Where Is God?

In today’s Gospel, we see that the disciples do not understand what
Jesus has been saying. In particular, they do not understand what Jesus
is talking about when he tells them that they will not see him, and
then a little later they will see him again. They do not know what he
is talking about.

It seems obvious to us that Jesus was talking about his death and
resurrection. But we Christians today have the benefit of hindsight. So
what seems obvious to us would not have been so clear to the disciples.
They could not have understood that Jesus was talking about dying, and
then rising again and appearing to them.

Some of the most difficult moments in our lives are when we do not
understand what God’s plan is for us, like times when life is filled
with suffering, and we do not understand why God would allow this
happen to us. Or times when we feel that Jesus has deserted us, right
at the moment when we really need him. Or when a crushing blow
unexpectedly threatens to derail us. Or when we struggle with that
all-important question: Its is during these moments we seem to ask
ourselves “Where is God?”

We do not always understand Jesus. If we did, then he will not be God.
Perhaps, if we can always understood his plan for us, then perhaps we
will not be living by faith. Faith is believing in Jesus even though we
do not see him, even when we do not always understand his plan for us.

Let us continue to trust Jesus in good times and especially in
difficult times. Let us be reminded to ask him to help us, to strength
our faith and trust in him, especially during those times when we need
him the most.