Why are you Wearing a Dress?

 Why was I surprised at their reaction? I mean, this is the same mother who for years walked them to the corner bus stop in her flannel reindeer pj’s, garden clogs and their grandfather’s over coat.  And that was a good day.  Warm weather arrived and they got nervous.  Boxer shorts were in season…

And now my children are making a big deal out of me wearing a dress on a Tuesday morning.

“Where are you going today?”

“Do you have an appointment downtown at the newspaper?”

“Did you actually iron that?”

“Did you remember to shave your legs?”

“Your toe nail polish is chipped. You should really fix that or find some close-toed shoes.”

“Do I smell perfume?”

“Are you having lunch with dad?”

“Did someone die?”

Okay, maybe I need to put forth a teenie weenie bit more effort in the Domestic Fashionista department. But hey, any work from home mommy knows one of the benefits of this type of gig is working in your pj’s.  Or at least comfy clothes.

I was talking to a friend who’s also first a mommy and housewife…then works part time out of a home office. Her job requires her to travel occasionally.  She voiced what made perfect sense – at least to the two of us. 

“On the days I stay home, it’s harder to figure out what to wear, you know? (I did! I do!)  I have my standard uniform of favorite jeans and a colored t-shirt.  But which t-shirt?  With lycra or 100% cotton? Am I in a black t mood or pink?  Flip-flops or boots?  Belt or no? Do I bother with earrings? Ponytail or leave my hair down?  Wear around the house jeans or decent enough for parent teacher conference jeans?  Shirt with buttons or without? Socks or no socks?

“Going to work is easy. I have two different suits I wear to give workshops. It’s a no brainer.”

Perhaps Work-Away- From- Home friends envy our dress code.  Who wouldn’t want to show up at banking headquarters in their flannels when it’s 24 degrees outside?  Sometimes their envy shows. Recently, while gathered with girlfriends on a late Sunday afternoon, the topic turned to the dreaded Monday Morning Attack Plan. I chimed in my angst-appropriate comment, which was met by not one but two gals admonishing, “Why? You don’t have to work!”

“I have a job!!”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to get dressed and go anywhere.”

See if I call them the next time I stress over what to wear to the grocery store. 

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