Homily of the Day

Wednesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time

Today’s parable is quite self-explanatory.  Which makes it a problem for us is that we tend to take it for granted more often than not. The only problem we have is applying it to ourselves.  We can think of the many people which the parable describes as those who have worries of the world, of those who are lured by riches, of those whose passions come in to choke the word of God. This may actually be OUR situation.

The word of God is what gives faith to a person.  And that faith gives fruit to eternal life.  We often equate many things falsely to eternal life. Economic progress is not eternal life. Human achievements and success are not eternal life. Material wealth, all the more, is not eternal life.  Eternal life is our first priority, but if we examine our lives, it is actually the last priority after the needs of our flesh, of our family, of our jobs, of our homes.

The word of God is choked by the passions of the world., taken away by the birds and doesn’t find  any roots. All these distractions produce NOTHING. And nothing is nothing.  We may end up at the end of our lives realizing that all that we have worked for is really for nothing.