With God All Things Are Possible

1 Pt 1:3-9 / Mk 10:17-27

There’s a line in today’s gospel which probably caused a lot of us to breathe a sigh of relief. Jesus talks about how hard it is for the rich to enter God’s kingdom. Well, we say, at least that’s one problem we don’t have. Not so fast! “Rich” is relative, and the fact is that no matter how little we have, we’re inclined to invest too much of our hearts in it. Whatever our status, we tend to ask of our stuff more than our stuff can ever give us. And that leaves us feeling sad, betrayed, and lacking in peace. And the apostles’ question becomes ours: “Then who can be saved?”

Listen to Jesus’ answer: “For man it is impossible, but not for God. With God all things are possible.” No matter how entrenched we are in going the wrong way on a one way street, God can show us the signposts and can help us reverse course. God not only can, but he wants to, as quickly as possible, with all the urgency of a devoted father. God can do that for us if we’ll only stop, look, and listen.

Why not try it? Stop, look, and listen. God has wonderful things to show and tell you, things that can change your life.

  • stanis02

    When he said, sell all your assets, give it to the poor, come back and follow me, it is clear that Jesus meant for us to cling on him alone. To free ourselves from all attachments that binds us from following Him. And He definitely gave a good method, trust Him, make Him our only desire, our only hope. But, we can not do this on our own. Jesus wants us to be free to follow Him. Don’t worry, we will not be along, we will be with Jesus; He said bring your burden to me and take my yoke…No one can be saved unless God made it possible.