Watch What You Say

First Reading: Jas 3:1-10
Psalm: Ps 12:2-3, 4-5, 7-8
Gospel: Mk 9:2-13

We should be careful of what we say. From the tongue can come both
praises and curses. It takes very little to cause harm to others by
what we inadvertently say to them. However, often we find ourselves
letting our tongues speak out of control, especially when the
conversation starts to focus on the faults or misconceptions of
others. The first reading reminds and warns us to be more careful
of the evils that can come about as a result of the improper control
of our tongues.

During his transfiguration, Jesus personally chose three disciples
to be with him at the Mount of Olives. Even if these disciples did
not yet fully unde rstand the meaning of Jesus’ actions, this was a
part of the vision of the glory of God in Jesus that is to come.

When we reflect on our own lives, have we ever experienced finding a
place that is most like the Mount of Olives where we grasped a bit
of Jesus’ glory in a special way? What to you is the meaning of the
words, “This is my Son, whom I love; listen to him”? Do these words
affect us in such a way that we realize that the Lord is telling us
to be still and know that he is God and that the splendor of the
transfiguration is the proof that Jesus is his son?

  • Vuhung

    Jesus, i love You.
    have mercy and fullfil my haeart your love.

  • Richzzi

    Wonderful reflections on the word of God. Please am in a different time region now in Africa and I get these reflections a day after is there any way you can assist me to get them earlier. thanks