Today's Saint

St. Vincent of Saragossa

Vincent, who lived in the third century, served as a deacon and became the protomartyr of Spain. During the persecution of Dacian, governor of Spain, Vincent and his bishop, Valerius of Saragossa, were arrested. The bishop was exiled, but Vincent was subjected to terrible torture before finally dying.

It is said that his skin was torn with iron hooks, and that he was bound with rope, roasted on a grid and then thrust onto a cell floor laden with broken glass. Throughout all this torture, he refused to renounce his Christian faith and continued to praise Jesus. His wonderful display of piety and faithfulness led to the later conversion of his jailer. At the end of his persecutions, his tormentors finally relented and allowed his friends to come and prepare the bed on which he died.

Saint Vincent was such an inspiration and became so well known throughout Gaul and Africa that St. Augustine delivered many sermons about him.


St. Vincent, you are indeed an inspiration to others in faithful testimony under terrible torment.  Thank you, dear saint, for your great endurance that stands forever as a glorious witness to Divine Truth. Amen.

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