholics to get our votes and then revealing that they are the greatest liars and the power behind the attacks on all religious freedom and the ones that are most outspoken when it comes to insulting the Catholic Church.

    Here’s the list of so-called Catholic reps and sens that dail;y destroy the morals of the US.:http://www.cardinalnewmansociety.org/CatholicEducationDaily/DetailsPage/tabid/102/ArticleID/2059/Majority-of-Congressional-Members-Educated-at-Catholic-Universities-are-Pro-Abortion-Rights.aspx

  • Maria

    It’s interesting that these same “Catholic” representatives told women who were sad and depressed after having had abortions because many were led to believe that the baby was nothing but a bunch of cells, that if they felt any guilt they were crazy and then ignored these women’s cries and utter despair and sadness after realizing the reality that they had killed their child and had taken the advice of sadistic, sinister liars.

    There is a war on women–the abortion industry now has carte blanche to market their product to underage girls without oparetal permission. Every pediatrician in the U.S. is instructed now to have a “talk” with girls of 12 yrs. old without their parent present. The “talk” informs the girl that she can come and get abortion and contraceptive information without her parent’s permission. For this, you can thank all the Catholics in the House and Senate and Kathleen Sebillius. Here’s the list:http://www.cardinalnewmansociety.org/CatholicEducationDaily/DetailsPage/tabid/102/ArticleID/2059/Majority-of-Congressional-Members-Educated-at-Catholic-Universities-are-Pro-Abortion-Rights.aspx

  • Maria

    “As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me…. This shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.” Sacred ground, says Pelosi. She knows abortion is murder in the eyes of God and promotes it unendingly to lead others into mortal sin?

    John 14:15

    “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

    Matthew 18:6
    But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

    I think that about wraps up Pelosi’s actions. How many millions of the modern day “massacre of the innocents” on the altar of the idolatry worship of the flesh and sexual freedom without human kindness or responsibility has she on her soul?

    It is time to identify these representatives and Senators for what they truly are–they are not Catholics–they have sold their souls for power and wash their hands in moral relativism while they destroy and corrupt children every day and lie to young women so that Planned Parenthood fills their campaign coffers and they continue to call themselves Catholic?

  • Maria

    We have been silent for too long. The great society of God is finally reawakening. Time to clean house.

  • Maria

    Dear Mr. Paul Kengor:

    The biggest impact American people can make is to be given explicit instructions on how to home school their children and pull them legally out of public schools before they are all corrupted.

    This should be a joint venture of all religious groups throughout the country. Parents could turn schools in a cottage industry in neighborhoods to save their kids from the utter corruption infiltrating the public school system.

    Also, notify every parent to never leave their child alone for the “talk” with the pediatrician that promotes Planned Parenthood’s marketing of contraceptives and abortion without parental consent.

    A good site for the home schooling information would be Catholics Called to Witness. All the info should be published every Sunday in local church bulletins and other religious denominations newsletters for their congregants to be given the choice of protecting their children. most parents have no clue what is now being taught to their little children in “Health” classes throughout the country or what is in the books that the children are forced to read. Even the history books are filled with destructive ideas about Catholics and religious people in general and guide the children to become secular humanistic atheists.

  • Poppiexno

    Who is the real source of scandal here, Pelosi or her bishop? Has he officially excommunicated her? Has he publicly rebuked her? Has he publicly forbidden his priests to allow her to receive Holy Communion? I ask these questions because I honestly don’t know. I do know, as I’ve written on this site several times, that Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel, Archdiocese of New Orleans, publicly excommunicated two prominent persons more than fifty years ago for opposing his plan to racially integrate the parochial schools. Is opposing integrating parochial schools a graver sin than supporting abortion?

  • Peggy McGuckin Smith

    Sacred I don’t think so…more like an unholy sacrifice to Satan and his legions!!

  • sinead9191

    I would really like to know — and I have repeatedly asked this question since she and terminal-foot-in-mouth-disease Biden attempted to establish their stature as knowledgeable Catholic theologians during the 2008 primary campaign by quoting Aquinas and Augustine in justifying their stance on abortion. Their profound ignorance of Catholic theology and their public exhibition of same was scandalous — grounds, I was taught in 12 years of Catholic education, for public excommunication. Why has it never happened?

  • sinead9191

    And, another so-called “Catholic!” Sebelius is a disgrace! Why hasn’t she been publicly excommunicated? I can’t wait for the lawsuit on the Obamacare mandate to reach the courts. Maybe then we can witness some public rebuke for these scandalous politicians who dare to dictate their own distorted view of Catholicism to the clergy and faithful!

  • sinead9191

    Too bad Teddy Kennedy is no longer here — because that list should have included him, as well.

  • sinead9191

    The lack of public repudiation from cardinals and bishops in the dioceses of Pelosi, Biden, Sebelius, Kerry, Cuomo, the Kennedys and other pro-abortion politicians is as scandalous as the public endorsement of abortion these pathetic excuses for Catholics promote!

  • Florin S.

    June 26th: Cardinal Wuerl apparently said that he is not her Bishop since she is from California…if aggressively standing publicly against the Church and the teachings of the Church on such grave moral issues is not enough to cause one to be considered a Catholic NOT in good standing with the Church then there is nothing so evil that would be so. Pelosi not only publicly and aggressively promote the mass killing of millions of humans in the womb but she stands firmly and publicly against any attempt to limit this killing – and she publicly declares that she does so as a Catholic…and the Bishops stay quiet and allow her to make fools of them and of the Church…it’s almost as if she is daring them to challenge her, to give her consequences – she is penetraed more and more deeply with evil and spreads that evil everywhere she goes…and her soul is endangered because she is affirmed in her public moral evil…

  • Florin S.

    The slaughter of innocents in the womb is a far graver evil than segregation…but integration is/was perhaps a more politically correct issue to address…

  • Mary-Jane McKee

    I like Pelosi and see nothing wrong in what she stated. Mary-Jane McKee

  • Mary-Jane McKee

    Sorry. I didn’t realize Pelosi is pro abortion–and obviously need to read more about her true stand on this matter. I just heard her remarks on recent TV. Mary-Jane McKee

  • Cathleen Gillies

    Please note that Archdiocese of San Francisco BISHOP Robert McElroy who lives on the property of representative Nancy Pelosi’s parish Saint Vincent DePaul has instructed the priests there not to deny her communion. Next what is most devastating to me about this bishop is that he also published in 2006 (I think) support of same sex people adopting children. He supports a group called family builders that teaches an works to indoctrinate a child that it is better to have two mommies than no mommies. The chancery not only made McElroy a bishop after this publication but also has done nothing to stop him or to encourage him to retract his works.

    It is very frustrating that No one in leadership seems to care or believe that the Lord wants us to follow God’s commandments and live according to the will of our Father.

    OH and a Catholic San Francisco attorney has stated on his fb page that he is eager to married gay people beginning this Monday, July 1! His rationale – “it is the law” he could care less about the nearly 8million people who under great threats voted marriage is between a man and a woman for the protection of any children that might come into this family, Via natural or adoption.

    Blessed be the Lord for his gifts on my family of love and fortitude while living in this valley of tears – aka San Francisco.

  • Cathleen Gillies

    Glad you are getting involved and seeking the truth Mary-Jane – Nancy Pelosi doesn’t work to help the common good or look out for the protection of women.

  • Poppiexno

    It may be better to have two momies than none. But that is sophistry. The real question, the question in the real world is: Is it better to have a mom and dad or is it better to have two momies – or two dads. Wonder what the archbishop has to say about that choice.
    As to the lawyer, he is confusing (possibly deliberately) God’s law with man’s law. Just because abortion and same sex “marriage” are legal does not make them moral.

  • Poppiexno

    My question was intended to be ironic. Of course abortion is far worse than opposing racial integration. That’s my point. If a bishop excommunicated persons for opposing racial integration then surely bishops should excommunicate persons for advocating abortion. As for political correctness, PC was unkown then. Far from being politically correct, the Archbishop was courageously practicing his role as shepherd. If you were not alive in the South in the 50s you may not appreciate the sometimes violent opposition to racial integration. Even many good well-meaning Catholics found it a difficult adjustment to make because of the culture they grew up in; but they made the adjustment in a spirit of charity and justice. The two persons the Archbishop excommunicated were unwilling to change.

  • Jaden

    You people are idiots if you think she is actually saying that ABORTION is sacred. She said reproductive rights are sacred. Quit spewing about things you obviously don’t understand.

  • Leni Dinsay

    Don’t stressed out yourself with Pelosi. She is responsible for what she does, what she says, what she believes in. She’s the one going to be toasted in hell anyway not us.

  • Leni Dinsay

    I 100% agree with Poppiexno. Yes the bishops who does not do anything about this blatant disrespect to the church’s teaching are equally be roasted in hell. to Pelosi,Cuomo, Biden, Sibillus and their likes to please go back and re learn the basic catechism if they want to save their souls and continue to call themselves Catholic. Time is running out.

  • L. Strasser

    What is most concerning to me is that it is not only Nancy Pelosi that is snubbing the Church and passing herself off as a good and moral Catholic. What are we to do about Governor Brown of California, Governor Cuomo of New York, Vice- President Biden, and the rest of the political, media , and popular culture folks who espouse to be devout Catholics and yet actively fight against the central beliefs of the Catholic Church? Why has the Church hierarchy not taken step to excommunicate the heretics? What is the Church leadership afraid of? What are they waiting for? There comes a time when a person has to draw a line in the sand and state no more. When are our Catholic leaders going to do so?

  • Ron Turner

    If one actually believes that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ, one would be scandalized. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Poppiexno

    “Let her local bishop make it official.” Indeed, as I have argued!!! But most won’t even take the minimum step of denying reception of communiion. Scandalous and shameful.

  • Poppiexno

    I’m not so sure they are ignorant. My adjective would be “devious.” I don’t like to spread false rumors but I have read that years ago the Kennedys convened a meeting with a/some theologian(s) to craft the “i’m personally opposed to abortion etc.” made famous by Mario Cuomo. Devious

  • Yes, in 1964 they convened a meeting at Hyannis to discuss the issue with Fr. Drinan and other Jesuits.

  • BillinJax

    There must be a way for our much besieged and challenged Bishops
    of today to answer the sincere desires and cries of supplications from the people
    of God to publicly inform and personally identify the elitists Catholics in
    government, entertainment, and academia who espouse, propagate, and support
    obvious violations of Church doctrine and moral law with no fear of reprisal in
    their public displays of speech, actions or acclamations.

    We can appreciate their reluctance to become simply daily
    judges of the behavior of public figures for the convenience of the concerned faithful
    but when in a preponderance of evidence of explicit collaboration with the
    culture of death and the agenda of corruption and deceit which it is using to
    confuse the minds of a media manipulated populous it becomes prudent and of eternally consequence that the voice of Truth demands an open and universal place in our daily lives. One can only believe that in love this the duty of our Shepherds.

  • Justanothervoice

    I just want to say one thing: abortion is one of the worst thing that a woman can do. I am telling that because I have been through that very unfortunately. Up to my death, I will be crying and regretting that one day I did such a bad thing to my baby… Only God knows how much I regret. I have been depressed since then and my life has been so sad… I can’t tell how deeply sad I felt and still feel when I think of that. And has been more than 14 years ago… I prayed and asked God to forgive me. I was so naïve and so selfish, I did not know, I did not know the real impact of I was doing. It is so sad; my soul has been in the darkness since then; only a few years ago, after praying in front of the Holy Eucharist, I start feeling better. I have lost confidence, and love for myself. My life has never been the same. I was deeply depressed and lost taste for life; I still have to fight depression nowadays. My body and my face have changed. I lost my hair. I just did not like myself anymore. I just wished that that day never happened. I know I will leave with that pain, and I keep praying God and my baby to forgive and to lighten the pain. It is something really bad. ANd the Church is absolutely right: abortion is bad. I’ve learned that from my personal experience.

  • CDville

    Please find and attend a Project Rachel retreat. http://hopeafterabortion.com/ Jesus offers us mercy, but it can be so difficult to allow ourselves to receive it. I pray that you begin living the everlasting life starting now!

  • Richard III

    I am very sorry to hear of the pain and heartbreak you have gone through, but I am very happy to hear of your repentance, and congratulate you on your honesty, repentance, and courage in speaking out and sharing your story. May God bless you and grant you peace and strength; and ask your unborn child to pray for you that you and he or she will meet in Heaven.

  • Brett Page

    So Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and other ‘… folks who espouse to be devout Catholics … actively fight against the central beliefs of the Catholic Church?’. The central beliefs of the Catholic Church are derived from the Gospels of Jesus Christ which put mercy, compassion and a genuine commitment to making life better for the poor, marginalised and unpopular (who are often all three!) front and centre. What, specifically, has Pelosi or Biden done to trash these central tenets of Christianity?

  • Brett Page

    The right to life does not end at birth. Disdain for abortion, racism and the killing other citizens by hanging, shooting, gassing or poisoning them is not a mutually exclusive concept.

  • Richard III

    Pelosi, Biden, and company have trashed the central tenets of Christianity by supporting birth control; and thereby they support the exploitation of poor people, send the implicit message that poor people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids, make it a lot easier for immoral men to use women shamefully without having to take any responsibility, endanger the health of women, and last but certainly not least, they support the painful torturous and brutal slaughter of unborn children for any and every reason; what started out as something only meant to be for “saving the mother’s life” is now legal if the baby is “deformed” or “imperfect”, if having a child would “disempower” the mother or cause her to have less leisure or work time, or if the baby is the “wrong” gender (usually female).

    Exploitation, selfishness, adultery, health hazards, unjust discrimination, murder, and extreme sexism/chauvinism are not loving, compassionate, merciful, just, or helpful to the poor.