Virginia University Paper: Christianity Bashing Okay But Not Homosexuality Bashing

Despite having apologized to homosexuals over a cartoon deemed derogatory to gays, the University of Virginia's student newspaper has refused to apologize to Christians over two cartoons which are derogatory to Christians.

Students at the University of Virginia contacted the Catholic League regarding two anti-Christian cartoons that appeared in The Cavalier Daily, the student newspaper on campus. The August 23rd edition showed a drawing of Jesus crucified on a mathematical graph with the inscription, “Christ on a Cartesian Coordinate Plane.” On August 24, the newspaper ran a cartoon of Mary and Joseph, with Mary holding baby Jesus. “Mary‚ĶI don't mean to ruin this special moment,” Joseph says, “but how did you get that bumpy rash?” To which Mary says, “I swear, it was Immaculately Transmitted.”

The League requested an apology, citing precedent: In November 2005, the newspaper apologized to homosexuals for publishing a cartoon that described a crane as the “gayest-looking of all birds.” Michael Slaven, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, replied to the League stating: “Under our newspaper's policies, satire of religion, or any other belief or creed, is acceptable.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded saying, “When gays were offended at the University of Virginia for some throw-away line, The Cavalier Daily said it 'regrets printing this comic and deeply apologizes to those who were offended.' Yet when it comes to Christians, not even a shallow apology can be mustered.”

“So it can be implied that the Mother of Jesus has a sexually transmitted disease &#0151 and that's okay with the editors &#0151 but making flip comments about homosexuals is unacceptable,” added Donohue.

“Nice to know that the newspaper actually has a policy that justifies anti-religious commentary (of Christians, of course), but deliberately fails to apply the same policy to gays. Par for the course: this is what passes for sensitivity these days on college campuses. And the new school year is just beginning,” concluded Donohue.

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