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Zombies, Fiction, & Hope in the Resurrection

Today’s special edition of the CE Podcast features the first round-table discussion with authors and contributors Cari Donaldson and Daniel Stewart who discuss the current cultural obsession with zombies, especially the popular TV show The Walking Dead, as well as our culture’s fascination with apocalyptic literature and how these cultural phenomenons have an answer in the teachings of the Church. The discussion involves not only fiction but also Fr. Robert Barron, St. Augustine, and the hope of the Resurrection that ultimately answers the fears expressed in fictional genres.  You can download the episode, stream it here, and subscribe for what might be the most interesting discussion we’ll have this summer.


Cari Donaldson is the author of Pope Awesome and Other StoriesShe writes at Clan Donaldson and is a wife, convert, and homeschooling mom of six children whom she also puts to work on her farm in rural Connecticut. You can follow her on Twitterfacebook, and Instagram.


Daniel Stewart is an author who has contributed to many magazines and books, with his most recent book being Feast! He blogs Daniel Bearman: Acts of Idiot Praise where he covers subjects ranging from politics to chickens. He lives in Florida with his wife Haley, a fellow author, where they homeschool their children, garden, raise chickens, and are preparing for a move to Texas to begin a life of farming. You can follow him on Twitter and facebook.

Michael J. Lichens is the host of the Catholic Exchange podcast where he is also editing. Because he doesn’t value sleep, he is also the blog editor of St. Austin Review and occasionally blogs at Catholic Coffee Drinkers. He has written numerous articles and reviews for a host of websites, but is especially obsessed with comics and Johnny Cash as well as the writings of GK Chesterton and Graham Greene. Currently he is trying to finish a book as well as a graphic novel. He can be found on facebook and Twitter as well.

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