What Return Is God Getting…?

Ez 34:1-11 / Mt 20:1-16

Measured by the popularity of certain types of talk shows and of the pulp publications available at supermarket checkout stands, our fascination with the derelictions of public figures knows no bounds.

Misuse of public funds for private purposes, blatant abuse of government power, gross infidelity to the most fundamental of oaths, both public and private, cover-ups of cover-ups. The list goes on and on, and we’re as disgusted as Ezekiel was in today’s Old Testament reading.

At least among those who strive to live by a moral code, there’s an inner sense that we stand apart from such goings-on. But do we? What we do, for good or ill, will rarely merit the attentions of even the local shoppers’ guide. Yet it remains a fact that each of us has been entrusted with some small piece of the earth, some unique complex of talent, for which we are responsible and for which we must render an accounting. God’s gifts are lent to us for awhile to be used for the good of God’s family as well as for our own joy.

And that brings us to our question for the day: What real benefit have God’s people derived lately from the special gifts God has loaned to you? Would Ezekiel recognize a familiar old pattern in you? Are you satisfied to leave things as they are?