Wasn’t It Just Yesterday?

I know exactly where I was 20 years ago today. And the result is upstairs getting ready for summer college classes. I have no idea how this happened….

Wasn’t it just yesterday when Scott and I, married for a year and naïve, left our little first home bungalow and family and moved to Shrevepit, LA…where we had two friends, two mortgages, one dog, one cat and more love than sense?

Wasn’t it just yesterday when I squealed so loud in Drs. Mitchell and Montgomery’s office the nurses came running?

Wasn’t it just yesterday Dr. Mitchell looked at me and solemnly whispered, "I think it’s time we consider the ‘other’ option"? At which point I glared at him between my knees and hissed, "Open the zipper and take it out!"

Wasn’t it just yesterday when the pediatricians, magazines and friends swore colic only lasted 6 weeks? Not six months. And why didn’t anyone tell me he’d only stop crying as I held him while STANDING?

Wasn’t it just yesterday we moved our baby boy and his crib back to our little bungalow in Florida?

Wasn’t it just yesterday I sat at TPC Sawgrass for hours on end– days on end– watching him, a toddler in diapers, hit bag after bag of golf balls?

Wasn’t it just yesterday our 3-year-old boy smushed his nose against the nursery window and smiled at his little sister?

Wasn’t it just yesterday our little boy started PreK at San Jose Catholic School? Then a few years later sported Helow’s white suit for First Communion?

Wasn’t it just yesterday the new pediatrician cranked up a nebulizer and said, "He’d have been in the ER in respiratory failure if you got her five minutes later."? (No thanks to all the previous doctors who kept diagnosing upper respiratory infections instead of asthma. Idiots.)

Wasn’t it just yesterday he received his Scouting awards? Academic awards? Golf and tennis awards?

Wasn’t it just yesterday we could barely walk through the house without encountering one of his Legos, books or dwarf hamsters named Betsy?

Wasn’t it just yesterday we bought his first navy blue blazer? Pair of glasses? Contact lenses?

Wasn’t it just yesterday we ripped him from his comfy world to move three states away? Where, during that first week of school, he met his best friend, Daven?

Wasn’t it just yesterday when he and Daven spent the night, unsupervised for the first time, on a sailing trip?

Wasn’t it just yesterday when he walked past me to receive his high school diploma clad in Beta Club and Suma Cum Laude cords?

Wasn’t it just yesterday we moved him into his first dorm room? Then his second?

And it was, just yesterday, when my little boy set the alarm for 6a.m. to get to the DMV early to renew his driver’s license without being late for summer school.

That was yesterday. The day before he turned 20.

And I still have no idea how this happened.

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  • Claire

    Okay, you’re making me cry, I thought this was a humor column! (Sniff, sniff)

  • the3terrills

    I’m there – my baby graduated… from college… Didn’t he just start kindergarden yesterday?

  • Cooky642

    Sorry, girls, but I have to tell you: it’s even worse when it’s your “baby” grandson! Mine turned 20 last February, and I’m still shuffling baby pictures around wondering what happened! But if, as with my “little” (5′ 11″, 180 lbs!) boy/man, he’s become someone you are so proud of you don’t have the vocabulary to express it, then you–we–are truly blessed!