We Don’t Believe You, Mr. President

Dear President Obama,

Every citizen with a modicum of insight into public affairs would say that America is now at a crossroads of decision about what kind of future we want for our nation-and, by extension, for the rest of the world. Whether we like it or not, you are the one who is designated by a vote of the electorate to lead us in that decision-making process. You have asked for the job, and you have proposed yourself as being competent for it. History will judge your Administration on its own merits when your term is complete, but we, the citizens of this country, must judge it for what we see happening before our very eyes. Quite frankly, the picture isn’t pretty, and you haven’t earned our respect as a leader.

The reason for this, Mr. President, is that we can’t believe what you say, and frankly, what you do is utterly unbelievable at times.

The recent Gulf Coast oil spill disaster is indicative of your utter carelessness with the onerous burden of governance.  Not only did you dis the families of the 11 workers killed in the disaster, but you also attended fundraisers in CA, a trip to the golf course and several state parties in the White House during the whole time the Governor of Louisiana has been screaming frantically for your attention. How can you expect us to believe that you were actually “in charge” of handling the disaster? In six weeks we have seen hardly a shred of evidence to convince us of that. A leader who says he is in charge of something and then conducts a systematic campaign of blaming, dodging, obfuscating, ignoring and even now prosecuting the others involved-instead of fixing the problem-will hardly go down in the record books as the savior he proposed himself to be when you were elected. You are the Commander-in-Chief who has gone AWOL on a truly national crisis.

On top of all that, you basically blew off a sacred national holiday, Memorial Day, for the sake of a vacation to gangsterland. That slap in the face to our military men and women was not lost on anyone, nor was the narcissistic disregard for American history or anything other than what fits your extreme political agenda. These are appalling traits for the one who holds the highest political office in our land, and only a fawning and dishonest media allows you to get away with this negligence in office.

Speaking of which, what are we to make of your pathetic excuse for the crime of attempting to bribe Congressman Sestak to bow out of the Senate race against Arlen Specter? Do you really think Americans believe the utterly implausible story about offering him a “non-paying” position on some presidential panel? Your Administration’s explanation, issued on the afternoon of a holiday weekend, rings hollow, and everyone knows it. “Hollow” is an adequate word to describe your Administration, your political theatre and your rhetoric. Even some of your staunchest ideological supporters admit that it is getting increasingly hard to believe that you mean anything you say.

In the midst of all this domestic incompetence and dishonesty, we have seen no realistic response to North Korean, Iranian or Turkish aggression on the world scene. Foreign politicians know you are a leftist lightweight, and so we can expect more of the same from the rogue nations of the world, further destabilizing the security of our nation and the world. We have, however, seen you and your inept band of political marauders pander to foreign dictators and exploit the Mexican President to abuse us and our national deliberations on serious issues. We have seen your ideological hacks take over whole industries, plunder the private sector, abuse the good will of states and consume sound American institutions as if they were your enemies and with a ferocity that would befit only those who we would call our true national enemies.

Like the Gulf oil spill, your Administration is out of control, and every day is another step closer to disaster. As the oil continues to pollute, kill and damage the external beauty and economy of a whole region, you and your team are doing the same with the trust of the people who built this great country.

We deserve better, Mr. President, and it’s time you start doing your job.

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
President, Human Life International

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  • efjc18

    Amen! Thank you Fr. Euteneuer for being so clear and succinct.

  • Francis

    Right on!

  • Obama’s presidency so far is on a trajectory to become the greatest debacle in our nation’s history. When he was first elected I gave him the benefit of the doubt; there’s no more benefit now because there’s no more doubt. Let’s hope we can contain the damage until we have the chance to elect a fix-it guy in 2012; whoever that is, will have his work cut out for him (or her).

  • Joe DeVet

    Amen. Harsh words. But hardly harsh enough to describe a real political and moral disaster.

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  • fishman

    interesting, can’t say I disagree. 50-50 he gets re-elected. The memory of this/my T.V. generation is only slightly longer than their attention span. did I mention we tend towards cynicism as well 😉

  • john2

    Splendid article, father, right on target. He is no more going to get reelected than I am. The lessons for Catholics are many.

    We have a Boy President who hates our faith, whether he understands it being a secondary question. We can’t wait for him to grow up, nor does he show any motivation to do so.

    His freedom of action is already restricted. He does not dare try cap and trade or immigration amnesty. He is even trying to play “helpless” vs. the oil spill. The Sestak and Romanoff scandals are indefensible. In fact, he doesn’t even feel free to push Congress for a budget before the November election. These restrictions will be tightened and, one hopes, formalized in November. He will be replaced in 2012.

    I hope everyone remembers this most instructive national mistake for a good long time.

    I will not live to see another anti-American president. That is, I won’t be living on earth….but there are many lessons in this little story for observant Catholics.

  • pjrd

    Fr. Euteneuer, you are a bright light in the darkness. Thank you for your courage in speaking the truth. May it inspire the rest of us to speak up and not be silent!

  • goral

    All correct but what do we do about the electorate who put this pathetically irresponsible partier into office. Marxists do not change when they have the power.
    The same self-serving, morally bankrupt voters, and that’s only the catholics, who elected this sophist will vote for him again.