Welcome Life

This reflection is taken from my book Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at: ProLifeReflectionsForEveryDay.org.

“Through him all things came into existence” (John 1:3).

Reflection: Humanae Vitae is much more than a “birth control” encyclical. It declares and reaffirms the very meaning of human life as a sacred gift from God. We find our fulfillment precisely in welcoming, nurturing, and giving ourselves away for that gift of life. By capturing this vision of what life means, prohibitions on abortion and contraception make sense as pieces of a greater picture, and corollaries of one simple truth: God is love and life, and we are called to be like him.

Prayer: Jesus, you fill the world with life. Take away our fear, and make us fruitful. Amen!

Fr. Frank Pavone


Father Frank A. Pavone is an American Roman Catholic priest and pro-life activist. He is the National Director of Priests for Life and serves as the Chairman and Pastoral Director of Rachel's Vineyard.

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