Homily of the Day

Wednesday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

There are so many people suffering today. It is troubling to see people suffering hunger, oppression and injustice. Yet, as Christians, how do we respond to the plight of our poor brothers and sisters?

In the beatitudes, God favors the poor, the oppressed and the rejected. He is not blind to the sad realities of our world and this is why he calls us to help the poor. The less fortunate look to God for help. We are God’s messengers of hope for them. But though we are called to help, many of us remain blind to their plight. We tend to ignore them because we are too busy satisfying ourselves. Or perhaps, we are indifferent to the poor because we do not know and cannot imagine the pain and suffering they are undergoing.

As Christ is our model for those less fortunate, we are encouraged to get out of our comfort zones and to be with the poor, the sick, and the lonely. It is time to think less of ourselves and to start to humbly serve the needs of others. Let us truly and indeed be God’s messengers of hope.