Viewer Appreciates Humor in the Face of Hatred

[Editor's note: The following letter is a response to Spiritual Warfare.]

Brother Shea,

I have been waiting for a Catholic of the mindless, Pope-puppet type of man to lead our Great Church into the mindless murder of innocent orphans cared for by blind lesbians!

I will take my meds and calm down, wink, wink.

Lord, in your mercy, please look with pleasure on a little humor in the face of such hatred as we the extra militant members of the Church Militant fight the good fight for your glory in all eternity.

Mr. Shea, you are worth several kinds of medication for high blood pressure and anti-anxiety types. Thank you for a good laugh. I hope you can continue your writing for many years and even more dollars.


Dear Denise,

As a bloodthirsty Christian, I couldn't agree more.  My only regret is that I'm not ambidextrous so that I could slay the infidel with two hands instead of one.  But then I suppose we Christians all feel that way, so I'm not special.  No doubt that's why so many Christians viewed the events of September 11, 2001 with such a strong sense of envy.  "Gee, why didn't we think of that!" we all said.  "Yessirree, those radical Islamists are brothers in spirit!  If only we could murder as efficiently as they!"

At any rate, thanks for your note.  The best prescription for all such absurdities is laughter and a healthy dose of mockery.

"The devil — the proud spirit — cannot endure to be mocked." — St. Thomas More


Mark Shea
Senior Content Editor
Catholic Exchange

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