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What Happened to Catholic Schools? What Can We Do?

It’s a subject that’s always makes us stop to wonder, especially if we are trying to bring children up in the faith. After years of Catholic schooling and going to Mass, why are so many children leaving the Church and seeming to know nothing about the faith? What happened to Catholic schools? Are we in a catechetical crisis?

For today’s special edition of the Catholic Exchange Podcast, Michael speaks with Charlie McKinney about what happened and, more importantly, what organizations like Sophia Institute for Teachers is doing to help the Church and to assist parents in bringing up faithful children. Charlie brings a great knowledge of history, courses, and the data to discuss what many children are learning, as well as the many ways that we can help out today to create great Catholic schools and communities that pass on the joy of the Catholic faith. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts on school, catechesis, and making saints in our own time.


Sophia Institute for Teachers works with Catholic teachers to help them prepare to teach the truths of the Catholic Church in a compelling and faithful way, equipping them with the tools they need through professional development and class-room ready materials. Sophia Sketchpad brings lively animation and sound doctrine to teach the basic tenants of the Catholic faith in short videos, all free and widely available. Material is also available for Teachers and Catechists that perfectly complements the videos. Classroom guides are available from Sophia Institute Press, which includes lessons on the Sacraments, Beatitudes, and Sacred Art with more guides to be published soon.

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