Sent on a mission

To bring no provisions when going on a journey is really unthinkable. If we were in the place of the disciples, how would we have reacted? We would certainly welcome being sent on a mission with another companion, but why did our Lord give such an impractical stipulation as to “take nothing for the journey?” These two conditions which the Lord imposed on his disciples were meant to inculcate in his followers (and that includes us today) the right disposition or attitude in the work we are called to do. It is a way of emptying ourselves to rely on others which is a very humbling experience. What a good way to teach us faith and trust in every aspect of our life. As for the command to go with a companion, not only is it an encouragement to go to unknown territories with a supportive companion, but it also awakens in us the realization that in everything we do, we are part of a much greater undertaking. Can we be less attached to our talents, our achievements, our treasure, knowing that all of these are God’s gifts that must be shared with our needy brothers, thus reinforcing the teachings on love?