Vandals Storm Crèches Nationwide

The following attacks on crèches have come to our attention:

Figures from nativity scenes were stolen or vandalized in
Tucson, Arizona
Millbrae, California
Mission Viejo, California
Moorpark, California
San Francisco, California
Naugatuck, Connecticut
Waterbury, Connecticut (Jesus was taken, but one of the arms was left behind)
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Des Moines, Iowa
Sioux City, Iowa
Ammon, Idaho
Chicago, Illinois (32 figures of baby Jesus were nabbed — they were later dumped on the lawn of a Catholic church)
Jackson County, Illinois (two incidents)
Tinley Park, Illinois
Floyd County, Indiana
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Montgomery County, Indiana
Wichita, Kansas
Hardin, Kentucky
Lafayette, Louisiana (two incidents)
Youngsville, Louisiana
Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Southborough, Massachusetts
Winthrop, Maine
Portage Township, Michigan
Fayettville, North Carolina
New Bern, North Carolina
Columbus, Nebraska (12 baby Jesus figures were stolen in one day); Plaistow, NH; Dover, OH; Utica, Ohio (three incidents)
Artemis, Pennsylvania
Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Greenfield, Pennsylvania
Hilton Head, South Carolina
Halom City, Texas
Santa Fe, Texas
Salt Lake City, Utah
Winfield, West Virginia
West Allis, Wisconsin

Some of these attacks were clearly motivated by malice. The baby Jesus figure stolen in Plaistow, New Hampshire was later returned, having been defiled by a pair of devil horns. The hooligan who stole the manger from Southborough, Massachusetts left the surrounding secular decorations standing. In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, someone crushed the face of the statue of Jesus. What's worse, the creep in Des Moines, Iowa burned Jesus' face, doused the statue with red nail polish, and twisted the electrical cord around its neck. The incident in Kansas occurred outside the clinic of late-term abortionist George Tiller. After a member of a pro-life group placed the crèche on a public strip of land, one of Tiller's employees deemed it "offensive" and moved it behind a fence on the clinic's property where it would no longer be visible.

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  • Guest

    This shows us we have a serious spiritual problem in our country. Catholic’s, we need a revival in our Church. We need to learn more about our faith and give our lives to Jesus and live for him and not ourselves. We need to learn something from our Bible thumping separated brethren and share our faith, after all we have the full deposit, we have the Truth in its fullest. Can we share it?
    I say most can’t and that is sad. We are cheating those who don’t have this Truth from knowing it and especially out of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. Lets, out of love, learn our faith and share it.

  • Guest

    This shows that the world is very anti-Chistian, especially Catholics. In the 50’s this would never have
    happened. We need a world =wide of prayer by everyone
    to fight this..