Today’s reading from the Book of Wisdom is perhaps one of the most beautiful passages in the Bible. From beginning to end, the passage summarizes eloquently God’s priceless value and deep love for humanity. This reading from the Book of Wisdom is often used in vigil masses for those who have passed away. It is a fitting reading in that it acknowledges weakness and suffering in humankind but at the same time, it reminds us that God will bless us for our faith and trust in him.

We suffer as humans because we are weak and have our limitations. There are also those among us that are the cause of the suffering of others. We also suffer when those we love pass on and we have to learn to continue living without them. We sometimes suffer so deeply that we blame ourselves for our difficulties. How many times in our lives have we echoed that statement that “life is hard”?

God sent His Only Son to save us from suffering. We are reminded of His unending love for us through today’s reading from the Book of Wisdom. Let us confess and offer to God our weaknesses and limitations, and feel His love as we continue to pray for His forgiveness, companionship and grace.