Vulgar Catholic Halloween Costumes

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on this season’s Halloween costumes:

There are costumes depicting Jesus, priests, nuns, ministers, rabbis and imams, and most of them are innocuous. But there are two costumes that are vulgar, and, as usual, they are designed to offend Catholics: a priest with an erection and a pregnant nun, often sold as a pair.

Some immigrant groups are upset about an illegal alien costume, but even those who are complaining don’t say it is vulgar. A mere depiction of Muhammad in a Danish cartoon that was anything but vulgar led to riots. Now imagine what would happen if we paired Muhammad sporting an erection with a Latina illegal alien? Not to worry, it’s only Catholic clergy and religious that the bigots want to bash.

Spirit Halloween, owned by Spencer Gifts, is carrying the objectionable costumes, as are the websites of Amazon, Halloween Costume World, Annie’s Costumes, Halloween Store and Halloween Express. We urge Catholics to patronize stores like Target, Walgreen’s, CVS and Wal-Mart: they don’t carry such offensive fare.

Contact Spirit Halloween official Steven Schwadron:

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  • catholicgeorge

    I’ve always enjoyed Halloween as a fun celebration, and don’t mind a silly costume, but I have to agree that these two costumes are pretty vulgar, and so more quite alot about the wearer and their lack of dignity. The priest costume, in particular, is simply revolting. Nothing funny about it.

  • colyla

    Let me add my story.
    I work at a community college in Panama City, Florida.
    Last year (2008) they had a halloween costume contest.

    Guess who won first place? An employee in a “pregnant nun” outfit. Mind you this was sent out campus wide.

    I inquired how this was appropriate and was told it would be relayed to the group that ‘voted’.

    No campus wide apology. Nothing.