The Immaculate Conception

St. Ann conceived Mary, not by the power of the Holy Spirit as Jesus was conceived, but by normal means.  However, when she was conceived in her mother’s womb, Mary was without the stain of original sin.  This was a special grace granted by God.  Truly, this was what God had willed for all mankind, as it was with Adam and Eve, who were also without sin.  However, sin entered the world when Adam and Eve fell from grace and because of that, we are born with the stain of their sin.

Jesus, our Lord and Savior, is also the Savior of His mother.  He saved her from sin before she was born, at the moment of her conception in St. Ann’s womb.  In doing so, He also prepared her womb for His Presence.  Jesus, who made all things (Jn 1:2), created His own mother, creating her perfectly pure and sinless. He later, under the power of the Holy Spirit, dwelled in that flawless womb under her Immaculate Heart.  To prepare her for her role as mother of the Savior, “Mary was enriched by God with gifts appropriate to such a role” (Lumen Gentium 56).

  • neilfrazier

    As a testament to the poor state of catechesis, my Wednesday night 8th grade Religious Education class was unable to identify WHO was immaculately conceived.

    They all said, “Jesus”, yet God cannot sin against himself and thus needs no special gift.

    Pray for all the young people and the large number of un-catechised adults. We do desperately need to know our faith!

  • sooner811

    Actually, there were 2 immaculate conceptions. Jesus and Mary both were immaculately conceived, just each in a unique way. But to your point, most people do fail to recognize that today’s feast day is celebrating Mary’s immaculate conception, not Jesus’s.

  • jiminycricket

    A “catholic” adult I know once stated that Mary’s pregancy was only 17 days since Jesus was conceived on Dec. 8th. Not only is this a statement about catechesis in the last generation, it is also a statement of how much time people waste on fruitless activities vs. knowing the Bible and Catechism.

  • jiminycricket

    ………and she was teaching CCD also !!!!!

  • markymark

    Jesus’ conception was a miraculous event not an immaculate conception because Jesus existed before Mary conceived Him. He received His human nature from Her.