Wisdom Comes from Only One Source

Daniel 1:1-6, 8-20 / Lk 21:1-4

Lots of people spend their whole lives waiting for an invitation like the one that Daniel and his friends received in today’s reading from the book of Daniel. By order of the King of Babylon, they were selected for special training in preparation for entering the king’s service. It was their ‘main chance,’ the guarantee of a distinguished career at the top.

Daniel was pleased, no doubt about it, but at the same time he set some clear limits inside his own head: He wouldn’t compromise his faith connection to God in order to advance his career. Among other things, this meant that he would continue to observe faithfully the laws that God had given his people.

Daniel was a young man with an undivided heart and an openness to the Lord that was total. Because this was so, the Lord was able to give him what many people are never able to receive: Wisdom and insight into life’s meaning and mysteries. And because he was wise, Daniel could help the king as no one else could.

And that brings us to today’s question: How wise are we in the things that really matter? What is our insight worth as we try to help our neighbors and friends struggle with life’s mysteries? Is there anything of substance inside us?

If we want to have something of value to give, we’­d better be well connected to The One Who Is Wise!