Why did you come back to the Church?

Everyone loves a conversion story. Or a re-version story.

There's a great thread on Amy Welborn's blog with stories from people who had left the Church and then came back. 72 stories so far.

Mark Shea has his own thread with a slightly different angle: If you're a convert, why did you become Catholic? Why do you stay? 56 comments so far.

Would anyone like to share their conversion or re-conversion stories with the Catholic Exchange audience? 


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    I got angry with something that was being done in a particular mission parish, and walked away from the practice of the Faith, at first just when I was there, since it was "not really Catholic."  Gradually, of course, I lapsed from the practice (but never the belief) in all circumstances.  I was "out" for seventeen years.

    When I moved away from that place, I discovered in myself a hunger for Eucharist, which is what brought me back and strengthened me.  Now when I go to visit that place and my family that still lives there, I have no trouble attending Mass there.  I am saddened by all that I missed in letting someone else push me away from Jesus.
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    Once upon  a time, I had left the Church for silly late teen rebellious reasons. When God was gently leading me back, I informed my husband that I wanted to check out other churches first. In turn, I was informed that we would be disinherited if we formally left the Church. So with that very "Catholic" answer, the church is all about money you know , we started going back to Mass. While still living the stage of "looking for God in all the wrong places," I began to educate myself about the Catholic Church by reading, discussing, praying the rosary, and attending RCIA classes. The Lord also put a new, dear friend in my life who pointed me to all the right resources. And here I am, 9 years later, still learning and falling in love with Christ's one true church.