Why Does CE Feature Some Non-Catholic Authors?

I'm wondering why, given your name of "CATHOLIC Exchange," you continually have articles — for us Catholics, no less — written by Protestants?

Example: today's "Does Marriage Have a Future?" by Terry Mattingly. He is listed on the bottom of his editorial as an "Orthodox Christian."

Just a few months ago, I read an editorial about youth pastors, written by a Protestant. What kind of Catholic site asks Protestants to help Catholics become more Catholic?! This is a serious question and I would like a serious answer, please.

Jennifer Sikora


Dear Ms. Sikora,

Thank you for expressing your concern so forthrightly. We at CE understand that Catholics are looking for trustworthy internet content and we want to keep your confidence. Every couple of months some reader will ask why we use non-Catholic writers, so I am happy to address that with you.

 I suppose it would be logical to limit our editorial material to only Catholic writers. But would that be wise? Would it serve our readers well? And most importantly, as you mentioned, would that be the bet way to help our fellow Catholics to be good Catholics?

The goal of this website is to assist in the new evangelization by heeding the call of the Vatican to permeate the culture and media with the Gospel. This is why our tagline is: Your Life. Your Faith. Your World.

Terry Mattingly, to use your example, helps Catholics understand what is going on around the country when it comes to religion. Although he is an Orthodox Christian, his column is carried in a number of secular papers. We think that we lay Catholics can be better at spreading the Gospel to our neighbors and co-workers if we know something about what is going on in the world around us and especially with regard to religious matters.

Orthodox Christians are certainly not Protestants; they are members of apostolic churches. However we do use some Protestant columnists. They are not writing on Catholic theology, nor are they writing anything contrary to Church teaching. We feature them when we think they have something of interest and value to share with our readers.

God bless you,

Mrs. Mary Kochan
Senior Editor

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  • Guest

    One of the best writers that you use regularly is Chuck Colson. I say this as a rabid Traditionalist. Colson's articles are outstanding and I place copies of them around my workplace all the time for the Fundies (and Catholics) here.

    Imagine seeing an article by one of their own with the Catholic Exchange logo in full color as the masthead. It shows them we have much in common and opens dialogue. Gotta get them into the True Church somehow!

    Your brother in Christ,


  • Guest

    To be ignorant of the world around is to lead that world away from the truth. Jesus himself told us that those who don't preach against us are for us, so why fear writters that have not come into the fulness of the faith? If we are Baptized into the Body of Christ, sharing the same baptism, we are part of the Mystical Body and we need to share with one another. I would rather read a good article from any person that gives us clear inforamtion than to read corrupt, erroneous information from a staunch "Catholic."  

  • Guest

    If these non-Catholic writers were making statements that conflicted with Catholicism, that obviously would be a cause for concern.  But they're not, as far as I've ever seen!  And I agree with Doria2 that Chuck Colson's articles are one of the (many) strong points of Catholic Exchange. 

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    Clare, what happened to your "i"? For someone without an "i" you see it the right way, (pardon the spelling game). As long as the orthodoxy is upheld we don't mind sharing it. Actually it gives us more exposure and credibility. Jennifer Sikora's concern is valid in light of all that is going on in our "catholic" schools.

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    I love the variety of writers at CE – helps keep me well rounded in the news.  I went to a VERY orthodox Catholic college and read Chuck Colson for the first time there, so glad I got to know his work then – he is a treasure in many ways.  I don't see a thing wrong with people of other faiths contributing to CE – our faith is the fulfillment of the Jewish faith and all Protestant faiths came from us.  The things we can learn from each other, we should!  I'd be the first one pitching a fit if anyone attacked or undermined the Catholic faith on CE –  Good readin!!!  keep it up – God Bless, KMc 

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    Yeah, wassamater with material by Catholic authors like Garry Wills, Fr. Andrew Greely and James Carroll? Yell

    All kidding aside, my point is, obviously not all Catholic writers necessarily communicate authentic Catholic truth in their writings. On the other hand, some non-Catholic writers express "Catholic" truths very well, though perhaps not in the context of "official" Church teaching. Can we learn from non-Catholic thinkers? Try to imagine how different Aquinas would have thought about the Christian faith had he not been familiar with (and drawn benefit from) the writings of that classical pagan philosopher Aristotle.

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    all good comments. I must say that if lex orandi/lex credendi are so intertwined, how much is what we believe enmeshed in what we teach? Even though I also appreciate C. Colson particularly, I know that he has not accepted the fullness of the teachings of the Church, and the flavor and the emphasis of what he does teach is no doubt affected by his beliefs. I often listen to Michal Youssef  when driving and have been brought up short by some serious anti catholic pronouncemnts and misunderstandings — I wonder how those misunderstanding affect his explanations of the gospel? I know that Dr Dobson, whom I also admire and Church Colson have participated with Youssef on various occasions, though I think they maybe more careful to couch their teaching not to outright offend Catholic listeners.

    but- even if what they say is not  offensive, what more benefits and richer understanding might we have from erudite Catholic preachers and writers? there are plenty-