Homily of the Day

Wednesday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Do we know what our mission in life is? Jesus’ mission was to glorify his heavenly Father through obedience to His will. In the Gospel, we see Jesus who has finished his mission on earth and about to return to his Father in heaven.

Jesus’ strength comes from the Father. We who aspire to become disciples of Jesus must pray for strength from the Holy Spirit. As his disciples, we are consecrated in God’s truth and holiness. To “consecrate” means “to be made holy or to set apart for God”. It also means to be equipped with the qualities of mind, heart and character for a task or service. Just as Jesus was called by the Father to serve in holiness and truth, so we too, are called and equipped for the task of serving God in the world as his representatives. God’s truth frees us from ignorance and the deception of sin. It also reveals to us God’s goodness, love, and wisdom. Is our life consecrated to God?

May the Lord, take our lives and make it wholly pleasing to him. May He sanctify us in His truth and may the Holy Spirit guide us that we may follow Him faithfully wherever He may lead us.