Upon the Crucifix

by William Alabaster (1567-1640)

Now I have found thee I will evermore

Embrace this standard where thou sitts above,

Feede greedie eies, and from hence never rove;

Sucke hungrie soule of this enternall store;

Issue my hart from thie two leaved dore,

And lett my lippes from kissinge not remove.

O that I weare transformed into love,

And as a plant might springe uppon this flower,

Like wandring Ivy or sweete honnie suckle:

How would I with my twine about it buckle,

And kisse his feete with my ambitious boughes,

And clyme along uppon his sacred brest,

And make a garland for his wounded browes:

Lord soe I am, if heare my thoughts may rest.

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