Welcome to the Table

Depending on which side of the fence we are in, today’s Gospel is welcome or unwelcome news. If we are those invited and make excuses, what a great loss! But if we are those poor, crippled , blind and lame who don’t deserve the great banquet – what a great consolation! The key here is discernment. Many times we don’t recognize this banquet. It is not recognizable at first sight, because the invitation of the Lord looks like work, sacrifice, and a waste of time. Examine your lives and see the times when the Lord God presented himself to us an event, an opportunity to dine and feast with Him. The feast is to enter into God’s will by dying to ourselves and sharing in the resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. It means to enter into our daily crosses and share the victory that Christ has won for us. It seems there is no glory to do good, no joy in serving the Church and the people of God. Sharing ourselves does not seem like a banquet at all. But behind all these challenges, moments to live our Christianity and faith, a banquet really awaits us. But we give excuses because we are selfish and in the end, when we try to find our lives, we lose it. We will miss the feast if we do not put God above everything else. God wants to bring all to heaven by following Christ.

If you are reading this reflection today, it means you are invited. Respond with wisdom and discernment.

  • Thomas Lynch

    No Cross no Christ