Villanova Cancels Invitation to Radical Gay Rights Performer

Following a report by The Cardinal Newman Society, Villanova University, a Roman Catholic Augustinian University outside Philadelphia, has now cancelled the invitation to a militant gay rights performance artist who had been asked to be an artist in residence this April and lead workshops for students.

The school released a statement announcing that Tim Miller, a pro-abortion rights and pro-gay marriage performance artist who often appears nude on stage, would not be hosting a week-long workshop on campus in April.

“Villanova University embraces intellectual freedom and academic discourse. Indeed, it is at the very heart of our University and our Augustinian Catholic intellectual tradition. With regard to the forthcoming residency and performance workshops by Tim Miller, we had concerns that his performances were not in keeping with our Catholic and Augustinian values and mission.

“Therefore, Villanova has decided not to host Mr. Miller on our campus. Villanova University is an open and inclusive community and in no way does this singular decision change that.”

As The Cardinal Newman Society reported, Miller, according to Facebook, sued the National Endowment for the Arts for pulling a grant due to his obscene “art,” he’s been arrested dozens of times, is a very public advocate of gay marriage and abortion rights, and is a member of the anti-Catholic group ACT UP which once sent protesters to interrupt Sunday mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and desecrated the Eucharist, according to The New York Times.

Far from renouncing his membership in ACT UP after that 1989 incident, Miller remains a member of ACT UP, according to Facebook, and even called the group’s confrontational tactics, “the single most influential thing in my life.

Miller’s “art” has reportedly included simulating intercourse and lewdly exposing his naked body.  Has has criticized the “hideous religious baggage” that Americans have and said laws defending traditional marriage are “right out of the Third Reich.”

Miller responded to the cancelled invitation from Villanova in news reports by blaming Catholic blogs, saying that they were spreading “this bizarre lie that I’m anti-Catholic … People tell these lies and it gets people who read these blogs worked up.”

“Times have changed,” he reportedly said. “We’re in a much more coercive, censorious time.”

The school had billed the performance workshop as “an intimate process of self-discovery and exploration, focusing on identity and culture, questions of diversity and difference, knowledge of self and others, etc.”

To read the original report from The Cardinal Newman Society please click here.

Matthew Archbold


Matthew Archbold is a contributing writer to Campus Notes and to National Catholic Register, as well as the co-founder of the popular website, Creative Minority Report.

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  • Ann Alberstadt

    WHO at Villanova, invited Tim Miller to peform at the university in the first place??? As a faithful Catholic, I demand THEY be FIRED!!! 

  • Kevin

     AGREED! To have even have considered him was a critical mistake!

  • Eli

    Good Job Villanova! Thank goodness at least 1 of the Catholic universities out there reflects that of the Catholic Church’s teachings. Wish the others would follow this path!

  • Bernie

    Ditto!  Why would they even give this man an opportunity to get in front of their student body to speak out against the teachings of the Church!  Shame on that person or committee for this outrage.  They should be asked to resign or be terminated. 

  • Davyjb

      Many may not be aware that Villanova University has become a de facto secular university, and that transformation started about 40 years ago.  In that time the university has racked up a laundry list of honoring pro abortion, anti Catholic, and heretical guest speakers and presenters.  The administration only backed down on this latest outrage because they wre taken to task by a solid Catholic organization, not because their conscience got the better of them.

       Face it, Villanova is no more a Catholic University than a typical state college.  The bold face audacity of the Augustinians that run that place conintually shame the Church and the educational system fostered by it! 

  • Jcburrow

    Is Satan running the university now?