Wisconsin Medical Society Rejects Resolution Supporting Physician Assisted Suicide

The Wisconsin Medical Society has rejected a proposal tabled within its ethics committee to remain neutral on legalizing assisted suicide.

By a vote of 13-5 the medical society came down strongly on the side of protection of the elderly and disabled.

Wisconsin Right to Life Legislative / PAC Director Susan Armacost told LifeSiteNews.com that the pro-life group worked tirelessly behind the scenes to assure a successful outcome in the vote by submitting written testimonies from numerous patients’ rights organizations and pro-life groups.

"Though we did not think the Wisconsin Medical Society would vote in favor of assisted suicide, we made sure that the ethics committee had appropriate information and testimony to review before voting on the resolution," Armacost said. "We are delighted by the outcome of the vote."

"The Council received excellent testimony in opposition to the resolution from disability rights organizations, advocates for patients’ rights organizations and others throughout the nation and Wisconsin, including Wisconsin Right to Life," said Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life in a press release.

Lyons said the decision of the ethics committee was not only praiseworthy, but showed a clear understanding of the issue.

"The physician members of the Council on Health Care Ethics understand that legalized assisted suicide leads to the abandonment of patients and places patients in a situation of increased isolation where they feel pressured to choose death. We commend the Council for its rejection today of the resolution."

Pointing out that victimization of the vulnerable by the introduction of assisted suicide and euthanasia is not only degrading to those facing death but to all of society, Lyons declared, "Wisconsin Right to Life believes we must guard against those ‘choices’ which victimize the vulnerable, ourselves and society as a whole."

"We must minister compassionately to those who suffer from pain and those who fear death. Doctors should heal, not kill.  Society must maintain the healing tradition of medicine."

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