Where Have You Invested Your Heart?

Ez 24:15-24 / Mt 19:16-22

Once in a while it’s fascinating to take just a peek, with the help of our TVs, at the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The yachts and private jets, the designer clothes and jewels, the posh residences scattered helter-skelter across the world, and the regularly-scheduled face-lifts: It all seems so unreal and so far away from our own lives. And we might conclude that we’re relatively immune from the temptations experienced by the rich young man in today’s gospel.

Unfortunately, we’re not. There’s something in every one of us that inclines us to give our hearts to what’s in front of us, no matter how trivial or inconsequential it may be. And having given our hearts, we have little room for anything else, not even an invitation from the Lord.

Take some time out and see where you’ve invested your heart. Does your investment make sense? Is it yielding the kind of return that a heart-investment should? Is it perhaps time to reallocate your most precious resources? It is for many of us, so don’t be shy!