Was Jesus Wrong About the End Times?

Currie bookI just read David Currie’s latest book, What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Currie is the author of the super-popular book Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic which was part of the “first wave” of books by Catholic converts after the doldrums of the 70s and much of the 80s. That book has been instrumental in countless conversion to Catholicism, Deo gratias.

This book has a narrower focus, specifically trying to explain Jesus’ words on the end times, especially in the Olivet discourse. These passages have caused untold confusion among readers, in part because Jesus is speaking not just about one “end” but multiple “ends”.

Currie describes the ingenious chiastic structure of Jesus’ statements and how they clue the listener/reader into different subjects in these passages. Jesus uses a pattern that looks something like this: ABCDEFGZGFEDCBA, where each statement or phrase is represented by a letter and matched with a complementary statement in bracketed order. “Z”, in this case, is the climax or central statement with the group. He uses this structure in several places, and it informs the reader about which “end” He is speaking of, whether the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD or the end of the world.

This book fascinated me because I have never done a serious study of this subject; I was simply never deeply bothered, as many have been, with the apparent contradictions or inconsistencies in Jesus’ words. The chiasm and inclusio were thus something new to me, at least as applied here.

Currie’s book serves an important function: making a thorough and definitive answer that harmonizes Jesus’ statements about the end times and allays the fears of people who think Jesus “messed up” on it. (Of course, Jesus can never “mess up” or err, since He is God, which is why we work so hard to understand how His words can be true.)

Bravo to David Currie for an excellent and helpful book on this important topic!


Devin is the author of If Protestantism Is True and he blogs at St. Joseph’s Vanguard.

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  • inspokane

    Its been 2000 years, God intercedes the World in a big way!! every 2000 years. Noah, Jesus,endtimes…its been 2000 years. Coming TETRAD in 2014-2015=four blood red moons and that fall on the Jewish Feast DAYS, or Gods Feast Days I should say. God is interceding the World ….big way …we shall see….but on the last tetrad. so many things happened to Isriel on those exactdays. Look it up. NASA will give you the dates. I think revelations says alot of blood red moons and sackcloth moons. Ah Yes! Bingo! God is coming like a theif in the night. No one know the day or the hour….mmmmm. who is he talking to. The DEAD CHURCH AND THe LUKE WARM CHURCH! He goes on to say. But I need not tell you because you know the APPOInTED Times!!!! What do he Jews know. The FEASTS OF THE LORD!!!! GET IT!!! GOOD> GOD is Coiming…as the God of Mercy before the JUST JUDGE!!!!!! Coming in to the souls of Man. We will see our soul as God SEES IT, Its called the WARNING, (see Garabandal Prophecies and wathc the actual signs and wonders on 1960 home movie technology. Its all there. and now 2 people are named Saints who say this is so…JP2 and Sister Faustina Kowlowski! I went to Garabandal in 1995. I seen so many Miricles on good friday standing up at the pines where a great miricle is to take place..for all to see, to be telivised, but cannot be touched. I think it is going to happen on one of the blood red moons. I also think the 6th seal is broken on the first blood red moon coming. Do the research yourself and test everything. 119 mininstries has a great teaching on all this that is the most thourgh i have recently found. I think it is labeled as the END TIME Prophesies revealed on their websight. Enough of a lesson today…I need more coffee. GB jer Its just my thoughts and opinion. WE will see very soon. Meantime get soul ready.

  • ayad

    Jesus is never wrong, heaven and earth pass away and my words will not pass away said Jesus, I did no even bother to read your garbage

  • thanks for posting all of that…you are correct and it saves me typing…God bless and pple….be prepared in your souls…

  • I’m of the mind set that of the prudent virgins awaiting the Prince’s arrival having the forethought to bring enough oil to last until his arrival…Be prepared!

  • David Currie’s book, “Rapture, The End Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind” is an excellent read also.

  • kirk

    Hmmmm……well, you spoke your mind! What was it that irked you the most – The title on this column, or are you picky about what (or whose) garbage you read? You know, even though you may not agree with everyone, there just might be a gem in there somewhere.

  • ayad

    I read no garbage, I found my gem in the gospel of my lord and savior Jesus the Christ, when a person have a holy relationship with the lord, God the holy spirit will inspire him, and need not to spend money on books which will miss lead him, our lord is the way the truth and the life.

    Note for the writer the temple was destroyed when Jesus died on the cross. at 70 A.D Jerusalem was destroyed.

    I am catholic and have strong devotion to our mother the blessed virgin Mary the mother of God.

    I do read books written by great saints.

  • A. Gabriel

    The only words that matter at all are those spoken by Jesus. End of story.

  • A. Gabriel

    We are in end times. Make no doubt about that. The evil looming is taking over in the hearts of so many what with gay marriage, abortion, violence, broken families, lost economies, and horrific weather patterns. Prepare for the second coming of Christ and repent.

  • That Was Then

    Everyone has an end time. It may not be the end of the world for all, but it will be the end of world for one at some point when one’s dies.

  • kirk

    Devin…Your review of Currie’s book is interesting – I’ll put it on my wish list. I’ve read Currie’s earlier book and it’s one that I recommend often when an RCIA participant wants something for home study. My only criticism of the current book might be the “title” because the words “end times” seems to bring out all those whose opinions (beliefs?) on same come out of the woodwork, trying to debunk anything that deviates from their frozen in place mindset – even when they refuse to read it. Because of that, very little intelligent conversation ensues. However, I do believe that God is not changed, nor his timetable altered, due to mistaken views (ours and theirs) on end times. We have only to live out the Gospel and pray for divine guidance every moment of our lives.

  • CDville

    To be fair, I would bet the title came from the publisher’s marketing department. They know what sells.

  • apolson@live.com

    we are the ones who were wrong here we tried to interpret what he said and we interpreted it wrong

  • Guest

    “part of the “first wave” of books by Catholic converts after the doldrums of the 70s and much of the 80s.”

    Not a fan of Walker Percy I take it?