What’s So Special About Them

What’s so special about the twelve apostles? They are really just common people, not even very educated. They were neither wealthy nor people who had positions in society. And yet, Jesus chose them and gave them authority to cast out demons. What characteristics did they have for Jesus to have chosen them?

As we reflect about this question, there are probably three basic characteristics that made them apostle material, which are the following: 1) they were sincerely searching for their savior; 2) they believed that Jesus is their savior; and 3) they were willing to let go of everything to follow Jesus.

First, the apostles were in active search of their Savior. They were really searching for one who would blow their mind away and redeem them from their slavery. Initially, they might have thought that they wanted a force that will help drive away the Roman colonizers. But in the end, they found a more profound freedom from their slavery to sin.

Second, they saw in him what they were looking for. He had authority in speech and deed. The apostles clung to his every word and let themselves get taken in.

Finally, they let go of everything. They followed Jesus wherever he went, and they abandoned the lives they led before they met Jesus. They offered their lives in his service.

As modern followers of Christ, to what extent are we able to follow the same basic steps that the apostles took? If Jesus were on earth now, would we be ready to be picked as his apostles? The fact is, he is present today among us. What do we still need to do in order to be apostle material?