Vatican Newspaper Calls Abortion Assassination

Commenting on the recent report of the abortion of twins in Italy one of whom was suspected to have Downs syndrome, the semi-official Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano observed: "Two girls have died, assassinated as a consequence of selective abortion."

The case sparked ire after it was reported that doctors were seeking to abort the unborn child with Downs syndrome and mistakenly aborted the other twin. After hearing of the error the mother had her remaining unborn child killed as well. The children were three months beyond conception when they were aborted.

It is a matter, said the Vatican newspaper, of "eugenics is imposing its law"; of "the culture of perfection that imposes the exclusion of all that does not appear beautiful, glowing, positive, captivating."

"A radical decision has brought about another abortion, that of the little sister that still had life," reported L'Osservatore Romano. "It is an illegitimate decision, even though it is authorized by the law, as here in Italy."

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  • Guest

    This is really sick.  Having just lost twins about the same age as these, I would like to shake that mother (and the doctor).

  • Guest


    I am sorry to hear about losing your twins.  I don't know you but often see your comments after Catholic Exchange articles and strangely enough I feel I have come to know you just a little.  I will remember you and your husband and your twins in my prayers.

    Jane Martin

  • Guest

    Claire, I too am so sorry!  And I do not in any way begrudge you your righteous indignation at the participants in this murder.

  • Guest

    Thank you, Jane and Arkanabar.  I appreciate your prayers.