What’s Important

Is there something in our lives that rejects this call to holiness?
What is it that takes precedence in our spiritual life? Jesus invites
us to take a Christian stand, just as he invited his first followers
to become examples for others by the way they lived. Jesus invites us
to embrace insults, persecution, and false accusations for his sake.
He asks us to offer the other cheek and to forgive our enemies and
pray for them. The words “For his sake” has captured the hearts of
countless ordinary Christian people throughout the ages. Only when we
bless those who make us suffer can we truly love Jesus. And forgiving
those who make false accusations against another requires true
Christian heroism.

The Beatitudes challenged Jesus’ disciples and continues to challenge
us today and will continue to challenge people in the future. The
Beatitudes were not meant as a message for just one generation. The
teaching was given to stir up the hearts of those who were listening
at the time and it should stir up our hearts today as well. As we
think about the Beatitudes, let us ask ourselves: “Am I living as God
sees the world?” If the answer is “yes”, do not get too comfortable.
Jesus is going to move us to deeper faith and service. If the answer
is “not as well as I could”, then we should continue to pray for
greater understanding and wisdom and God’s way will become clearer to

Let us thank Jesus today for explaining to us what is truly important.
Let us ask Jesus for the grace and strength to cast aside our fears
and continue to follow closely in his footsteps.