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[Editor’s Note: The following Viewer Letters are in response to our new Homeschooling Channel.]


I was so grateful to see that CE is offering a Homeschooling channel. As a mother who has been called to this form of education for my children this is a bonus, given that CE is my home page and one of my children is enrolled with Seton while the other two are enrolled with Mother of Divine Grace. Thank you. As a regular supporter it is an encouragement for to see you are on top of subjects I am silently interested in.

God Bless,


Thanks for adding the Homeschool channel — I always search on your site for info regarding this topic, and nothing comes up…it will be a great asset.


Jennifer Posey

Thank you very much for adding a Homeschool “channel” to CE.

We are just starting this year with Seton Home Study and are thrilled to see the first article.

Kind Regards,

Andy Potemski

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