Women Sue Birth Control Manufacturer over Serious Health Issues

Over 50 women in Indiana have filed lawsuits against Bayer Pharmaceuticals charging that use of the company’s Yaz and Yasmin hormonal birth control pills caused conditions ranging from gallbladder-related injuries to strokes.

There are now over 25,000 similar reported cases across the United States.

In December LSN reported that over 100 lawsuits have been filed in the U.S. against Bayer, alleging that the company has overstated the benefits of the drugs, downplayed the side-effects, and failed to conduct proper research before releasing them onto the market.

William Riley, the lawyer who is representing many of the women, told Fox 59 that he believes the company was aware of the danger that their product presented. “They’re not doing adequate clinical studies and they are aggressively marketing this to women, young women,” he said.

“We’re seeing an increasing awareness of the very real health risks associated with hormonal birth control,” said Marie Hahnenberg, project director of American Life League’s The Pill Kills project. “For years, criticism of birth control has been a sacrosanct topic, but the victims of hormonal birth control are too numerous to ignore any longer.”

American Life League’ s annual Protest the Pill Day on June 5 seeks to educate women on the dangers of hormonal birth control – a class one carcinogen on the same level as tobacco – through protests and activism at birth control retailers nationwide.

“The birth control pill, patch, IUD, and similar birth control products can cause blood clots, heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms,” Hahnenberg said. “How many lawsuits, injuries and even deaths could be prevented if only women were properly warned, or better yet, if these dangerous drugs were taken off the market?”

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  • jmtfh

    My daughter has a girlfriend from a very strong Catholic family, whose little sister–a freshman in college–was put on Yaz for acne without her parents knowledge.
    She was going blind from the medication and 10 months later, doctors are still working to fully restore her sight!

  • Joe DeVet

    These problems have been known for a long time, and still the Pill, the Shot, etc are promoted as a societal and personal “good.”

    There are two powerful current ideologies driving this strange phenomenon. One is the sexual revolution, including its feminist apologists who see birth control as a major factor in “liberation.” “Everyone is entitled to his or her orgasm, alone or with any other willing partner, at any time without fear of consequences, including blame” is the sacrosanct assumption about sex today.

    The second ideology is that of population control. Fears of the “population bomb” continue apace, despite the fact that virtually all predictions in the Malthusian book of that title by Paul Ehrlich have been shown wildly wrong. The green movement is taking up the banner, with the ultimate logic of this movement being radical human DEPOPULATION.

    Were it not for these ideologies, which have such power in today’s culture, is it conceivable that the FDA would have allowed the Pill etc to continue on the market?

    Closer to home, if the Catholic Church had not lost its voice in witnessing to the intrinsic evil of contraception, would our own faithful be equally exposed, compared to the population at large, to the harm of these things?